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  1. archeonlotet

    Totally Pointless Thread

    This thread needs more Oblio and Arrow.
  2. archeonlotet


    Ysanne Isard, Soontir Fel, "Mauler" Mithel, Howlrunner, Backstabber and Juno Eclipse
  3. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    Getting ready to install some lights?
  4. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    It wasn't terribly awful but it was enough to irritate me. 1 or 2 degrees sounds about right.
  5. archeonlotet

    Victory antenna

    Broken Victory antennae are very common. I would compare your VSD to images you can find online to determine its condition.
  6. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    Be careful with this method. I've found reports that heat guns have caused the smaller pieces of various ships to curl.
  7. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    This is true. I did solve my ISD problem last night without resorting to surgery though. I held the ISD secure in the flight stand while leaving the stand in the base as to get good leverage. I then proceeded to bend the flight stand like a boss. I had previously tried this before but had done so with kid gloves, not wanting to damage my ships. This time I was not so gentle and it paid off. My ISD's are no longer listing lazily to one side.
  8. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    I'll use caution but I don't think I have any other recourse. FFG customer service has been completely unhelpful when I've contacted them with problems in the past.
  9. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    I've tried them in different stands. All of the "key" shaped connectors are universal so one could use victory/gladiator/mc80/etc stands in the ISD. The problem is definitely with how the connector is seated in the model. I will probably have to go with this method. Thanks for the input!
  10. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    The problem is indeed with the connectors you're referring to, but they are not loose. I do know the issue lies with how these connectors are seated. If I take the ISD and sit it on a flat even surface so that it rests on that connecting piece, the ship lists slightly to the right (If you are looking a it from behind the engines). I have three of them and they ALL do it so I am hoping someone has some good suggestions on how to fix the issue. I could attempt to bust the connecting piece off and realign it but I'm not sure as to the safest way to do that.
  11. archeonlotet

    ISD's sitting crooked

    My Star Destroyers all sit crooked in their stands. Does anyone else have this problem and/or know of a way to fix it? The problem seems to be with the slot attached to the ship because if I take them out of the stand and sit them flat on a table, they are still crooked. I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered but I couldn't find anything using the forum search.
  12. archeonlotet

    Brief PSA.

    This flagrant misuse of the English language literally made my head explode.
  13. archeonlotet

    Brief PSA.

    I was hoping this was going to be an announcement about the release of the rouge squadron expansion.
  14. archeonlotet

    Space Rocks has apparently been issued a C&D

    Are we even sure this C&D order is authentic?
  15. archeonlotet

    My first Wave 2 Battle Report

    Very cool batrep. Thanks for posting! I guess that ISD couldn't repel firepower of that magnitude...