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    Pixel reacted to Rince in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Just so no one misses; this is how a company that cares about its customers reacts:
    "Thank you for this! We at AEG really appreciate having this great resource available to our players."
    I haven't bought the last two data packs. Now I'm tempted to actually put that money toward Doomtown, simply because how AEG communicates (and the game is also supposed to be really good ).
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    Pixel reacted to thopol in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    I think that it's ridiculous that a site that is clearly working for the best interests of FFG and its community was closed down.  Sure, it had problems where IP is concerned, but FFG could have approached it in a more productive fashion.  A C&D before a layman-intelligible email is a strategy of intimidation, not of communication; destructive, not productive.  I think it's ridiculous that FFG saw the backlash and didn't feel the need to respond to their customers.  Though you say they did respond.  A link to wherever they said that about the acceptable use policy would be much appreciated.
    I think I understand your perspective, and I too am maddened seeing opinions based on hearsay and hunches.  That said, if you don't think that a) the netrunnerdb shutdown, and b) the non-communicative nature of the company, are not negative things, then you and I (and virtually everyone else posting in this thread) are at an impasse and there's no reason to continue discussing it.  If you think that it was a reasonable action, but still a negative one, then we are in agreement.  I think you have contributed to the discussion in a valuable way, with reasoned and informed responses.  There is no reason not to take the same attitude and try to inform people of the real problems and possible solutions that there may be.  If your understandable frustration leaves you terse and negative, I feel your pain and recommend you post when you are in better condition for your own sake.
    EDIT: I recognize that my opinions are also based on hearsay and hunches.  Nobody knows what's going on.  I guess I just meant that the rumors get sensational and it's better to form your opinions on guesses that are better grounded than those.
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    Pixel reacted to mysticpickle2 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Well with only jerks like you left in the community I'm glad to go.  Later.
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    Pixel got a reaction from Brighteyes-GR in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    I too am still very upset by the issue. It doesn't help that several other online communities have been stifling the conversation about this either. I will remain upset about this issue for some time to come and certainly count this all as a huge black mark against FFG. While I'm not quitting netrunner though as I've worked too hard and have built my own local community around the game I will certainly flinch every time I think about what they have done and it will CERTAINLY affect my buying patterns for many of their other products. I used to encourage others to buy FFG games as the quality and experience stood above the rest but that will no longer be the case or at least until I feel satisfied with their response to the community outrage they have birthed.
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    Pixel reacted to thopol in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    It's been a week with no word from FFG about this debacle.  I for one will post in this thread every day or two until they give us some explanation and I hope others will do the same.  I'm sure they think that it will just blow over and they will get away with this outrage without a scratch.  Until they give me a reason not to, I will stay angry and stay vocal and I encourage others to do the same.
    I honestly think capitalism, broadly, does not preclude the existence of responsible and accountable companies.  Before this ****show, I would have considered FFG to be among the ranks of such.
    I understand what you're getting at, but if you think all big companies become bad and recommend everyone find a small company to support, doesn't that mean you're making the latter company into the former?  I think it's better to hold the first company accountable, to be angry loud and vicious, than to abandon ship and enable another company to become the same monster.
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