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  1. I think I was looking for this one but I never got it before I stopped playing the game. The comic series was wonderful and a great departure from the OT that I had hoped to run a campaign in that setting sometime but it never came to be. I loved the Dark Side Sourcebook. I always enjoyed the distinction of Sith and Dark Jedi that we lost with the prequels.
  2. I still have all of my old WEG books, but not these two particular volumes. I remember the first book in the series I bought was Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley. I had no idea what an RPG was like and I soon realized while reading the book that I would need a core rulebook to actually use the GG but I didn't care. It was so cool. I was trying to figure out what all the strange stats meant for game play and was eager to jump into it. Once I finally got my hands on the 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded, it led to years of thrilling Star Wars enjoyment that lasted until the Prequels came out and made us question our faith.
  3. Oh, and I'd like to add that I really don't enjoy the starship combat in FFG. It feels too slow and clunky. Not only that but piloting itself doesn't seem that impressive. In WEG, a pilot really got to shine when they got into the cockpit and they would do things no one else could do with just their simple piloting skill. In FFG anyone can hop into the cockpit and perform equally based on their attribute. The only way pilots become something special is if they buy impressive talents from their career tree. Until then, there is nothing interesting about them. The unhappiest player in my group (who eventually left) was the pilot. He just never felt that piloting was fun. I tried my best to make it as interesting as possible but it didn't seem fun to me, either, especially when I'd think back to how exciting it was to be a pilot in WEG.
  4. The best campaign I ever ran (and the only campaign I ever finished completely) was in the old WEG system. The best part of the campaign was slowly manipulating the Force attuned Jedi trainee character into lashing out and gaining Dark Side points. Over a series of sessions, one of the NPCs continued to agitate her until she would lose her temper and give in to her darker urges. After one such instance, the player actually started to cry after the game. She said she knew she shouldn't do the evil action but she was just so frustrated at the NPC character. By the end of the story, she was able to keep her cool and be a true Jedi when she sacrificed herself to save her master and stop the threat of the Sith Lord who was the big bad for the Jedi part of the story.
  5. My honest assessment is that liked WEG better as a system. To me, it felt easier to control as a GM and it was, for all intents and purposes, rules light. It felt easy to tweak things on the fly and add your own dashes of drama where needed, rather than relying on the dice to narrate these instances. For example, rolling to see if anyone's Obligation is triggered at the start of a session, interpreting surprising Triumph/Despairs, etc. FFG's system feels very rules heavy to me, particularly in modding equipment/starships and so on. These hardpoints and limits seem like they come from a more tactical, miniatures based game to me rather than an RPG which should only be limited by your imagination. We had modifications on our starships in WEG that would be impossible to do if following the RAW in FFG. Yes, they're both RPGs and the GMs/players are free to tweak and ignore rules as needed but looking at the rules in FFGs system makes me uncomfortable in changing anything because I can't be sure if that would unbalance the system as a whole. There are some aspects of the system that I would just ignore if I could, but ignoring those parts would then make some talents on various careers become useless. So if I cut it, I'm handicapping any player that put points into talents that use systems I'd rather ignore. On the flip side, if the player buys these talents, I now feel obliged to use those aspects of the game so the player doesn't feel like they wasted points on something useless. There was never any of this worry in the old WEG system. On the flip side, however, the narrative dice in FFG helps to bring the players in on the story in ways that simply aren't possible in the standard WEG system. FFG also incorporates ideas officially from the PT and, now, the ST (with The Force Awakens Beginner's Game). In WEG, you'd have to make those up on your own. But, I should say, it was a whole lot simpler making up new things on the fly in WEG and knowing how to balance them easily in comparison to the PCs. I am enjoying the FFG system, but when I run it I see its limitations compared to my years GMing the WEG Star Wars games. FFG is a far more liberal game that adds the players' creativity in with the GMs to make a cooperative storytelling experience. WEG is a far more traditional RPG that truly puts the GM in full control of the game and the players only have to focus on doing what they want without needing to play secondary world builder. It all comes down to preference but I'm sticking with my quote from earlier in the thread: WEG is "an elegant system for a more civilized age".
  6. I actually have been running it off and on for about 2 years. Although it has gotten smoother over time it doesn't come as natural to me as more traditional systems. A lot of the tricks of the trade I've used in the past just doesn't work with the narrative system. I still enjoy it but it feels foreign to me.
  7. That's funny. How many opportunities did he lose because of that, I wonder. We had had a huge pool of d6s at my table and one player (the GM from the previous story) would love to roll the tiniest die with the giant one all the time and call out the results in a mouse-like squeaky voice and then a booming giant's voice. It was idiotic but made us laugh every time.
  8. I'm still a little shaky on running EotE because the narrative system is so vastly different from any other system I've played and when I think "Star Wars RPG" I think WEG. I constantly want to run the game in WEG style but that doesn't work with a narrative dice system.
  9. Yeah, FFG quality is spectacular, that is why this is a must buy for me even though I still have all of my WEG books and wouldn't actually *need* these. But when was "need" ever taken into consideration for this hobby?
  10. Oh, sweet summer child, your name should be Jon Snow. Everything about this announcement is made of so much "win" I can see the face of Charlie Sheen if I look at it through my peripheral vision.
  11. Oh, man, so many good stories. Allow me to share some and I hope everyone keeps them coming. We used to go to a buddy's house in the evening, get trays of sandwiches and snacks from a local supermarket and play from sundown to sunrise. For now, I'll talk about the session we called "The Casket Match". We were supposed to sneak across Imperial lines to sabotage a factory. I was the pilot and we flew our course but (gasp!) we were intercepted by a Star Destroyer demanding to know why we were in restricted space. As well as being the pilot, I was sort of the face of the group so I had to do some fast talking. I explained that we were transporting needed equipment to the base and yadda yadda yadda. The GM said I needed a strong roll for my fast talking and BAM! exploding 6s got me into the mid 20s. He had no choice but to let us go as I convinced the captain of the Star Destroyer. We resumed our course when a few moments later a second Star Destroyer stopped us, once again asking why we were trespassing and demanding that we surrender our ship for boarding. Annoyed, I did another fast talk, this time invoking the name of the previous captain we convinced and really going out with my self-righteous indignation at being stopped a second time when we were given permission to go already. The GM smiled and told me to roll for it. BAM! Exploding 6s and I got into the low 30s this time. The GM couldn't believe it and with a sigh he let us pass. The other players and I were laughing about fooling two Star Destroyer captains but we had a mission to get to so we continued on our way... ...When suddenly a THIRD Star Destroyer cut us off and pulled the same thing as the last two. Now we knew the GM never expected us to get this far and he was just going to keep trying until we were captured. The other players and myself voiced our protests and scolded him for trying to punish us after two spectacular rolls. I said, "You know what, tell the captain this: 'We're on a mission from the Emperor himself and I'm the **** Hand of the Emperor. We already cleared our mission with the previous checkpoints and if I'm delayed one second longer, I will personally execute the entire senior staff of your vessel.'" Then to the GM, "I don't even have to roll because that better be good enough because I already beat your trap so you better let us go, but here's a roll so you can feel good about yourself." I threw the dice and got more exploding 6s to end up in the 20s yet again. The GM just shrugged and said in game, "I apologize sir, you're free to go." We then got through to the hidden planet that we needed to infiltrate. From there, we had to sneak in by firing ourselves through the weak points in the shields in modified probes shot at the surface, hoping that the chutes would open before we were splat on the ground. I honestly don't remember the details of our mission after that aside from surviving the fall and it being a success. But I'll never forget that opening against the three Star Destroyers.
  12. It's a matter of taste, but the WEG Star Wars was spectacular. Extraordinarily simple and out when a time when there was no "fat" on the Star Wars mythology. WEG Star Wars BUILT the Expanded Universe that we grew up with (and watch destroyed). It was an elegant system for a more civilized age.
  13. So which is the change: only one strain total or 1 per success? I even checked my FaD book and it says "per success" so I'm thinking that's the final ruling or it wouldn't have made it into books years later.
  14. I've been reading on the Internet people saying that only 1 SS is recovered for a successful DC check, regardless of how many successes remain uncancelled. Where is that written? The rule book clearly states on pg 233 that 1 point is recovered "per success". And if it's only 1 total, what becomes of extra successes or advantages? Thank you.
  15. I have a question about the app. I tried searching the thread but didn't get any results so I hope I'm not repeating anything already. If a Triumph is rolled but all the successes are cancelled out, how would we know that the only thing remaining is he Triumph portion and not the success? Same for Despair, I'd expect. I'm very new to using this app so forgive me if it's obvious.
  16. That certainly is a shame. It looks like these final books in the series aren't getting a lot of love considering that they really haven't been widely available outside of this site since they were published. I just saw on Amazon that the Kindle version is now available. As much as I don't like buying an ebook for a series that I have bought the paperbacks for up til now, if there's no promo and they're not going to make it available on Amazon then I might as well grab it rather than spend a fortune on shipping costs to my country if I buy from this site. .
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