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  1. Jake yet again said: Huh! He's in Innsmouth as a Herald. Ah lovely! Thank you!
  2. Musha Shukou said: Thanks, Lord Bones! I did put a lot of work into this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. But I have made some revisions and will be re-uploading these things to the BBG website, so if you have any feedback or advice, let me hear it and it may make my revisions. I will do but so far the only thing that I would like to perhaps see done is Dagon as an old one. As far as I know he hasn't been covered in any of the expansions which is a shame really.
  3. A really big well done on this Musha! I love Dark Corners of the Earth and I've just bought Arkham Horror and I definitely be giving this a go. You've captured the video game perfectly. Kudos!
  4. Richard U. Pickman said: Yup, i agree. Themed expansions would be really cool! But i wouldn't mind something that expands the base game either. Otherwise you could only play the expansion OR the base game. I want more rules, more flavor and a harder game! Or did you have an idea on how to use the expansion and the base game at the same time? I would prefer an expansion that adds to the game experience otherwise you would just end up with 'same game, different cards' syndrome. Using my Innsmouth example you could perhaps introduce a mechanic that simulates a force (other than the old one) that works to hinder the progress of the investigators such as the Esoteric Order of Dagon which could be represented in the form of a card/dice combo which could add modifiers to investigator rolls ( each X symbol rolled cancels out Y symbol etc.).
  5. I think a themed expansion combining all these elements would be the best way forward. I personally would love to see an Innsmouth expansion. You could have new town themed tasks/items and bring Dagon in as an old one. Just sayin'.
  6. I sure hope so because I absolutely love this game. In most cases I have been able to apply common sense to most rule gaps but there are still one or two areas that I'm not sure about and would love to get an 'offical' ruling for. It's a shame that what is such a great game is let down by its rule book.
  7. I honestly can't praise Chaos In The Old World enough. I find it has a nice level of detail to it in term of the quality of the components (as with all FF games) but the real devil is in the way that YOU choose to play it. With having four play styles available ( Five if you count Horned Rat) there is room to satisfy most gamers. The base rules are wonderfully simple compared to most games but the real joy comes from the way that the chaos power cards interact with each other and capture the character of your chosen god. I personally think there is a high level lof re-playabilty to this game and certainly enough room to develop strategies for your favourite god.
  8. I suppose if they introduce any further expansions then they may up the game by introducing some of the other gods that can be found in Warhammer such as Sigmar or Shallya who could work against the others by removing corruption, etc. or Gork and Mork which would make a great addition I think.
  9. I use my collectors copies but I tend to run most games at my house and keep food and drink well away from my books. I think I would actually buy a regular copy though if it meant I would have to travel to play a game.
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