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  1. NullARC

    Pierce Question

    If a sniper w/ Pierce rolls a hit and there are no keywords on the defenders card that block Pierce, is that an automatic hit no matter what? For example a Rebel sniper rolls a hit on a stormtrooper unit. Stormtroopers don’t have anything to counter Pierce. Since you would only roll 1 defense die, which would be canceled by Pierce, the shot would go through whether you rolled the die or not. Is this correct?
  2. NullARC

    Using Aim Tokens

    I believe the rules state that you can only use the Aim action once a turn. So, for instance, if you have the Hunter ability, and you haven’t moved and you are attacking a injured unit, you would gain 1 aim token from Hunter and you could also use Aim to get a 2nd Aim token. Could you then re-roll twice on failed dice rolls or are you only allowed to use Aim once per turn? Thank you!
  3. Well, part of this thread is moot as they have nerfed Shoretroopers in the new Rules Reference by not allowing emplacement troopers to take comms relay anymore. So no more chaining orders.
  4. Ok, now I’m totally confused on the Command Cards. 🤯 LOL
  5. **EDITED** Ok, I remade my list trying to keep in mind the suggestions given. If I purchase an Imperial Specialist team I can run this list using the Comms Specialist w/ HQ Uplink and utilize the Shoretroopers order sharing. So anyway, here’s the new list: 800 Points General Veers (80 + 15 = 95)--Aggressive Tactics (10), Strict Orders (5)Boba Fett (140 + 10 = 150)--Hunter (6), Targeting Scopes (4)Bossk (115 + 14 = 129)--Hunter (6), Tenacity (4), Targeting Scopes (4)Shoretroopers (52 + 32 = 84)--T-21B Trooper (32)DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36 + 5 = 41)--Comms Relay (5)DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36 + 5 = 41)--Comms Relay (5)Shoretroopers (52 + 52 = 104)--T-21B Trooper (32), Imperial Comms Technician (10), HQ Uplink (10)Scout Troopers (60 + 0 = 60)Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48)--DLT-19x Sniper (28)Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48)--DLT-19x Sniper (28) Commands: Maximum Firepower (1), Covert Observation (1), Push (2), Reptilian Rampage (2), Imperial Discipline (3), Coordinated Fire (3), Standing Orders (4)
  6. Thanks for insight Cleto0! I will study the list you recommend and will certainly ask any questions I may have. I appreciate your help!
  7. I’m new to Legion and I want to play Imperials. I basically built this list on my basic knowledge of the rules and what seems cool, LOL. General Veers (80 + 0 = 80)Boba Fett (140 + 10 = 150)--Hunter (6), Overwatch (4)Bossk (115 + 14 = 129)--Hunter (6), Tenacity (4), Targeting Scopes (4)DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36 + 0 = 36)Shoretroopers (52 + 51 = 103)--T-21B Trooper (32), Shoretrooper (13), Hunter (6)Shoretroopers (52 + 51 = 103)--T-21B Trooper (32), Shoretrooper (13), Hunter (6)Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 39 = 59)--DLT-19x Sniper (28), Hunter (6), Long-Range Comlink (5)Scout Troopers (60 + 10 = 70)--Hunter (6), Targeting Scopes (4)Scout Troopers (60 + 10 = 70)--Hunter (6), Targeting Scopes (4) 800 Points Commands: Maximum Firepower (1), Ambush (1), Push (2), Reptilian Rampage (2), Z-6 Jetpack Rocket (3), Coordinated Fire (3), Standing Orders (4) Thank you for your thoughts!
  8. Thanks for the replies, guys. I really appreciate it. I guess I built those fiddly little guys for no reason. LOL
  9. The Legion Core Set comes with 4 total Droideka models, 2 in wheel mode and 2 in battle mode. However it only comes with one stat card. So, my question is, are the wheel mode miniatures just there to show they are in that mode (even though there is a token for this)? Or are they meant to be used as two separate squads? I’m assuming that the wheel mode models only exist to show they are in that mode because there is only the one stat card. If all 4 were supposed to be used I would expect there to be 2 stat cards. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! Looks like I'll be sticking to my plan of getting the original core set.
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forums. I haven't purchased a copy of DT yet but I have fallen in love with this game. I will soon be purchasing a copy. I noticed the announcement of the release of the new core game. My Question is, do you guys think that it is still a good idea to purchase the original core game since the update is coming out? It seems like it would be to me, just because you get the original models, tiles and obstacles, which I do not believe come with the updated version. Just wanted your opinions. Thanks in advance your your help! - Marc
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