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  1. he's trying to force us to listen to his egotistical ramblings instead of just posting the card info. Well done sir on taking today's "biggest ass hat" award But just to be clear I'll educate you on a few things first: Yes we would like people to listen to the podcast, most other shows that get spoilers operate on a similar system of waiting a couple of days to release the actual card image No we don't hold it "hostage" and usually post the next day in the Facebook group and on card game DB If anyone in this podcast is egotistical it's me as I'm amazing. Matt is much more community driven than I and tries his best to encompass all the aspects of the game be it news, lore or the cards. I find myself listening to him during the podcast when he speaks of the lore as my knowledge of it is woefully lacking. Please feel free to host your own podcast so you can get some spoiler privileges and disseminate the card images as soon as you get them To everyone else I sincerely hope your enjoying the podcast, and while we know the sound quality is not the best right now (my bad for continually forgetting to go and get a mic) we hope you enjoy the content.
  2. Hey Carl, Will try and get down for this but its a 2hour drive and unless I can get like 3 people to come with the fuel cost maybe an issue Cheers for letting us know there are some other players out there
  3. If its North of Watford Gap its North Were in sheffield by the way
  4. 3 Morvael's Legacy 2 Sigmar's Brilliance 3 Citadel of Dusk 3 From Beneath the Waves 3 High Elf's Disdain 3 Muck 3 Outpost of Tiranoc 3 Scout Camp 3 Elven Warship 3 Master of the Earth 3 Caradryan 3 Dragon's Lair 3 Gifts of Aenarion 3 Spearhost of Asuryan 3 Teclis 3 Descendant of Indraugnir 3 Moon Dragon Probably needs some tweeks but the basis of the deck is there try and hit Teclis with muck cycle all your big units, then use scout camps with teclis and dragon lair to hit either dragons or morvaels legacy respectivly. Any questions let me know
  5. Titan said: Also, consider the possibility of using epic spells for free with him. bingo
  6. colormage1 said: But instead of banning the card... just reprint it with alternate wording and cost! Make it cost 3 and have 4 loyalty! Then reprint it that way in the next print run! Problem solved. Yes, this might affect casual players because they aren't on the forums and wonder why they have one copy of the card and their friend has another. (But a little insert could explain things.) But tournament played would be completely unaffected because if the card was banned, they'd know about it. So if it was changed, they'd know about it! Your missing the point because as easy as you say "just reprint" it isnt that easy, They have to book into the printers and each print run has a set space. Even so if they did, it wouldnt be in the next 9 expansions or so as they're probably already packaged and ready to go so the card wouldn't hit play for 6 to 9 months which is to slow of a reaction to a card butchering the field right now.
  7. Titan said: I've seen the Screamers before. I think FFG previewed them before when it announced a new pack. I was actually hoping the feared ability would be given to destruction cards only. If your scared of some flying bats you need to be scared of a humongous dragon
  8. Ill tell you know teclis is far from useless Kairos is also nuts
  9. Enviroments need enviromentally defining cards not enviromentally deforming cards. VTHC is one of those cards. Verena IMO has ways to recover, an empire deck with an early VTHC is nigh on unplayable (save play mistakes from the empire player) As much as a hate the "ban hammer" I think FFG have to act swiftly and either create a credible answer to quests or hit this card with "the hammer". Saying that Im sure the next 3-6 sets have been designed and had print runs so designing a card and putting it into the enviroment may take a little to long and its the same problem for reprinting an errata of the card.
  10. Thought as much but just making sure I hadnt made an oversight that could help against Verena Decks Cheers Nate
  11. Lets say I have a desecrated temple in play (2C Support Action: When a C unit you control leaves play, destroy target development) I also have four units in play all chaos with no developments in any zone. My opponent is playing empire and has a single development in each zone and a unit in each zone, its his turn and he plays judgement of verena. Obviously verena triggers and destroys my units, and not my opponents. Can I use the action on desecrated temple as each unit enters the discard pile (I.E as the 1st unit hits the bin destroy a development, 2nd unit destory a development etc) while verena is still resolving thus forcing my opponent to destroy his own units in the areas that no longer have developments. Im just not sure if the timing will allow me to trigger the DT quick enough Cheers Nate
  12. Doc9 said: What I would like to know is, does a Legend defend a zone only if the Legend is being attacked directly? Or, does a Legend defend a zone even if it is the capital being attacked and not the Legend? This is somthing that isnt explained very well in the rules, we read it through several times and still couldnt find the answer
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