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  1. Someone will inevitably rework rtl and/or sob into being used with 2e rules. There are alot of players on the forums that enjoy making homebrew content. Though it may not be officially supported by ffg.
  2. No, he does not. During the dungeons, you use your threat to play cards. During encounters, you use your threat to call reinforcements, add speed, and upgrade dice.
  3. It works ok in a vanilla game. Depending on the rest of the party. I advise against it though. Ronin is better off used as a runner since he has 4f 5s unless someone has drawn Astara.
  4. Bleached Lizard said: Torin Negatia said: The Goblin Archer card already eludes to lieutenants being used in 2e. Whether or not there are cards in the conversion kit for the 1e lts. remains to be seen. One of the 1E lieutenants has already been spoiled as appearing in 2E (the base game, not the conversion kit), so you will be able to use your lieutenant minis. Oh yes, I forgot about the Sir alric Farrow spoiler.
  5. We house ruled that a single card may only be played on a single trigger condition, regardless of the side that plays the card. So if both sides have a card in which the trigger is an attack, only one side may play a card. there is a feat, i believe, that can cancel crushing blow, but i don't remember its name right off the bat. Edit: the feat is Preventing Evil from the Wizardry deck.
  6. The Goblin Archer card already eludes to lieutenants being used in 2e. Whether or not there are cards in the conversion kit for the 1e lts. remains to be seen.
  7. It really hasn't been touched on yet, but I don't think there is a limit to the number of skills you can have in 2e as there was in 1e. Not to mention that all the skills I've seen so far have fairly specific uses and you cant really judge that a "powerful" high XP skill will be used more often than a lower XP one. From what I've read so far of the mechanics, this game is much more strategy based than 1e is. Almost everything is based off of trigger conditions which makes everything either extremely weak or extremely powerful, depending on how both sides play. All players tactics are going to be spent trying to get those conditions to be triggered, while trying to prevent their opponents from getting theirs.
  8. the best advice I can give you is to make sure you all read the rules and print a copy of the most recent FAQ. Start with just the base game and introduce the expansions in order (if you have any.) Your first couple games should all be the first quest with each player taking a turn as the OL. Everyone should be familiar with the game mechanics enough at that to move on to the rest (and much more difficult) quests at that point.
  9. If your taking necromancy as your first skill my advice would be to build as much damage as possible and avoid skills such as spiritwalker. Necromancy only works if you make the killing blow, so dealing enough damage is your main priority. You will also want to focus on Dark Priests if you have that expansion as they deal the most damage of any single base monster if the OL focuses eldritch. Staff of the Grave is (IMHO) the best copper treasure you can get for early damage potential (and taking out those pesky undying boss monsters.)
  10. yes, they are all trees, and all that green grassy looking stuff is Scrub.
  11. For a 5 hero advanced campaign, my group uses the following: all monsters receive +3 health per campaign level and +1 armor (just +1, not per CL,) gold piles worth 500gp, and treasure and loot rolls are 5 black dice, and the OL gains 5 threat each turn. Its not perfect, but it works ok. I've actually been working on a 2 team game, but it doesn't fold in well with the existing quests so I've had to make a few, but I haven't finished play testing them fully. I've also been working on a dota/lol style version of the game to put two teams of 5 against each other (with no OL.)
  12. When the overlord cycles through his deck he gain's 3 experience points in the advanced campaign. when he kills a hero, the overlord gains an amount of experience equal to the conquest value of the hero. no one ever looses experience in the advanced campaign.
  13. I agree nanok has flaws in both. We only use that one rule from the sob book for rtl, the rest from the FAQ, and that's only because we decided that since it said Advanced Campaign instead of SoB or Toroues Albus (sp?) like the rest of the SoB specific rules do. Personally, I hope with 2nd edition, we don't have problems with rules discrepancies like with 1st edition when they add a new expansion in. I love this game.
  14. My bad on that, for some reason I was thinking he was from ToI. I still stand by what I disagree on. Hopefully this will be addressed in the FAQ. Currently my groups are playing this way, and will probably continue to.
  15. I disagree. Nanok was released after rtl and the section in SoB specifically stats "the following heroes have been edited for use in the Advanced Campaign." Not just for sea of blood.
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