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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in So, when can we expect The Three Trials?   
    You'd all stop writing posts like this if you liked one of FFG's actually neglected brands.

    My favorite FFG product of all is the Anima RPG which is published in Spanish by Edge entertainment and then published in English by FFG - typically a year or two later than the Spanish product. The re-written core rules (second edition) are still not available in English despite the fact that two of the expansion books that came out after them are (and they assume you're using second edition).

    Year or Two. Delay. The books in Spain come out only once a year or less to begin with.

    When they do come out they get One, maybe Two posts, total. (One to say it's coming and one to say it's gone )

    Lord of the RIngs, getting 10+ products per year, plus multiple articles for each of those, is a lot more alive.
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    DurinIII reacted to Dain Ironfoot in So, when can we expect The Three Trials?   
    and where is any of this information coming from? LOTR not doing very well? where's the proof?
    they are developing Nightmare straight to POD. They are developing new quests for Fellowship events. We still have a bunch of Sagas to go, in addition to standard cycles.
    The dev team has been downsized? Says who?
    There are different design teams for all of the LCGs, and they don't cross-over. So, just because Conquest is new, it's not necessarily pulling any work away from LOTR (or any other game for that matter). It's the new LCG, so of course it gets more announcements, just as LOTR did when it was new.
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in So, when can we expect The Three Trials?   
    Buy looking at how it is marketed. All you need to do is go to the booth and see what games take up 5 bookcases and what games take up 1 shelf. Plus the check the print scheduled and see things get pushed back from one date to the next to allow others. Also lead and established designers are removed and new guys are promoted to lead designer to take over the show, stuff like that.
    The game is not abandoned, not by a long shot. It will be going for a long time, but it is sorta a bit silly to expect a older and established IP to get the same attention as a brand new IP they are trying to launch when one of the biggest US gamecons is about to start. Look at CoC, that game has arguably a lower player count that LoTR but it is still going (though it has moved away from 6 pack cycles).
    I expect after GenCon things will get back to normal.
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    DurinIII reacted to Dain Ironfoot in So, when can we expect The Three Trials?   
    FFG pushes back everything - they are notorious for this.
    Additionally, the CEO himself said last year at GenCon that this is one of the top selling LCGs for them. Can't argue with the CEO. Out of all the products he had to cover in the InFlight report, LOTR was one that he did. If they game wasn't a priority, or popular, it never would have made it into the presentation.
    Anecdotally, my FLGS says this is their #2 seller - right behind Netrunner, and far ahead of Star Wars.
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in So, when can we expect The Three Trials?   
    Well, if that is true I find it pretty surprising.
    I know in my store it has dropped to a mere trickle over the last year or so. (Though there has been a surge recently with the introduction of our custom rules on game days) As has the advertising packets that FFG send me. As for the dev thing, it is no secret.. just look at the designers. FFG like most companies like this have "star designers" and new commers and upcoming.. all the stars have been moved to other projects. FACT. That is to not say Caleb is not doing a fine job, in fact I think the latest sets are looking extremely good, but he got the job for a reason. Also as to the release thing.. no.. it is not the same for all games. Netrunner is release on the dot every time, as are many of the FFG products. If you do not believe this, just look at the release feed.
    Still your right, this is a supposition from me. Still I find it hard to believe anyone who is impartial could possible think this game is just as popular now as it once was.
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Does anybody else miss power cards?   
    I'm on the fence about this. A lot of the newer cards have been "situational", meaning that they are weak in general, but can be amazing in certain decks/situations. I think Voice of Isengard, introduced several "power" cards that are slightly situational, like Eomer, Rohan Warhorse, and a few of the Doomed cards.
    I'm personally happy that these cards have limits on them because I'm annoyed with how some of the power cards just "can't" be left out of your decks. Rather than making more powerful cards, many of us wish some of the old power cards were weakened a little bit. I'd rather have "horizontal" growth than "vertical" growth, meaning I'd rather have a lot of viable options that aren't necessarily more powerful than other cards, but certainly different. If we grow too much "vertically" by increasing the power of the cards, then we end up forcing newcomers to NEED to have ALL (or at least a large majority) of the cards in order to be able to beat the newer quests that have to keep up with the power of the player card pool.
    We're having that problem enough as it is. There are several quests from Heirs of Numenor onward that are very very difficult to handle without access to a large majority of the card base.
    In spite of all that, I know what you mean. When new packs come out, there is generally a lot of debate about the viability of many of the cards. Examples from JUST Dunland Trap
    Firefoot: hard to find a use for him besides on Eomer (definitely possible though). Many people even doubt that the "trample" ability will come into play much. When it comes to single-player, you're less likely to be engaged with more than one enemy, and the extra damage from the "trample" will likely be small when you do get to use it.
    The White Council: Versatile, but many of its choices are lackluster and it forces one player to pay for everyone.
    The Fall of Gil-Galad: It is undeniable that reducing your threat by as much as a hero's initial threat is strong, but you are limited to 1 copy, so it is inconsistent, and you NEED to kill a hero for it to work. Normally, you try to avoid that, and most people wouldn't do that just for a threat reduction. Fortune or Fate (or Landroval) can bring the hero back but that adds up to a total cost of 6. With 6 resources we can use 2x The Galadhrim's Greeting for the same or better effect for every hero except Elrond. Of course, this could be added threat reduction and if you're going to lose the hero anyway, why not benefit a bit from it. Sooo situational.
    Swift and Silent: Very comparable to Cram. They each have their pros and cons. It's hard to declare one to be better than the other. Great example of horizontal growth, but makes the card seem unimpressive since we already have a similar card.
    Much of this can be disappointing at first, but I thinks it's healthy for the game.
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    DurinIII reacted to Distractionbeast in Community Errata   
    It's not a project.  I just thought I'd make a separate thread for people to vent and perhaps get some interesting ideas in the process.
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    DurinIII reacted to Distractionbeast in Community Errata   
    Power in the Earth



    Cost = 2


    Attach to a location.


    Attached location does not contribute its threat to the quest.
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Community Errata   
    i think i would cry if glorfindel ever got errated - he is one of the few ways i win this game :DD
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    DurinIII reacted to Distractionbeast in Community Errata   
    Glorfindel (Spirit)
    change his ability to: 
    Forced: After Glorfindel exhausts, raise your threat by 1.
    He would still be the king of secrecy heroes, but LoV no longer makes him unstoppable.  His stats and his traits still make him extremely viable IMO.
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    DurinIII reacted to Khamul The Easterling in So...can we break Blue Mountain Trader ?   
    Sounds like what a grumpy old man says.
    Blue mountain trader costs 2 however.  So even if you do discard him and trigger horn, the players as a group are still down one resource.  He can arrange resources quite nicely on the table.  So what?  It's a nice ability but when you compare it to other cards like asfaloth, Steward of Gondor, Faramir, ect., its not amazingly powerful.  Rearranging resources does not seem super game breaking to me.  At the end of the game, in fact at the end of most planning phases, usually the player(s)
    have spent most of their resources,  I usually build my decks in a way so I don't end up saying "darnit! I have all these resources on Aragorn but none on Legolas!"  I design decks so I will be able to pay for the cards in my hand just fine.(dont we all?)  I think blue mountain trader is a handy little fellow, but rearranging resources, rearranges resources, it doesn't win the game.  
    I might be wrong though...
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    DurinIII reacted to Bullroarer Took in If you could invent just one card...   
    Arwen hero. Spirit. Forced: this heroine kicks @$$ and the controlling player wins the game.
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    DurinIII reacted to DaeMord in Infinite combo deck   
    I dont think unlimited card draw is that overpowered personally as having your entire deck in hand where as incredibly powerful and usually game wining, is still limited by resources.
    The issue with all of these combo's is at the end of the day will of the west, because so long as there are draw cards (and why wouldnt there be) and so long as there is cards to generate resources (same again why wouldnt there be) unless the cost of these is always PERFECTLY balanced so that you would always be short enough resources to continuously recycle once your deck is empty, there will always be "some way" of generating infinite resources and then doing "something" that breaks the game (empty encounter deck, proc entire scenario, kill everything in the staging area etc etc etc).
    The issue is clearly will of the west, and where as the specifics on if and how this should be modified, it seems fairly obvious to me that being able to use this card an unlimited number of times without any restriction whatsoever is what is at the very least facilitating any current, past and future truly game breaking situations.
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    DurinIII reacted to Catastrophic09 in Could we get some treasures in the barrow-downs?   
    As mentioned Boons are essentially Treasures and I wouldn't like seeing any more Treasure cards, I would much rather have cool attachments and such as real player cards to play in all quests.  A few more Boons are fine as long as they follow what we've seen from the Black Riders- titles and such.  We'll be getting Glamdring and other unique weapons/armor as Boons and that's a bit sad since we can't use those in outside quests but for such specific items I guess they're fine as Boons.
    Ultimately I want more normal player cards of weapons and armor especially in other spheres! Let's see more Ranger Bow cards! 
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    DurinIII reacted to Gizlivadi in Could we get some treasures in the barrow-downs?   
    I agree. If it were me designing the game, I would either just not make treasures and boons at all (well, except for character traits like Valiant Warrior and such), and make them all player attachments, or I would make more and more treasures and boons, include them in more products (maybe even each AP comes with a treasure) and devise a way to use them in general, in other quests, and with a requisite (finishing X quest, but then you can use it in the rest of the cycle, or whatever). It's this middle ground of "It's like a player card, but it isn't!" that I hate.
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    DurinIII got a reaction from Gizlivadi in Could we get some treasures in the barrow-downs?   
    So, I understand what they are doing wiyh treasure cards but I do not really like it. I want cards I can build into all of my decks and use during every quest, not just specific ones. What I liked about Decipher's LOTR game (among many things) was the superfluousness of items boyhood character specific and general. It seems that this game is still trying to figure out just how to go about the mechanics of some items: do we make them quest specific treasure items or all the time items. Just make the items and allow the players to play or not play them.
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    DurinIII reacted to Cunir in Could we get some treasures in the barrow-downs?   
    I was just reading through an old news post about the Black Riders [http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4209] and there is a little line in there which hints that we might be getting some more treasure cards in the future...
    "We decided, for now, to let Treasure cards remain a special feature of The Hobbit boxes and come up with something new for The Lord of the Rings" (that bit that says "for now")
    I didnt mind the way they did the treasures in the hobbit boxes, but i always thought it was a bit of a shame that you couldnt use them on more quests. If you went to all that trouble of winning them, then you want to get some use out of them.
    And now I'm thinking that this new barrow downs quest they've mentioned is a great place for them to give us some treasures. Im a bit rusty with the books, but didnt they pick up all their weapons in the barrow downs?
    That would be great place for some treasure cards because its still very early in the saga, and they will be worth winning because we can still use them for tonnes of quests
    The other obvious place for treasures is lothlorien, where they get given some presents by galadriel. That will be early enough in the saga to get some use out of them as well.
    I think the treasures cards could work quite well in the saga, much better than they did in the hobbit boxes, because the campaign is so much longer
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    DurinIII reacted to richsabre in Could we get some treasures in the barrow-downs?   
    great idea
    yes, the hobbits were given their swords by bombadil after he got rid of the wights, other places that come to mind is moria (there has to be some cool artifcacts hidden down there), lothlorien as you say, oh, and perhaps places where there are armouries... like helms deep, minas tirith.
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    DurinIII reacted to Gizlivadi in Full Dunland Trap spoilers!   
    Btw, the Ithilien lookout has incredibly good art. I love the colors.
    But I must say the art of the Fall of Gil-Galad is a big disappointment... I was, strangely enough, gladly expecting a Magali, a very epic art of the battle itself or something like that. And we got just a stylized picture on a wall. Quite meh IMO, even though the picture itself alone is not bad, but definately not deserving of being on that card.
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Full Dunland Trap spoilers!   
    The idea of Secrecy has intrigued me a lot but definitely needed more fleshing out. I'm excited to see a bunch more secrecy cards. If they continue to be cheap and help with action advantage, then 2-hero secrecy decks will become more viable. Fall of Gil Galad + Fortunate or Fate can be useful when you only have 2 heroes and need to keep your threat low.
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    DurinIII reacted to OnkelZorni in Full Dunland Trap spoilers!   
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    DurinIII reacted to Teamjimby in Collecting 3 of copies of each card from the Core Set   
    I would encourage you to not buy extra copies.  If you are going to play with more than 2 people, then obviously get an extra set.  Otherwise, having extra copies of all the powerful cards like Unexpected Courage only restricts your deck building.  You will find that half of your deck is comprised of those same powerful cards that you would include in every deck.  If you only buy one core set, you have to fill in a lot more cards and it lets you use a wider variety of cards.
    If this was a competitive game you would have to buy 3 sets.  The beauty of the co-op aspect is that having only 1 set just makes the game a little more challenging, which is a good thing.
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    LoTR has the slowest card pool growth of any of the LCGs, and not a little slower.. it is amazingly slow.
    Lets look the other LCGs.
    each pack has 20 cards in a set of 3... so a single cycle == 120 cards.
    Each Deluxe has has around 50-60 cards in sets of 3. Lets say 55
    LoTR on the other hand gets.. 9 cards + a hero. each pack. So in a cycle we get 54 + 6 heroes.. 1/2 as much... and the LoTR Deluxe expansions get 10-13 cards... + 4 heroes... so lets say 15..
    So... We have had 3 cycles and 3 deluxe + 3 Deluxe expansions... this is roughly 270 . Any other LCG would have roughly 690.
    270 vs 690.
    So I am calling the exact opposite. I want mass player card expansions.. nothing but player cards.. more cards, more cards, MORE CARDS.
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    DurinIII reacted to joezim007 in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    In theory I love that they are making all these quests linked and expanding on one campaign, but I never have the time to play more than 2 games at once, so this has no real effect on me. If I played the game a lot more, then I'd have more chance to try all the quests, so I think I'd be more excited for new quests, but I have yet to play more than 2/3 of the quests so far.
    In all honesty, I'd be ok with not getting ANY more cards for a while because there are still so many decks and quests I want to try but will never get around to. The biggest reason I get excited about new cards is simply because they spoil them.
    I understand that comparitively I'm a casual gamer and FFG can't cater to people like me if they want to stay in business, and Caleb and co. would be sitting around doing nothing if they didn't keep releasing new content.
    Anyway, I guess I don't have a real good point to this post... just throwing out my thoughts. Continue with your discussions.
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    DurinIII reacted to booored in Am I the Only Person Excited about the Barrow Downs?   
    hehe, the stars are aligning for me in this post!
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