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  1. As I've red the book, you have to pay the initial cost first, then you have to complete the endeavor to collect the resources for the colony. When the colony is finally operational, you gain it's PF value, which is 1 for a fresh mining colony, +2 as you raise the Productivity above the Size. So at first, you have to degrade your 40 pf by 7, it becomes 33, and when the colony becomes functional, you got 3, and you have 36. And how you got that 3 pf by harvesting the iron from the colony. You can collect 1pf from a small (Size: 1-4) one, and 2 from a larger one. As for the rest, I think you're right, when a colony grows bigger, things get out of control, but it's not the worst result. (You can roll 1 on the first growth test, so the colony becomes a ghost town, and you lose the initial 7pf)
  2. Thanks, you're right, it's in the 21th page of the book, at the "Traits and Talents" section, if someone has the same problem as me. (I swear I've red at least 10 times the "character creation", and the "traits and talents" chapter, but it seems I slipped through that part )
  3. I've made a picture of the map, which was in the old, d20 rulebook. If you want to see it, press the link. Link
  4. What about disruption cannons? Are they effective against a Kraken? (It doesn't have components, but maybe the dis. cannons can shock it or something)
  5. The title is self-explanatory, I need the help of the Grimm community, cause I'm very confused how to handle disadvantages that penalizes your traits below the 1st grade. Two examples: -If I make a dreamer character with the "Farm kid" origin talent, my Cool goes down to -1. There is something in the "Customizing your traits" section that states, you can only lower a trait to a minimum of 1st grade. So I need to spend 6 of my starting credit to maintain the 1st grade, or if I need to roll on my cool I need to get two boost to be at the 1st level, or what? -You have scrap rank at 1st grade, and you fight with a monster at moose size, so you got a -2 penalty from stature differencies. The monster has a scamper grade of 1, (it's a giant mushroom thingy or something ) so you need to roll two sixes simoultaneously to get the same grade as the monster? Any answer you can give is really aprreciated.
  6. I'm the GM of our RT campaign, so I can't test these beauties directly, but I build some ship for myself to try the ship building rules, and I used my favourite hulls on them: "Galactic Leyline"-Orion class star clipper: I like this fast, elegant grasshopper, mainly because of it's "fast smuggler"-style build, and the fact that you can use it's Keel weapon slot to shoot disruption shells on your enemy, while he's trying to catch your tail. "Jim Dandy"-Hazeroth class privateer: This hull has the most attractive shape if you ask me, and that's the reason it is my choice if I'll create a swashbuckling Rogue Trader. Not to mention it has a Prow weapon slot, so I can bomb the cr@p out of my enemy with torpedoes, if that's what I want. "Dullahan"-Secutor class light cruiser: This class represent the Galaxy class from Star Trek to me: double-layered shields, plenty of space for any kind of components you want, and a lot of weapon slots to build any kind of combination suits my needs. (Broadsides + Lance on the dorsal rules) Besides that it's not a big monstrosity like most of the cruisers. I build the Dullahan mainly for exploration, so it looks much more like the Enterprise-D. My players chose the Turbulent, for the same reason what HappyDaze said.
  7. Our team bought a Universe class transport. They use salvage system with high crew rating to loot many components. The player who bought it asked about the ship. At the weapon text explained the broadside macrocannons can't be installed to transports, because these ship are too smalls. The question is: Why can't he install broadside to a transport which is bigger than many cruiser?
  8. What about the range of the melta weapons? 80m extreme maximal range on a melta gun seem pretty high for me, concering that it has 12" range on the tabletop. Not to mention the multi-meltas 240m on extreme. In the book, there's no restriction on the meltas reach, but I hardly beleive that I can snipe somebody at ground floor, if I'm on the roof of a building and using a meltagun.
  9. Is there any positive opinion about the disrupting the empyrean power? My nav. player takes it on character creation, after reading it's description roughly ("Woah, I can summon mini-warpstorms? Awesome, I get this!"), he also made a nice backround story how he learns it, and uses it to make some dark eldar ships(which threatens the ships of his navigator-family) to crash into a planet. But before we can start the first adventure, we read the description thoroughly, and I say that power is really sucks. More precisely, it doesn't mean any threat to the enemy. The description says: "Ships wishing to enter the warp, must travel out of the area, or risk damage." Damage is the keyword in this sentence. Basically, with a not so powerful navigator(WP:45), you have 25% to add -10%/DOS to the test to enter/exit the warp. (Max -20) If the pilot fails it, it's ship takes a devestating 1 point of damage to it's hull integrity. So terrifying, I feel my legs shaking. On the next levels the 1 point damage becomes 1d5, and on master level, 1d5+DOS, which is still lame, as you can't get more than 2 DOS. So my question is: Why any captain, who is not a coward worm, not go through a warp storm which causes 1/1d5/1d5+DOS point of damage to it's ship, which has 30-70 hull integrity? I want to convince my player to keep this power, cause it's sounds awesome to create mini warp-storms, but it doesn't have any practical use, or serious threat factor, and he can't get another power until rank2, so I can't judge him when he said that he change it to any other. So does anyone used this power with his nav effectively?
  10. Can you give me any info about the armor the navigators usually wear? (The power armour like breastplate with tubes, and the robe decored with a lot of orbs.) Does it have a specific name(like "Terminator" armor), stats, or a description why the navs are wearing it? I mean this one.
  11. "How about as the elder and holder of the warrant you let them choose which of their siblings ships they want to 'acquire'. Jealousy or not if they belong to the dynasty aren't they beholden to him. So either they take the ship by force acquiring the sibling as a rival or they find a way to get rid of said sibling." You've got a point, but Red Bart explained that how this can be avoided by the siblings. "In fact most of his siblings will surely be plotting to kill him to obtain the warrant for themselves!!" I already have a plan to do that (involving a brother who is the identical twin of the RT). "Well, he could get a little assitance from an Inquisitor, only having to run some small undercover errands for the inquisitor, or use this ship to eliminate an renegade/rival inquisitor leading a small ship somewhere in the expanse." Nice one, but the players doesn't want to work with the Inquisition, or the Ecclesiarchy. (Dunno why, it would be fun) "How's this: a ship from the character's Dynasty was recently captured by an old family rival. The Dynasty's spies have recently leared that this vessel is being overhauled at a lawless spaceport somewhere in the Expanse. Most of the original crew are still aboard, forced to obey orders from the new captain via explosive collars controlled from the bridge, until he can replace them with a crew loyal to his own Dynasty. If the character can sneak a small squad (i.e. the other PCs) aboard (while most of the userper's armsmen are drunk at the spaceport) and seize the bridge, he can steal back the ship and earn formal Captain status from his Dynasty's crippled leader. Or how about the Rogue Trader being approached by a crime syndicate. They give him command of a ship, in exchange he will allow them to use his warrant of trade for criminal enterprises. And of course that relationship will get more and more abusive as time goes by. Keep asking more outrageous/heretical/cruel things from the players until they are fed up and break off from the syndicate. Earning of course their endless enmity." I like these alot. At now I don't know which one will be in the prologue (cause we still planning the Dynasty), but I will write something both these ideas and the one involving marriage, and take the one matches with their dynasty.
  12. Greetings to fellow Game Masters! I'm gonna start an RT campaign and I think I'm gonna make a small scale prologue adventure to my RT player which explains how he gots his ship. (And maybe the way he meets the other players.) The starting situation is that the RT's father was on a serious mission, but there was a disaster which crushes both the ship and the captain body, (he didn't get killed, but crippled in a really nasty way) which means the eldest heir needs to continue his mission. Now the RT player needs to get a new ship, cause all of the dynasties vessels are occupied by the RT's siblings, and they don't want to lend one of them to him. (Cause they're jealous now that he's the holder of the warrant of trade) The only problem is that I don't have any cool, or original ideas about acquiring a ship from the zero. In fact I make some cranks for that, but they're only clichés or comes from movies, so if you have an intresting scenario, don't hesitate to share it with me. The ideas: -Winning a Cardgame party, a car/scooter/horse derbi, or a martial arts tournament to gain the ship. -Make an expedition to the coordinates of a wreck to salvage it. (An allied RT house, or a sibling brings the RT to the location, and lend the necessary assistance.) -Take/Steal a ship by force (can be a bit difficult without a ship of his own) -Fortune-hunting: Marry with a lady of a lesser family (which is happy to fuse with the RT's dynasty), to get the ship as a dowry. -Buy the ship on an auction.
  13. I have something unclear concerning achievement points. Shall I inform my players about the accurate ap-s they have, or just give some info about the progression of the ebjective? An example: "The players are trying to aid a smuggling group. The endeavor's worth 800 ap, they alraedy got 300 by finding a forgotten interstellar webway gate they can use to transport the goods to the Callixis sector on their ship without notice, and for finding a contact on the other side who"ll buy the cargo from them. Now they need to get the cargo to the other side, but it's a large amount of stuff, so they need to take some turns to deliver all of it. Each succesful ride they take means 50 ap-s to them, and they need to collect 250 before they going to the next part of the endeavor." So when they finish a ride shall I say: -"You had 300+50 ap-s by completing this delivery." or -"You completed the first delivery. By taking a rough calculation, you think it's necessary to make 4 more ride, to carry the whole stuff to the other side" or simply continue with the events of the endeavor's next part, when they make enugh ride.
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