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  1. It's not an assumption that making it 'easier' is ok nor makes it acceptable to do and I didn't say such. I said that your own statement was false claiming that acoo, meteor, agotcards and other deckbuilders are "not providing a platform for distributing copyrighted material, they've been left alone" .


    All of these sites ARE providing copyrighted materials as was NRDB.


    But the point was, asking you what you felt NRDB did that justified its own takedown. The API is what you point to. So then the NRDB clones that are popping up such as netrunnerdb.ca should have no problem right? They don't have the api enabled.

  2. The API itself does nothing that a programmer cannot accomplish on their own and in fact strives to control what a programmer can and should get access to. Without the api I've built card scrapping programs that gathered card information from multiple websites including card images and text. NRDB putting an api in place and then urging people to use that api rather than scrape their data does nothing more than save them network resources and puts controls on how a developer accesses data and also what data may be provided. If it's as simple as the api then the resurrection of NRDB as some other site with that single component missing should not be cause for concern.


    The presence of an API is NOT the difference in NRDB distributing whereas Acoo is not. They are both distributing plain and simple. If the information is available online, it can be programmatically accessed and used by a bakers dozen other websites and apps without the aid of an api.

  3. Acoo is not providing a platform for distributing copyrighted material, they've been left alone. Same with Meteor.

    AGOTCards has been operating for years and has been left alone.

    Whats the point here? What is it in your eyes that NetrunnerDB was doing that these sites were not?


    Actually I'd like to point out that Acoo is itself profiting from the service provided by providing an ad to Netrunner products on Amazon. They are providing the same copyrighted materials as NetrunnerDB was AND they are profiting from the service provided. NRDB had no ads, no tracking scripts and was making no money from their service which is one duplicated across many different sites across the internet.

  4. Any speculation as to the reasonableness their actions is just that, speculation. None of us know why they decided to take the action they did in the manner they did, you included Grim. While some scenarios are certainly more likely, few are entirely impossible. Not to mention, it's much more likely to be a blend of issues with the purchase of cgdb influencing their decisions in some way just as their lawyers recommendations to protect their IP does.


    Reiterating the point made previously: something being legally right does not make it morally right. Even still, if their actions were sound and methods reasonable, they've still poisoned the community their customers have fostered and will certainly lose some amount of sales over this. Consumers can speak the loudest to corporations with their money and I've a feeling FFG will not be making as much this quarter as they otherwise could have. The community is still hurting from this.

  5. I too am still very upset by the issue. It doesn't help that several other online communities have been stifling the conversation about this either. I will remain upset about this issue for some time to come and certainly count this all as a huge black mark against FFG. While I'm not quitting netrunner though as I've worked too hard and have built my own local community around the game I will certainly flinch every time I think about what they have done and it will CERTAINLY affect my buying patterns for many of their other products. I used to encourage others to buy FFG games as the quality and experience stood above the rest but that will no longer be the case or at least until I feel satisfied with their response to the community outrage they have birthed.

  6.  While I understand that they may have reached the decision in the past not to offer such a product, I'm still always optimistic about outlooks changing. That includes the feasibility always having the potential to change due to finding cheaper manufacturing processes or an increased show of demand (What we're generating here).

    Though the past may have seen this option denied, still no reason to not vocalize our desire for it. I appreciate the responses and just want to say this is one of the ways that I'm looking to share my excitement for the game. Reaching out to the community to talk about this great game.

  7.  This isn't exactly what I'm asking for. I am extremely happy to receive a more diverse set of cards that may lack playsets, instead what would make me estatic would be the option to purchase an add on pack that would fill in the gaps that exist in the core game's card sets. I understand why it's not economically feasible to pursue making a coreset a full playset but instead allowing for this addon pack will mean for many more sales. 

    I don't believe offering such an option would bother many people who've already purchased multiple core sets either as then they can buy the addon packs to upgrade each of their coresets to a full playset. In such a social hobby, this is an excellent choice as that means you now have even more copies of the game and you can gift them to friends or donate them to local gamestores. Really so many ways to use your now multiple playsets. While not precisely similar, I do believe that Dominion has had quite some success with their add on pack which turns any expansion into a full copy of the game (addon only contains gold and VPs). Having more choices on how to purchase the product can hardly be a bad thing (buy just core? multiple cores? core and an addon?) and while you may worry customers who already purchased multiple copies feel tricked or betrayed by the introduction of an addon pack, remember that it may mark the beginning of a trend such that future LCG lines may come immediately with an addon pack option.

    Finally as for beating a dead horse, I'm not looking to push for playsets of cards in a core game. I'm looking at the creation of an addon pack that would again, "fill in the gaps" for the coreset. Even more incentive can be created by packaging one or two promo cards into the addon pack too. So while the issue of getting a full playset with every coreset is absolutely dead, the potential for an addon pack is far from it. Voicing my desire of the product goes a long way towards establishing that demand for this exists, it'd be profitable and players would benefit from it. I want to put it out there as a rallying cry for exposure that there is a huge demand for this type of product. My thoughts on the costs are that all of the cards are done and designed, only more need to be printed and packaging designed to get this product on store shelves instantly. The earlier in the life of the game that this product exists, the more appealing the game becomes as showing it to long time ccg players will really highlight the appeal of the LCG model when i can drop the coregame and a single $20 addon in front of them at the register and say "you're set now, full playset! Go forth and deckbuild!"


    Adding a promo or two to the addon pack would be an exceptional way to drive further demand even from people who have multiple coresets. A perfect choice for such a promo alongside this game would be a new neutral agenda which would immediately provide huge customization benefits as the core set sees you using every single one of your own agendas along with all of the neutrals with no chance for customizing that aspect of the deck out of the box yet. A single set of new agendas also provides the opportunity to make larger than minimum decks right away as well.

    While it may then offend some of those who purchased multiple coresets that there now exists a single card they do not have access to, programs could be enacted that could reward the submission of multiple core set proof of purchases or availability of the single promo in marketplaces such as the boardgamegeek store or FFG online stores. In short there should be no reason why the sudden availability of such an addon pack would upset players who have already exhibited their love of the game and want it to succeed further.


    Finally: So once more I call, not about beating playset dead horses, but for interest in an addon pack available alongside the CoreSet. Would you be happy to know that this addon pack was available for purchase? Would you buy it for netrunner? for other LCG lines including future ones? Would you recommend it to others? I'm fishing for demand here so let's hear back in waves even if it's only a "YAR!"!!!!!

  8.  Were they saying they didn't want to make a 'just the cards' expansion or a core game playset expansion?

    I don't propose a 'just the cards' expansion but instead an expansion that specifically only supplies the cards that lack a playset as is in the core. I've considered getting multiple copies of core sets before but really can't quite bring myself to buy it twice more. I've also been asked by friends to split another box and that's much more reasonable to me but while that fills out all the sets that were initially 2ofs, we'd need to split the ones that are packed as singles.

    While they may have gone on the record in the past about it, maybe things change and they may be persuaded to go ahead with it if the demand really is there. So while it may have been stated in the past for other games, with a new game line in their lcg collection, new opportunities for change present themselves.

    Interestingly, I'm certain many of the rest of you would too. Interestingly, I'd believe that those who bought multiple copies of the core game to fill in playsets would still benefit from buying such an expansion. My thought is that yes, while someone with the money and love of the game may already own 2-3 core sets, give them the opportunity to buy such an expansion and they'd go from owning 1 full playset, and a heap of excess cards to having 2-3 full playsets they can then gift to their friends to get more people into the game.

    So while I don't believe any reasoning FFG has for not doing this would change overnight and my friend has already consoled me that it's unlikely to happen, I wanted to still put this out there as it's definitely not going to change unless people are vocal about it in the first place.

    So let's hear from everyone! How much would you love this? If you've already bought multiple core sets, would you still then buy more to fill out the excess cards you have into playsets? How much would you pay for this sort of expansion?

  9.  Hiya,

    I'm a big fan of the Fantasy Flight LCG game lines and so with my new purchase of Netrunner a common problem comes up and I was wondering about the potential of a solution, especially for Netrunner but applicable to the other lines too (yay if it hits for AGoT also)

    That is, what might be the chances of releasing a playset expansion for the core game? It could be marketed much like the Chapter packs but only contain the cards needed to increase the coreset to be a full playset. It could be priced relative to the number of cards. Counting the number of cards needed to make the coregame a full playset, I get 77 cards total needed. It occurs to me then that this is perfect and can even make use of possible a single playset of a promo card to round the number off to a perfect 80 and give more incentive to purchase the expansion.

    Being 80 cards, it would price nicely just above the established price of Call of Cthulhu and AGoT chapter packs. So it'd end up $18-20 and would need no real development time as only a single promo card would need to be designed. (My initial thought would be that a neutral promo Agenda to immediatly give alittle more versatility in deckbuilding the agendas would be of most value)

    Please make this happen if you can! I'm certain it'd be a hit! (Then expand it to the other LCG lines! =D  )

    So let's hear if this is possible and if so get it to the press fast! I'm so excited about the game and am ready to throw more cash at it lol =D

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