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  1. Why has the official FAQ not been updated to include the second expansion??
  2. Same thing happened to us last night on on the second scenario, 3 hrs of playing wasted and lost. People were not happy and don't want to play again until the app gets fixed, bad start for an obviously improved game over the 1st edition.
  3. Is there any chance that we could possibly get some kind of collectors box set? Some kind of box that can be used to hold all of the expansions together? We own all the expansions and it is pretty annoyign to lug around multiple boxes even after they have all been combined, would be nice to get some kind of collectors box to house the entire series.
  4. two question: can tommy be arrested in innsmouth when marshal law is put in place? also how are monster surges suppose to work with the expansion? they say a monster is placed at every location with an open gate. but in the back it says that that it is the number of players, is it 1 at each or the number of players or gates whichever is greater? thanks on my phone
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