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    DurinIII reacted to Teamjimby in The Antlered Crown   
    So they've announced the whole cycle before the first AP is even released.  This all feels very weird.  In either case, I'm excited to see Treebeard and another Rohan hero.
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    DurinIII reacted to CaffeineAddict in Khazad-Dum Nightmare released!!   
    Nightmare decks for my favourite expansion of the whole game? Ordered!
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    DurinIII reacted to Mndela in The Morgul Vale   
    Thicket spears
    Rain of Arrows
    Thorondor Descendant
    Hail of Stones
    what else? Cleaver goblins, Hands upon the bow, Quick Strike.... normal attack ^^
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Best feeling ever   
    I just had it today and I talked about it in another thread but I'll say it again here:
    I was playing a deck with Celeborn, Galadriel, and (Lore) Aragorn. I got Sword that was Broken, Legacy of Numenor, Steward of Gondor, Gaining Strength, and Naith Guide on the first turn. Played LoN to get 2 resources on everyone. Played GS on Celeborn to have 3 and played StwB onto Aragorn. Then played SoG onto Aragorn (who now is Leadership thanks to StwB) then used SoG to pay for Naith Guide.

    Spent 7 resources (with 2 left on Galadriel) on turn 1!

    Then quested for 10 while only exhausting Aragorn:
    Aragorn = 2 + 1StwB
    Celeborn = 3 + 1StwB (no exhaust thanks to Naith Guide)
    Naith Guide = 1 + 1Celeborn + 1StwB (no exhaust thanks to Galadriel)
    I still barely won that game(Hunt for Gollum) - even though I was never felt like I needed more power - because I had a Clue with a Hunters from Mordor on it... then proceded to draw another clue, which was guarded by... another clue, which was guarded by another Hunters from Mordor! That's16 threat just from the Hunters! Failing that questing brought my threat up to 48! Thank god for Strider or I wouldn't have made it past the next refresh phase (I had OHaUH Gandalf out, so it woulda put me over 50).
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    DurinIII reacted to VladVoivode in Best feeling ever   
    Many may scoff but every moment with this game - even the frustrating moments - is simply superb. Nate and Caleb have truly created an immersive game with sound mechanics and dripping with theme.
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    DurinIII reacted to Raven1015 in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    Admittedly not the best designed card from a gameplay perspective. Thematically, I suppose it does represent the dangers of a pit suddenly opening up at your feet pretty well.
    "Legolas, what do your Elf eyes see?
    I see a group of oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh...."
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    DurinIII reacted to Mndela in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    Please, not remember it to me. Ough, how many times my eyes became O.O when it was revealed...
    If i dont forget the quests where it is in deck, if i am first player i try to quest a chump ally.... ^^. And fixed problem.
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    DurinIII reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    First few quest phases are nerve-wrecking, yes 
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    DurinIII reacted to Serazu in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    It's the nature of this game, really... Having victory in your grasp and, all of the sudden, a SINGLE effect and everything collapses. It's all too common in LotR. At least, it forces players never to lose focus and work to have possible answers to... pitfalls at any given time, plus it indensifies the joy of finally completing a tough quest.
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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    Well I agree the card is poorly designed and frustrating.

    The way to play against it is to never quest without an ally also questing. (And don't defend with heroes that can't ignore a shadow effect).

    That is quite interesting (in the sense that it makes you play differently from other quests).

    The problem is that the entirety of that change of play is driven by a single card - so practically every time you think about the decision you think, it probably won't happen, and then when it does it ruins the game. Really you should play as if it will always come up until you've seen it.

    That's why from a design perspective it would be better to have a much weaker effect (damage 1 questing hero on the when revealed effect; deal 2 damage to defending hero on the shadow effect) but make it a card that occurs 4 times in the deck.

    Then on any given turn you can take the risk if you want and get chip damage rather than lost board state - but each time you made the decision you would be expecting the damage. 
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    DurinIII reacted to PsychoRocka in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    Yeah I've copped this before. Very nasty card, I do the same and just concede and record my loss and start again. Most times however it comes out mid game and just kills a questing ally. I hate the shadow effect even more....... probably one of the only cards in the entire game that once before I've just been like... um no I'm not just discarding my 7 defense, full health, able to block 3 to 4 attacks a turn for either player (Sentinel) defending hero because of this single shadow effect that just instantly kills him regardless of what enemy is attacking, his defense or remaining health.... nonsense... and I just pulled the next encounter card as a shadow card instead. I've only ever done this the once though and regret it as it is cheating but I just couldn't deal with that effect right then and there   
    Definitely an awful treachery card but I think the shadow effect is much much worse.
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in Sudden Pitfall is really annoying   
    Khaz is the set that gave this game a bit of a bad rep among many gamers (present company excluded) as a game that has extremely frustrating cards, which you can not really play around as it only comes down to luck.
    There are ways to mitigate the problems sure, but the truth is even if you have Strokes, Brands, Watchers blah blah blah it is just luck if you have them when the card comes out. I am certain this card is why Balin exists. He is a hard counter to this shadow effect and others like it in the Darowdelf Cycle.
    As I always say, this game isn't hard it IS frustrating though to some players, as players can feel that it is just random luck doing them in. That no deck building or deck piloting counts.. if you draw the wrong card at the wrong time your dead. The problem is that with the player decks getting so powerful the designers need to speak to the future of the game, and there is not really a lot of alternatives to these massive setback cards. Anyway, this set is the set that really cemented that idea in many players and made many quit. Then HoN came out and drove off even more!
    Still I think it is clear the developers have learn from Khaz and HoN and through the Shadow Cycle I felt that they have done a pretty good job of keeping the difficulty interesting with out having to resort to these bull flip a card die crap. While there are some nasty cards, none of them ruin your entire board in a single card flip.. so as player decks increase in power, these quests will get easier.. but never have a flip card die arisen.
    Of course and there are other cards that do this kind of thing. Turn 1, 10 Threat Location in Nightmare Mirkwood is reboot for solo players for example.
    Compleatly agree. The Shadow Effect is beyond stupid. What where they thinking.
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    DurinIII reacted to VladVoivode in So are they ever coming out?   
    I simply cannot believe all of the infantile whining I've read in this thread. I am as anxious for the next Saga Expansion and the APs for The Voice of Isengard as anyone else. That said, why would FFG "lie", i.e, intentionally make a false statement? As much of a cash cow and precious (sorry) licence as LOTR is, the last thing FFG would do is make intentionally misleading and/or false statements. 
    The Lord of the Rings intellectual property is quite jealously guarded as it should be. I am confident that FFG is well aware of this and would do nothing to lose that licence.
    I will assume that most if not all of us have most/all of the LOTR: LCG sets. With the immense possibilities of decks yet to be built in the card pool as it is, why not try some deck building and take on some quests with a whole different approach if you are so impatient? If that doesn't strike your fancy, how about doing something else until these new products are released?
    Here are a few ideas:
    Explore the known universe: http://en.spaceengine.org/
    Play MTG for free and with every card: http://www.slightlymagic.net/forum/  I especially recommend Manalink, Forge and BotArena
    Read great books! How long has it been since you have immersed yourself in The Lord of Rings, The Silmarillion, The Lay of the Beleriand?
    Volunteer at an animal shelter!
    Play a boardgame that isn't a money sink such as Mageknight, Thunderstone: Advance, Tomb and Tomb Cryptmaster, Mice and Mystics, the D&D "big box" games, Pathfinder ACG, Talisman, Arkham Horror, etc.
    Star gaze
    Pick up a hobby!
    Sleep in!
    Stay up late and watch MST3K!!
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    DurinIII reacted to danpoage in Best feeling ever   
    Playing The Battle of Five Armies solo, with a pitched struggle going back and forth, never sure if I would achieve victory. At the very end, nearing defeat, I decide not to give up but instead play it out. After blocking the enemies that I can, there is one left which must go undefended - an attack that will kill a hero and seal my fate. I flip the shadow card and the Misty Mountain Eagle kills the attacking enemy. With my heroes alive, I barely manage to kill Bolg the following turn and win the game, all thanks to the perfect timing of my eagle friend. That was definitely the most tense, thematic and perfect ending to an amazing game.
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    DurinIII reacted to PsychoRocka in Best feeling ever   
    Making changes to your deck then playing several quests and noticing the difference in power and your deck working better than before is a pretty awesome feeling.
    Same with beating a quest you haven't beaten before. My first times beating Dol Guldur and Siege of Cair Andros were epically rewarding.
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    DurinIII reacted to Olorin93 in Best feeling ever   
    Inspired by DurinIII's "worst feeling ever" topic.
    Best feeling: buying a new pack with a card you've been eagerly awaiting, unboxing it at home and mixing it into your deck.
    And winning a difficult scenario, of course.
    What's your best feeling in this game?
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    DurinIII reacted to scottindeed in Balancing Tactic   
    "retarded two handed crap"
    This is the second thread I've opened where you've used that vulgar term for a style of play that I enjoy immensely.  Please try to have respect for others.
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    DurinIII reacted to Johnny Awesome in Balancing Tactic   
    IMO no major changes are needed for Tactics.
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    DurinIII reacted to Mndela in Balancing Tactic   
    If there is a balanced mono-tactics solo deck, it would be the most powerful deck. If tactics could quest good without problems, there isn't any orc that want to combat against it.
    I think the game has a good balance atm.
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    DurinIII reacted to Bullroarer Took in Balancing Tactic   
    When Glaurung starts playing Tactics I will know it has turned the corner.
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    DurinIII reacted to Bullroarer Took in Balancing Tactic   
    In my opinion Tactic's weakness comes from the basic framework of the game. First, you have to Quest on every turn, but you don't necessarily have to fight every turn. And second, the first part of combat, defending, is so often handled by the chump blocker at no penalty.
    Battle and Siege did give tactics a boost, but they can't keep going to that well, and they will probably never change the victory point scoring to "add five points for each dead ally", but it would change the way people play if they did.
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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in Balancing Tactic   
    The major problem for tactics is that it excels at an area of the game which every other sphere also can do.

    Spirit and Lore both have clear niches. Leadership is less obvious but it's primarily to do with underlying mechanics of the game like resource manipulation.

    Tactics is supremely good at fighting - but it isn't good enough that you have to have tactics (the other spheres can all fight almost as well, and defend almost as well). It does need something to be it's own.

    Siege and Battle mechanics were a good idea for tactics to let them use what they're good at to do things that other sphere could do. I feel like Tactics just lacks a dimension compared to the other spheres even though it's my favorite.

    It needs something new but also at the fundamental level, which is very difficult to add in retroactively. Personally I think that tactics rather than spirit, should have had the shadow card cancellation theme and then it would probably have been okay.
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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in Which adventure pack to get?   
    I really enjoyed Shadow and Flame as a quest (more than Foundation of Stone). However Glorefindel in spirit is undeniably the better hero. 

    Personally I wouldn't skip anything. 
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in What's your way to play this game ?   
    I mainly play solo (normal solo, not retarded multi-handed) or with 3 players. What we do is play with "decks". IMO this is all about deck building. The game itself is very flawed but you can sculpt the player experience through deck building. You can make decks that will crush everything, or decks that fit a theme or weak deck to give you more a challenge etc etc.
    For myself this is the crux of how I play. I see the cards and I think of a synergy that I feel would make a cool deck, build the deck.. then play it vs the quests.
    As for quest selection... I tend to just pick the ones I have enjoyed the most. They come out so fast and so often and I play them as I get them.. but once I have a fun deck I like I usually go back and play my fav quests. Usually quests that do not require a deck specific  trick.. like say watcher in the water. So it isn't really random.
    But yeah, if I had to pin it down I would say I am a deck builder. That is how I play the game, the quests are just places to test the decks and I play them all, but have my favorites.
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Worst Feeling Ever   
    The quest card that requires you to kill Ungoliant's Spawn says this:
    Why didn't you just search for Ungoliant's Spawn in the discard pile?
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