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  1. you are probly mostly right. there are a few little things i disagree with. but in general your most likely right on the bal however you can do everything if you have the seal (with in reson of the GM) you real real real want that cruiser too pick you up sure lose x amount of political pull and maybe an angry navy officer or 2 and hey presto cruiser is on its way might take some time but it coming
  2. is it just me that thinks it funny that a person useing a name with ork in it and finds singel slaterfest char boring funny as hell? i`ll restate my point. you you don`t like a charater don`t play him (or her) no one if forcing you too! and remember there are demo charaters. there problem overpoweing real BC lvl 1 charaters. wait for the book and see what it says befor you start complaining about how bad the chars are jeez
  3. is there a pollarm primetive thing? then take that and up the damage up the pen and give it a power field hey presto power pollarm
  4. seeing it isn`t i would have too say no! chill out it will come when it will come. we are still waiting for news of BOJ that shoutd be coming out acourding too some in less then 2 weeks. havn`t heard of seen a thing of it. but sounds like an intresting buy
  5. we know nothing becaus its not coming anytime soon i think. they are still getting deamon hunters and stuff out. BOJ will be slowed down for a while.
  6. wow do you know the list of things i would need too know too ansore that Q? who am i fighting: why am i fighting? what am i fighting with? who am i fighting alongside and why are they fighting? what resorces do i have? what does that enemy have? what are my strengts and weaknesses? what are there strengts and weaknesses? these would be things i would like too know befor i thinks about going too war(or a battle of a fight) BC sounds more like a build your powerbase kind of thing then anything els too me. and hey by the time your posibal deamon prince matirial well i`m sure you know just who is on your side and who you want too kick the ass off from and for what reson
  7. that it right there in a nutshell. its probly somewhat more complicated then that but ya
  8. lol qouting the writer back his own words lol whats your problem with him and what the problem in general? if you don`t like him don`t play him. if you still want him in the game give him too someone who can play off his wackyness. and just my 2 cents on the csm thing. who cares what he was i`m personaly more intrested in what i can make of them! the plotting heavy weapons man, briliant the willing too back down for now but only if he get too kill later khornight?? intresting a follower of khorne with some self control and the not so honerbal leader type. hello **** up, so they kicked him out, realy good reason too get some respect and some payback no? i have no problem with any of the charaters not sure i would like too run them in the real game but for a demo they are great
  9. BC has convermed necron RT rumor necron DW has a mission with you running around in what could be nothing els then a necron tome. so that green death light in RT most likely necron seeing nobody in the empire knows of the necron treat yet (on a offical level) and plz remember what we know as players doesn`t mean you charater knows that too
  10. wouldn`t all those things fall under command as in commanding say the lead officers of something and then them ordering there ppl too do what you want? and about SM i don`t think SM take orders from anyone but there own chapter ever (unless ordered otherwise by there chapter) ordering SM would more likely be something along the line of convising them that you are realy realy honerabal and you have somewhat of a idear of what your doing? RT you can have hole armys of anywhere between 50 too 50.000 troops given allies. wealth and personal command. or even more if you bargain with the right person and somehow get yourself in the command posision (not that hard seeing your already have one of the most powerful titals around) and how epic does RT need too be already? your schip has more power then most ppl anywhere els have. you can command armys (your own or other ppl`s) you can grow your own fleet of schips. be the leader of your own little mini empire if you want too. become a diplomat between humanaty and the eldar if you want too go down that road. how much more epic realy do you think rogue trader need too be?
  11. as far as general lore goes sisters don`t get fired (sept when they do but then its with fire) its more of a inquesitor whoever askes priotest whatever i need a sister of your too do this kind of tasks. sister whats her name seems too be on the local **** list. or is the one best for the job. and hey presto she is pulled aside for work. and in general still see`s herself and is seen as part of the sisterhood. they do not exsept the ones that do not have the faith for it into the sisterhood. (stated somewhere cant remember where) being a member is like being a member of a religus warrior, well, sisterhood ones your in your in unless you break the rules (what all of those are i don`t know) if you do break the rules. forced praying, wips, branding, fire might be infolved if she keeps sinning well then the emerpors mercy might be a good choice (unless a intrested agent of the -][- is around too step in)
  12. is it the helmet or just the eye piece? if the helmet. you might be abel too rig something up but its unlikely too work! if its the eye piece why not let the dark sight thing be abel or something like that. its not going too have too full powers of a SM auto senses. but you could give one of the bonuses (the +10 per, dark sight or binocs or something els)
  13. only one i can comment on 7 canon wise yes, game wise don`t know but wouldn`t know why not
  14. how and with what do you play any rpg online
  15. soucre book! core means primary game ADmec is part of the overall empire even if its a somewhat relucted and semi-seprate part of it
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