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  1. I've got the Emperor's Finest now, and Ark of Lost Souls. Thanks for that already folks! Hruds and those Space Hulk vermin are a cool idea, too! I think I'll use the rad spiders only to lead them towards 'NECRONS!', given their colouring... As for what they know: Sun Lee has not found the old RT, or any remains she has been able to clearly identify. When the hulk jumped back then, the RT was onboard as well as part of his old command crew - I only named one of those; a relative of a present-day PC-turned-NPC who I may or may not use to spring some unexpected chaos when she goes looking for him. Thus, the players have no idea whether anyone still survived - or how. They have, of course, Sun Lees reports and their own dynasty records, but I haven't elaborated on it in complete detail. The hulk is sizeable, including several (some very old) independant hulls including a gigantic mass conveyor. Their interests are roughly as follows: 1. Salvaging remainders of the lost dynasty ships. They brokered a "First Dibs" right for those with the other two traders, with some concessions - eg, having to pay off the other two. 2. Profit, in terms of valuable cargo and high chances of Archeotech, possibly new hulls 3. Glory and fame. They found a taste for that. 4. Solidifying their alliance with House Ma'Kao, and indebting Armelan to their own Dynasty. 5. Getting yet another grudging recognition from the Navy for dealing with the Hulk (they're collecting navy favours, really) 6. Find out if Dad's still alive. Sun Lee is there for glory and treasure first and foremost, while Armelan actually only accepted with the caveat of some further dealings with my players dynasty - she's trying to cut out a slice of profit from them and Ma'Kao to stabilise her house. The hulk is a means to an end, hopefully but not necessarily profitable. Realistically speaking, salvaging hulls will be a difficult prospect in the middle of ork territory, so most riches will probably be whatever they can haul into their cargo holds, for which I have numerous ideas. I also expect them to try and salvage any possible cogitator store they come across (they are super-diligent about this, all the time), especially augur and navigation logs, or any surviving navigator records - which gives me opportunity to drop in a ton of plot hooks for future endeavours. I'm also tempted to add some sort of xenos spaceship to the hulk.
  2. My players have spontaneously decided to go Space Hulk hunting because I dangled a little bit from their Dynasty's history in front of them - specifically, Lord-Captain Sun Lee Ma'Kao has already raided the Space Hulk, and found a single signet ring from my players Dynasty. The ring worn by the current Lord-Captains father and predecessor, who disappeared onboard said Space Hulk when it jumped into the warp, taking a significant chunk of the Dynasty fleet with them. I intend this to be high risk, high reward - and they have already brokered an alliance with Sun Lee and Charlabelle Armelan to hunt the hulk down. This brings them a respectable force; including the Ma'Kao fleet (a Light Cruiser, two raiders and a frigate, including two regiments of troops), the Grace of Sopha (Armelans Carrack, with another regiment) and their own frigate and a raider with some troops of their own. I have quite a few ideas already, especially since the last known position of the Space Hulk was near 'Undred 'Undred Teef, where Sun Lee was forced to retreat when faced with significant Ork forces, but I want to throw the scenario out there to see if anyone here can add some insidious ideas of their own, seeing as I have ample time to prepare for this. Go wild - rival Rogue Traders, scheming Stryxis merchants looking for a profitable trade, Chaos forces looking for the same Hulk - no restrictions. Especially where it concerns the Hulk's denizens - its big enough to accomodate more than just one type by far. I'd be very thankful for successful endeavours in that direction as well. What was the most awesome space hulk experience you had? And one thing I'm especially curious about - how does one try and track a Space Hulk, unless one has a navigator able to do so through the warp?
  3. FWIW, I'd recommend scrapping the additional penalties for component types, unless you want every macrobattery to be rarer than most raiders.
  4. Pretty much. Though I'd add "Hire a really good mercenary" to the list, as evidenced by the Kroot. Charlabelle Armelan comes to mind. But even there - it's not quite the same as having one of them on your command crew. And if the character isn't on your command crew, it might get uninteresting for the player mighty quick.
  5. Word of advice: Don't flaunt that perceived right. You have it exactly as long as the players are on board with it, and it's rare that you are going to actually solve an issue by doing so.
  6. It really only works if everyone is on board with it and tries to accomodate the character - which, by your words, isn't the case. I'd suggest discussing it with all players present and involved.
  7. I'm glad you find it useful. There's a few other considerations I've taken to, such as simplifying the body part being hit or averaging out the damage, but that might not always be a smart idea. For weapons not actually requiring an attack but some sort of dodge roll, you can just add a -5 penalty instead of adding +5 BS/WS Obviously, it works best with troops sharing largely similar equipment, too, and I'm not recommending it with troops using RAW Stormbolters or similar dice insanities. Think normal lasguns, here. I've written it down here as well: http://chaotz.ch/fh/index.php?title=Truppen_im_Bodenkampf It's in german though, so it may not be of much use.
  8. Now that I got to use it: It worked reasonably well, even with 50 Hellgun armoured Stormtroopers - though anything less sturdy than that TB16 demon would've not survived. Then again, against 50 hellguns... It was very, very swift in combat too; at least when they're not doing anything fancier than shooting stuff. I want to add some command-based actions at some point so the RT gets to flex her command, but I'm already reasonably content with the mechanic.
  9. One of my players actually came up with a fairly creepy and efficient change to Shadowfields and Holofields: Short version: -40 / -20 remains as it is, but in addition, all DoS on the attackers BS roll are halved. I'm still doing some of the math, but this apparently averages out to a rough reduction of 1-2 hits per component and it negates most threats of landing a critical hit on an Eldar ship. I'm not sure if it's not too strong, but it's an interesting take and can easily be applied to any given weapon system without using different rules for all of them, without making hits completely impossible for lower skill crews.
  10. Yeah, sadly. Absolute shame, too - I can't recall when I had as much fun with an RPG as with Rogue Trader, both from a player and a DM's PoV, despite all the rule, formatting and translation issues it has. For those who have actually played Battlefleet Gothic, since I haven't - am I understanding correctly that in BFG, Holofields basically gave the same modifier as long range did, with the gunnery shift?
  11. Plot twist: The Soul Reaver adventure has actual Dark Eldar ships and different statsfor Shadowfields! That's where my numbers are from. Imperial ships being better at such things are a fair point though. Heh.
  12. Sorry, I'm reading that particular section completely different. All it says is to apply the difficulty modifier to the characteristic, which apparently runs from -60 to +60. Any other modifiers aren't even mentioned in that particular section. One page earlier they are, without mention of any limit (or difficulty) at all. It's worth consideration though I suppose, and maybe FFG wanted it to be that way, but if so, they've chosen rather poor wording for it. Not that this would be a surprising occurrence.
  13. The only mention I found was concerning attack rolls, in the Game / Combat chapter. Do you have a source for that?
  14. I don't mean offense Axe, but I'm not really looking for advice on how to play Eldar - and even if I was, surprise in ship combat simply does not work that way. It grants +20 to BS. That's it. @Alex: The first part is rules as written IIRC - Shadowfields do give -40 to all augur tests against them, but I'll check again later when I have my books, and they can run silent at full speed. The +60 max actually only applies to ranged and melee attack rolls as far as I remember.
  15. From a Rogue Traders point of view, torpedoes might indeed be an inferior choice most of the time. They operate far from the possibility of resupply more often than not, and many operate only a single ship, and their ships often have better use for the space usually 'wasted' on an armoured prow. Torpedoes, instead, are designed for fleet actions with the logistics of the Imperial Navy behind them. A single battery on a cruiser will increase firepower a little, but thats it. Torpedoes on several cruisers coupled with armoured prows on the other hand provide entirely new tactical options, and a group of torpedo equipped raiders (such as the Cobra) can wreak havoc against larger ships and space stations with near impunity. I don't usually put them on RT ships. The exceptions are those with actual fleets (Hello, Winterscale!) or with small flotillas such as Sun Lee, who fields a stealth-focused torpedo destroyer among her escorts in my game. TL;DR, what SCKoNi said.
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