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  1. Have them make logistics rolls. A techpriest can get lots of incidental and minor buffs, but when things that have decent AP start showing up they're just as vulnerable as the rest of the party. If you think he's had too many, just say that there isn't enough Admech support at the moment to take care of all of his requests. I'm not a fan of forcefully blocking a person's build unless it's genuinely detracting from other people's fun (unless they're getting outclassed because they have crapp builds, like a weapon specialist with no weapon skills).
  2. I was thinking about the massive scale of wars in Only War, and was trying to figure out how many regiments would be active at any one time. My initial thinking was several dozen, but that just doesn't seem to add up. From the wiki, a regiment is basically between a few dozen, and some as large as 10,000 men. In perspective, the Battle of the Bulge started out with 80k men, and got to almost 700k in reinforcements on the American side alone. That'd be a total of 70 regiments that are all of the max size. And that's not a whole campaign. Has anybody else run into this? It strikes me to conquer a planet that has more on it than just a few outhouses you'd need a large number of men, but it just seems a little silly to have thousands of regiments, although that might be what I wind up having. Anybody else noticed it? If so, how big are you planetary invasion campaigns?
  3. So I was thinking about some options to run my players through that didn't involve simply ordering them to "Blow up target X." I was thinking of some other things that soldiers have to deal with, and came up with the idea of the character's platoon taking part in trying to put out a massive fire. My idea is that they're dropped off on a planet that's had a battle going on for quite some time. So far the enemy xenos (minor unnamed, read "made up" species). Because of how well the battle was going, Segmentum Command ordered 80% of the ground troops into the next theater of war approximately a month before the players arrive, leaving the entire system being fought for by a small handful of well coordinated (but now hugely understaffed) force against an almost beaten enemy who's regrouping. So far there's a single Sword class frigate in orbit assisting as possible. It's going to get ambushed by a pair of Eldar raiders and crash over the targets that it's playing fire support for (READ: The players). It still has its thrusters going when it crash lands, but the commander wants to evacuate as much crew as possible, but I know of absolutely nothing in the 40k universe that would be effective at fighting fires. And this thing is going to be burning for a long time otherwise. So far a friend of mine and I have discussed repurposing tanker vessels, and possibly using Marauders refitted to carry water (there's still a significant navy presence on the ground; Command didn't give them time to fully evacuate. Hooray orders). But as far as I know, there isn't anything specialized for dealing with a fire of that magnitude and capacity. TLDR - How would you put out a major fire in the 40k universe?
  4. This is kind of why you have some DM intervention. The same reason you don't let your players create a regiment whose primary heavy weapon is a Dark Lance, with their favored special weapon being a Gauss Flayer. Also, everybody has good quality refractor fields (that's only 25 points of gear!). RAW they can be pretty sick. So filter them through some semblance of sensibility.
  5. I already figured the warrior wouldn't have any actual mechanics, otherwise it would just cream them all. That's what got me thinking about the chase idea, then realized I don't know if it's been set up well for a good chase scene. Hence the asking for ideas. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I'll see about subtly hinting at some of this stuff when they're deeper in the tomb.
  6. I did this in a Black Crusade/Deathwatch game. Basically, any time they did something exceptionally well in one game, it messed with the other. Deathwatch located an ancient forge for constructing plasma weapons? Excellent. The Crusade loves you. Also, Chaos has to deal with plasma weapons popping up everywhere. Chaos minions topple a government in order to set it up for slaughter? Guess what! That planet was a useful lynchpin in the defense of the region, and the Tau/Heretics/Tyranids now have an easier target with jacked up support. Both groups loved it for the unexpectedness, but I made sure they never met, because otherwise it ends with hurt feelings and BS.
  7. So long story short, the players are visiting (raiding) the tomb of a long dead Inqusitor who got his reputation about 200 years after Saint Drusus. Some small craphole planet made a surprisingly large shrine to him (which is where he's currently enshrined) on a planet that was described as: "An unpalatable little whelp of a world, mired in thick gasses with a grotesque array of predatory beasts. I believe the only reason it was not classified as a death world is some Administratum simpleton believed the trees were not tall enough. So they're exploring the planet and have a few encounters with some "dog like, sort of reptilian critters." These critters have "long hooked claws for forearms." Later they encounter a few more that have some weird growths on their hands, and fire biting little beetle like critters that tear into flesh. So far the doglizards haven't been too bad, they're animalistic and do stupid crap like sniff out grenades. For those with good visual imaginations, you can probably pin what they're dealing with. They're in the tombs, raiding it, taking things of value, etc. I plan on having a Tyranid Warrior show up and completely turn the adventure from exploring spooky tombs to being a chase to GTFO with their ill gotten loot. Problem is, to do this, there has to be some way they can escape. Their ship had to land relatively far from the city (it was never designed to have any landing facilities, and most of the buildings are very vertical and have conical roofs. Even getting to the gates would be bad, cause they made sure to keep them sealed, and gaunts can scale them far faster than the players. And realisticall, I doubt the party could do too much to a warrior, much less a warrior with synapsed gaunts. So I'm trying to think of a few things I might describe slightly differently to keep up with a good chase, but give them somewhere to go. Also, nobody had the sense to get a flamethrower. Everybody has decent single target damage, but I don't see them getting close to the warrior to melta him in the face Right now I'm thinking of finding a relatively flat roof to hole up on in the hopes of getting their Valkyrie to smack on it and to a quick dustoff. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.
  8. Fresnel said: Storm trooper carapace is 6 - 7 at Best Quality. Is +1 or 2 armour rating such a big deal? Or is the rest of the party running around in light armour? This. This right here. Power armor is a godsend compared to vlak vests and xeno mesh. Compared to what a rogue trader ought to have, it's a bunch of penalties, +20 strength (so only useful if you're melee) in exchange for a whole extra point of armor. A well decked out stormtrooper will be faster, quieter, bite just as hard, and have a measly 1 AP less. Power armor is useful, but never underestimate getting hit by 1 more shot 50% of the time on semi auto, and 100% of the time on full auto. Don't worry too much about balancing for it; if you can't hurt a target in power armor, you couldn't hurt one in most other armors as well.
  9. I think part of what the necrons are doing depends on your core timeline books; 3rd ed (IIRC, which I probably don't, timewise) they were just a tossout with a few models and without a real codex. They were interesting weird bad guys, but not an army. This is when they're attacking settled planets like you described. Later, more of them wake up. Monoliths come out. They get a real codex. Tomb Spiders are scary. Now they're actively going back to their original master plan; killing everything that's still alive. Cause lets be honest, screw those guys. Now, as for WHAT they're taking, I have no idea. I didn't think they harvested resources, they don't need any. They're all powered by green, and they don't build things as far as I know, so no idea.
  10. Why exactly do you want to use a GK? Is there any particular reason you want to use a GK instead of just another psycher? It seems to me to be adding an unnecessary amount of complexity for a character designed to fill in a necessity of the party, and from what I recall about the GK I can't seem them lending one of their own to the Deathwatch.
  11. Personally, I ignore the entirety of "astartes weapons" in the deathwatch books. Bolters are a human weapon, and became the sidearm of the Astartes because they're the best humanity had to offer during the Crusades. The idea of them being even more ridiculous in the hands of space mariens never sat well with me, especially considering the TT doesn't have different weapon stats. I think that belief comes down to artists loving to draw weapons with gaping wide muzzles and long barrels. I always wondered why that was. So I'd just ignore the non-astartes weaponry and equip the servitors however you please; canon TT weapons are heavy bolter, multi-melta and plasma cannon if I recall, or a power fist and close combat weapon for melee. Same thing happened with the Land Raider - Back int he day it could be fielded by the IG, and current canon it was used by everybody until the production planet was overrun in the Heresy. At that time the emperor decreed only Space Marine legions got them as they were in the forefront, then after he got placed in the golden throne he never got around to recalling that edict.
  12. Assuming he had flesh is weak 1, a good tougness bonus, and armor monger (which I think the only Iron Hands writeups I've seen have), he could have a 13 armor to his body location, 12 to everything else, and +2 anywhere he has cybernetics, so he's almost as tanky as terminator armor, but still lacks the Crux Terminatus and the heavy weapons, so terminator armor will still be a great buy for somebody else. He has the ability to obtain mechadendrites (I think it's 500xp a pop just for the skill), but he doesn't HAVE any unless they're sig gear or requisitioned. Personally, I never imagined a servo arm giving you problems with cramped spaces because it's an arm, but if you want to rule that you can. Just be sure to give greater problems to anybody with an assault pack. Now, if he's made another player rage, that has more to do with the players than the mechanics. Talk to both of them (not necessarily together). At least that's how I'd handle it.
  13. The way I'd adjudicate it is that the wounds are spread, not damage. The split shots should be treated as normal, each shot getting pen and all reductions, but for splitting a single shot it should share the wounds. Otherwise, most high damage single shot weapons won't be noticed. 4 wounds to a party from a perfect roll on a lascannon - that doesn't seem right. The idea is as battle brothers, they share the injury. Everybody taking a little bit to prevent one brother from being turned into a charred husk with some bleeding meat limbs held in place from the power armor. But to make up for BEING SHOT BY A LASCANNON, everybody suffers.
  14. You could do that, but again, the rules for combat in Black Crusade changed. You can now benefit from both Lightning Attack and the other one (i always confuse them) with both weapons, you're no longer swinging 3 times with 1 and 1 with the other, so you'll get more attacks either way with a balanced weapon. I don't remember exactly where it is, but I do recall explicitly reading that. It's either in the TWF descriptors or in the lighning attack/whatever descriptors.
  15. Unfortunately the edit button disappears after about 20 mintes. So make your fast changes, then you're locked forever.
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