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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    yeah i agree (unsuprisinginly haha) - quest packs are cool...its nice to get varied content in this game
    as for Bombadil...well, (surprisingly this time ) im with Booored... no matter how much of a lore snob i may be, if i had bombadil sitting in my card pool - by god he would get used!
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    I'm never really excited about new quests. I like having a lot of good choices for quests, but I don't get excited unless I see awesome new player cards.
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    DurinIII reacted to Gizlivadi in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    Actually I agree with booored. I guess I'm just not really angry about not being able to use Bombadil in other quests since the quest looks so good and works in campaign mode. However, I'm a firm believer in compatibility, and I HATE it when they make "unique" characters and objects as objectives or other quest-specific cards. I hate it. Treasures were already a big disappointment, I want a Sting attachment I can give Frodo or Bilbo in whatever quest I want, not just the Hobbit! The same goes for stuff like Anduril, which will most definately be a Boon card in the next saga. I think these cards really kill freedom of deckbuilding and compatibility since they're quest specific and cannot use them in our decks, and when we finally get an actual player card of that specific character/object, it creates even more trouble when playing it in the Saga. I wish we got all this stuff as PLAYER CARDS, not objectives, treasures, boons, whatever. 
    I'm still really excited for this Barrow downs quest, and Bombadil at least has some justification to be a quest-specific card. The best of all, I think, is that we can play these quests in the Saga, which is great.
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    DurinIII got a reaction from Vendictar in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    What do you all think of the latest news feed? We get Tom!
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    whats the topic again? oh! Dunland Trap! yeah, we want our cards!! :angry:
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    DurinIII reacted to Narsil0420 in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    I just used Hammer Stroke to kill 14 goblins in The Seventh Level with Boromir's sacrifice!
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    DurinIII reacted to scottindeed in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    Maybe he got injured? :-)  I will always try to justify thematically as that is the type of player I am.
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    yeah, there's plenty of ways if you are imaginitive enough perhaps he just drank some red bull or something
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    lol, I think that is slang in some countries for girlie stuff... great example of blanket censorship being stupid! 
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    DurinIII reacted to Aaron Youngren in Dunland Trap Spoiler   
    Am I alone in thinking that rare combos that are one of the more wonderful aspects of the game?
    For my play style, I want decks that have all kinds of possibilities, some of which may only happen 1 in every 3 or 4 games. The knowledge that a cataclysmic, almost-impossible, "The Eagles Are Coming! The Tower is Falling!" combo is possible with your deck, but also that the odds may be against it happening -- that's what this game is all about for me. The depth, tension, and narrative possible with that kind of uncertainty is what sets this game apart from every other game I own. 
    Cards that are simply more powerful are the last thing I want. Simply more powerful won't have me playing this game in 10, 20, 30 years. Bring on Firefoot! Bring on Shadowfax! And while you're at it, make Shadowfax 1 per deck, only able to attach to OHaUH Gandalf, and only while Gandalf is wearing Narya.
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Favourite Editions   
    yes, I also have that version of Silmarillion ... a nice red inked map in the back.. but the cover is a bit beaten up, so I carefully took the map out and mounted and framed it, its going look quite cool when its put up
    there has been recently some really nice hb editions released, though, like an idiot I still cant manage to link things here... idiot Gandalf!!
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    DurinIII reacted to CaffeineAddict in Khazad-Dum Nightmare released!!   
    gotta say I'm more excited for Nightmare Khazadum than the ringmaker cycle!
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    DurinIII reacted to Glaurung in Khazad-Dum Nightmare released!!   
    Cannot wait to make some videos with that!
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Epic Moments   
    Epic moments = my first real multiplayer game after around 1.5 years solo play. I know its not 'In game epic' but its still epic
    In momet epicness... the first and only time I flew through return to mirkwood solo when it was still seen as near impossible... only time I ever bothered it solo
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    DurinIII got a reaction from player1761766 in Epic Moments   
    I had an epic all-heroes-and-allies-dead-moment when I played against Assault on Osgiliath earlier today. I was stomped to death by 5 enemies: Uruk Soldier, Orc Arbalesters, two Southron Commanders and...wait for it...a Mumak! I got slaughtered during this combat phase. I usually fare very well against this quest as it can end rather quickly when you don't reveal too many Osgiliath locations. This time however, the enemies flooded out early and stomped me dead! 
    I have had so many cool epic moments in my favor that I can't even remember a good one right now!
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    DurinIII got a reaction from Glaurung in The Morgul Vale   
    I finished watching Glaurung's video on the Morgul Vale. That was an interesting way to defeat the scenario. I really enjoyed the video Glaurung! I would of never of thought to keep the main enemies in the staging area the whole time in order to defeat them. Anyway, a very good strategy. I suppose there are many ways to beat the quest, but my elf deck is not one that fares so well against it.
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    DurinIII reacted to Mndela in Epic Moments   
    A wizard is never late... , only comes the last round.
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    DurinIII reacted to Mndela in Epic Moments   
    Uf, my english is limited but i think this is a good idea to post, and i hope i can explain it here: post epic moments.
    This post is open for players that can display moments in his game that they could play good combos, good lucky, etc.
    The only limitation i would add is games about minimum 3 players (becasue if not, you can repeat games easily until to reach the epic play you are thinking about to want to play).
    Mmmmh, better one example. The example that it moves me finallly to open this post:
    In 4 players, i was playing a caldara deck. In Fords of Isern, when we pass to 3a, and we added 4 more dunlendan enemies to staging. In that moment there was 10 enemies in staging, i had Damrod... and i used. -10 threat i got. But i used Caldara to return Damrod to play and i returned to use.
    This is a epic moment: -20 threat by Damrod in only one round.
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in The "ignore" settings   
    Yea. It's for your skin color skin color skin color...
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    DurinIII got a reaction from SilvanBouncer in The "ignore" settings   
    Wait a minute, is this about the Serum Ointment? ;-) j/k
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    DurinIII got a reaction from joezim007 in The "ignore" settings   
    Wait a minute, is this about the Serum Ointment? ;-) j/k
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    DurinIII reacted to Olorin93 in The "ignore" settings   
    When I joined these forums almost a year ago, it was a rather small, friendly community, interested in discussing and sharing opinions on the Card Game. 
    The last few months, especially in this General forum, I think discussions have really gone downhill. Instead of talking about the game itself and hearing each other out, users snap at and insult each other and start flame wars over their different opinions, or sometimes seemingly just because they're bored. It's like coming to a board of 10-year-olds.
    Since I've seen several members both get dragged down into this and wasted energy trying to get topics back on track (I think I'm guilty of both), I'd like to remind everyone that there is an "Ignore user" feature in your profile settings. I thought I'd have to request one, but it's right there.
    If a user repeatedly whines in threads and spreads bitterness or makes personal attacks instead of contributing to the discussion in a civilised manner, don't feed the troll. Just press "ignore". It will make your forum experience so much better.
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    DurinIII reacted to PsychoRocka in The Antlered Crown   
    That does sound much more fitting. She should be in whichever saga box has the battle of Minas Tirith/Pelennor fields in it (last or 2nd last box I would assume).
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    DurinIII reacted to leptokurt in The Antlered Crown   
    As always I'm only referring to solo playl:
    Yep, it's like I said: TB is fantastic when you're up for the long run. He's not that good when you face threats immediatly at the beginning of the game (like in Morgul Vale).
    And is he an auto include? I'd say only if you play an Ent deck. Otherwise there are alternatives like both Gandalfs, Saruman, Beorn (ally) etc.
    However, I like the card as it offers another new strategic approach. Like Saruman did. Both these new power allies seem fuel different strategies. Saruman can help you immediatly, has the better stats as that ent and he is cheaper. Also, his special ability can be extremely useful. But then he is gone too soon and he leaves you with a nasty legacy. Saruman stands for short termed improvisation, while TB plays the long term encounter deck control tune.
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    DurinIII reacted to monkeyrama in The Antlered Crown   
    The other thing about Ents generally is that because they enter play exhausted, they are by default vulnerable to any treacheries or enemies that trigger off exhausted characters.
    I can't comment until I play with them, but I think the entering play exhausted is a big downside. A quick deck can beat a lot of quests in 6-7 turns, so Treebeard is coming in for, at most, 5-6 turns. Could two allies first turn that come in ready to rock be more effective in that situation? Quite possibly. Like Leptokurt says, it's a nice new addition to strategy that really opens things up. Ents kick like a mule, but that early game can be so hard they may not come along in time!
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