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  1. I had a similar question as the OP. I am interested in running a WFRP 3E game for my group, but I don't want to buy the Core Set cause I dislike dealing with all the "fiddly bits". I was hoping to get by with the Player's and GM's Guide, the Creature Book, and dice. Problem is, I can't seem to find the dice set anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find extra dice sets?
  2. No worries at all, Light. I don't consider stuff I say on the Boards to be my "property" per se, most of what I say is rubbish anyway, lol. But, I think it would be totally cool to be credited on DarkReign, assuming we make it onto that site. This was a fun topic for me to post on, and I'd like to say that every contributor here had some brilliant ideas and alot of positivity, with none of the bitching and whining that we see on other threads. I'm going to steal alot of these ideas later in the year when I start my OW campaign Cheers all, well done!
  3. 91. What Makes a Man Turn Neutral? A Chaos invasion fleet is en route to an Imperial Shrine World to massacre its population and desecrate its holy sites. Though there is an Imperial Guard regiment on site, the world has no PDF due to a curious pacifist cult that has taken over as the main religion on the planet. The cult teaches that everything that happens is the God-Emperor's will, so there is no need to fight or struggle. The Emperor protects, after all, and what will be, will be. The PCs are sent to the shrine world with orders to get the local population riled up and ready to fight, and to train a militia to resist the forces of Chaos until an Imperial relief fleet can arrive. The training effort gets off to a bad start, as training accidents and all manner of unseemly misfortunes plague the PCs and the trainees. In addition, insubordination is rife due to the pacifist teachings of the world. The typical Comissar tactic of shooting insubordinate people won't work here, as the Guard doesn't want to create any embarassing incidents on such a holy world. In addition to the problems the PCs face in training pacifists to go to war, they must contend with the mysterious force that seems to want their mission to fail. Are their adversaries simply a group of misguided peaceniks, or something more sinister, like Chaos sleeper agents?
  4. 67. The Emperor Protects... but bring your lasgun: A world has been recently conquered by Chaos forces loyal to Slaanesh, and an Ecclesiarchy priestess has remained behind to attempt to keep worship of the God-Emperor alive (in secret) and to form an underground resistance to the blasphemy of the Ruinous Powers. The Ecclesiarchy petitions the Imperial Guard for assistance in rescuing their priestess, and the Guard taps a squad of specialists (the PCs) for the task. The mission involves a stealthy insertion and an infiltration mission. The PCs must make contact with the resistance, avoid direct battle with the occupying Chaos forces, and extract the priestess. However, the resistance hasn't been briefed on the squad's mission, and mistakenly believes that they are the vanguard of a liberation force, and the priestess has no wish to abandon her flock. The PCs know that if she is captured, a brutal future of **** and torture await her. Also, the PCs know that if the resistance fighters realize that the PCs are not there to liberate them, they may turn mutinous or even murderous. How much will the PCs reveal to the resistance about their purpose? And how will they proceed to extract the resistance's leader? *Very loosely inspired by Dan Abnett's story Traitor General*
  5. Hehateme

    Which enemies?

    Based on the description for "Eleventh Hour", I believe you'll get your wish regarding Orks. Chaos seems pretty much a sure thing too. I gotta ask however, why stop at only 3 bad guys? I know that's how Deathwatch did it, but I figure they could squeeze in one or two more for OW. I really like Dark Eldar as bad guys, and would love to see them show up in OW. I also am really hoping for Tyranids, I just love those hungry little guys! I think they would make awesome plush toys. I don't think a whole set of new Tyranid stats is really necessary though, as they exist in Dark Heresy and Deathwatch. A good GM can just take the stats from DW and tone them down a bit for OW. However, I'm a real collector, so I'm one of those people that actually wouldn't mind a whole new set of Tyranid stats specifically for OW. Eldar and Tau I'm not so keen on as bad guys, but I love Necrons. As you pointed out however, the timeline isn't right for Necrons to show up in force. I'm also hoping for some minor xenos to show up like the Loxatl, Lacrymole, and maybe a few others.
  6. Dulahan, I believe it was in the "One too Many" thread. HBMC stated in a "I can't confirm or deny" kinda way that the BC rules were being used for Only War. He only referred to combat though I believe, not to character creation.
  7. A squad mode mechanic like in Deathwatch, but without squad mode abilities being tied to those Throne-Damned Oaths. That was a cumbersome mechanic.
  8. I'm surprised nobody mentioned "Blackhawk Down" yet. You could run a mission based on that movie: "We got a Valkyrie down, we got a Valkyrie down"...
  9. 34. What we've got here is failure to communicate: See scenario #32 above. The IG and planetary defenders are getting pasted by the forces of Chaos, in large part because the two sides in the civil war expend as much effort fighting each other as the real enemy. While the IG commanders try to broker a truce amongst the leaders, word comes down to the troops that they are to make every effort to get forces of the two sides in the field to temporarily ally against Chaos. It's time for some diplomacy, soldier-to-soldier. But can the PCs succeed in getting hated enemies to work together, even in the face of annihilation?
  10. Well, I suppose I've GM-ed 40 k long enuff that I could start the PCs at a slightly higher rank if the default power level is too low for the campaign I have in mind. Or simply just play it by ear and see how things work out. I have to say that one thing I really liked about RT was how your character got certain goodies based on their background (Hive-born rather than Death-World born, street thug vs. noble, etc). I thought that was inspired and wouldn't mind something similar in OW. I disagree that certain specialties (Comissar, Sargeant) should start with more xp than others. I think that's a sure-fire way to cause a gaming group to cry foul and break apart. I think every specialty should start with the same xp, but each specialty should have different abilities to start with, and cheaper access to certain things that fit the theme of that specialty.
  11. Hehateme

    One too Many

    Blood Pact, I completely agree, as I am currently running a Deathwatch campaign and enjoying it. OW appeals to me as well though, because there are a number of adventure opportunities that don't exist in DW. For example, environmental hazards, which Space Marines are frustratingly immune to, can be brought in as complications in Only War. You can also run "down time" types of adventures where PCs are billeted in a city and go drinking, picking up hookers, gambling, fighting and getting into all manner of trouble. The politics of the Imperial Guard are very interesting as well, much more so than the generally apolitical Space Marines. I feel like OW opens up possibilities for me as a GM which are currently closed while running Deathwatch. Still, I'm enjoying DW as well.
  12. 32. We don't need your civil war: The IG unit is deployed to a world that is in the early stages of being invaded by the forces of Chaos. The PCs are instructed to coordinate with the local defence forces to repel the Chaos invaders. Problem is, the world is currently in the midst of a brutal civil war, precipitated by a seemingly inconsequential disagreement on the nature of the God-Emperor. Can the PCs ignore genocide, **** and other atrocities committed by their "allies" and work with them to accomplish the mission? Or will the PCs follow their conscience and battle both enemies and allies?
  13. I've heard that OW will be using the Black Crusade rules, so I reckon the power level for OW will be similar to the power level for beginning characters in BC. Human heretic characters that is, not Chaos Space Marines. I certainly hope the power level is comparable to RT or BC anyway. DH characters are a bit too lackluster in my opinion.
  14. Hehateme

    Keep Calm...

    Dude...pure awesomesauce!
  15. Hey guys, forgive me but I've only been playing 40k RPGs since last September (currently running Deathwatch), so I'm unfamiliar with the GenCon/Free RPG Day thing and I have a question about the release schedule for OW: Does this mean there are two different release dates; one for the booklet and one for the RPG? If so, does the booklet contain a compressed version of the rules that allows a group to play the "Eleventh Hour" mission? Thanks, cheers all!
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