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    DurinIII got a reaction from rdw5150 in Newbie wins first game   
    The simplest way to deal with the Hill Troll with core set cards is to throw a forest snare on him.
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    DurinIII reacted to Vixen Icaza in Difficulty Question   
    First off characters, we used the warrior priest (WP) and Waywatcher (WW) first successful time.
    Plan each turn carefully and preferably a turn ahead. If you know Grump is going to drop in 2 turns you should have the WP ready with 2 success, empowered and another action to tap for when he lands.
    Use the WW to keep or move things into the shadows. Anything bar bats in the shadows dissappear when you travel so WW rest that Orc Boy into there or tap that rat swarm that is already there with WW explore.
    Finally Explore, Explore, Explore. Exploration is the key to winning the first quest. You should be traveling turn 2 at the latest, and with luck have traveled twice at the end of turn 3 (from killing Grump and adding his 4 explore tokens).
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    DurinIII got a reaction from TragicTheBlathering in State of the Game?   
    Just saying hey to you guys! I too, like Tragic have been away for awhile. Still play at least one game solo every morning.
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    DurinIII reacted to Raven1015 in Where to next? 2015 edition   
    Hold on guys, we seriously need to travel to a location with the Bathroom trait before those time counters run out...
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    DurinIII reacted to Authraw in Where to next? 2015 edition   
    I want to see Dale and the Iron Hills.
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    DurinIII reacted to alexbobspoons in Where to next? 2015 edition   
    This is a great great idea! Loads of scope with it. Kitchens, halls, armoury, dungeon, torture chamber, halls, secret passages, bedrooms, stables, council chambers.... so much scope!!! Please drag take this idea on.
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    DurinIII reacted to JohnGarrison1870 in Where to next? 2015 edition   
    That would be neat. I have often thought it'd be interesting to see a reskinning of this game system with an exploratory RPG theme. Treacheries could be dungeon traps, alarms, or other events, and a greater emphasis on stealth or at least threat reduction would be important. It would definitely need some way to feel like you're making progress beetween adventures, like the saga mechanics. The encounter deck and the way it is revealed may need modification though.
    Anyway, I'm threatening to get this thread off topic. Sorry.
    It would be interesting to see an expansion deal with Mordor more directly. After all, it took many years to build Barad-dur, breed armies of orcs, etc. Some quests could involve recon missions to check on various signs of activity, steal certain resources to slow the enemy, rescue prisoners, etc.
    But yeah, a Harad theme seems most likely, and I would welcome that eagerly.
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    DurinIII reacted to Lecitadin in Where to next? 2015 edition   
    I wish they could make one quest during which the player(s) would actually go inside a castle or palace, etc., with all inetrior locations. It could be a nice change, with some locations like a diner hall or a bed room  that allow you to heal some dammage or get or exchange some equipements (like allowing you to take back from your discard pile a restricted item).
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    DurinIII reacted to Lecitadin in Solo deck to beat Escape from Dol Guldur   
    I did win this quest solo with a Lore mono sphere deck.
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    DurinIII reacted to Virani in New packaging?   
    Wow. That is a very big disappointment for me.. 
    One of the things I appreciated very much from FFG was their consistency, but this is a big letdown.
    I have the adventure packs I have yet to play standing all together, and it looks really good together.
    But now there are some plastic packs in the middle, which don't fit with the rest. 
    Not even mentioning the fact I now have to cut or use a scissor to open a package of cards, that doesn't feel very comforting. 

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    DurinIII reacted to chuckles in The newbies first experience   
    "...It's brutal, and in my opinion, should not have been included in the Core set… good luck!" 
    But then Glaurung may have never played beyond the core set... and think of all the cool video's we'd be missing out on!
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    DurinIII reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in The newbies first experience   
    Oh, Dol Guldur is like Anduin x10, man. It's doable in multiplayer, but in single... good luck.
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    DurinIII reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in The newbies first experience   
    2 stewards at the same time? That some real business going on!
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    DurinIII reacted to Khamul The Easterling in The newbies first experience   
    haha...Journey Down the Anduin will be a entirely new challenge and surprise...
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    DurinIII reacted to player1761766 in The newbies first experience   
    It's always great to hear of new peoples' experiences with the game - really pleased you had fun with it! 
    I'd just like to second everyone else who has been warning against the difficulty of some of the later quests. I've been playing this solo for years, but being primarily a theme player, still regularly fail to complete quests. Don't let it discourage you! They may be awfully hard, but they're usually fantastic for having epic storytelling moments!
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    DurinIII reacted to Bullroarer Took in The newbies first experience   
    Don't try to play mono-tactics.
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    DurinIII reacted to Chris51261 in Am I doing something wrong..?   
    Also since I haven't see anybody say it yet: stop playing with the preconstructed decks. Those are the absoloute worst. You picked probably the only one that even functions at all, but even then it's just awful. Throw together your own deck with two spheres, or look up a deck online that uses one core set, or even send me a message if you haven't returned the game and I'll make you one. I question why they even put the preconstructed decks in there, since it's basically "every card of a certain sphere and Gandalf."
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    DurinIII reacted to SauronTheGreat in Am I doing something wrong..?   
    yah!  didn't think of that!  Kudos to Chris!  a good percentage of the fun in this game is deck building.  thats were much of the lore and theme appear.  you can piece together a deck with a dwarf theme, an elf theme ect...  for example, the new saga quest, you can play with the fellowship.  If you get two buds, the three of you can have all 9 members.
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    DurinIII reacted to Brian_66 in Am I doing something wrong..?   
    Hang in there and don't give up. This game took a few tries for it to really sink in for me. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos to see how other players tackled these scenarios.
    Anyway, I too am a fairly new player and now absolutely love this game. I have been playing solo every quest for the past 10 months and have worked my way up to the Heirs of Numenor.
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    DurinIII reacted to SauronTheGreat in Am I doing something wrong..?   
    I think you ought to give the game another chance.  the game is somewhat combat focused, but you do get some of what you were talking about.  the theme is also great in some quests.  I would go check out a video by glaurung or something if your having trouble cause you may not be playing it right.
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    DurinIII reacted to Gizlivadi in Am I doing something wrong..?   
    Wow, so you only played 1 game and already decided to return it? That's pretty lame.
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    DurinIII reacted to TragicTheBlathering in State of the Game?   
    @Glaurung - hey dude, cool to see you are still around!
    Are the quests worth playing in there vanilla state now, or should we still just wait for the nightmare packs?
    Also I was kinda worried at how fast nightmare was coming out... do the current nightmares stack up to the player decks? It seams that the nightmare packs are coming out so fast there is no real time for the player decks to get a lot stronger.
    @Gizlivadi - That is cool. I think that the more "story telling" quest are by far my favorite.
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    DurinIII reacted to Tracker1 in Why so few hero's that can fill Glorfindels shoes.   
    I think your absolutely right, i use him a lot in my solo decks, because he brings so much to the table. 5 threat, 3 will, 3 attack, 1 def, 5 HP. LoV for questing and then Attacking. Spirit sphere has a ton of important cancelation and threat reducing cards, including a 0 cost 3 threat reduction that pairs with him. He's also got asfalof, to place 2 progress, and can use Rivindell blades. That's just a few things that make him so awesome. He can fit into just about any deck type and make it better.
    I use him a lot, and I will continue to do so, because he is often the best solution for many decks. I sure as heck would love more options that could rival him, but the main problem I think the designers face when introducing heroes with very good stats and low threat is that they can be paired together. Imagine if you could have 3 comparable heroes and start at 15 threat.
    My thought is the designers need to get creative in finding ways to create a few more low threat heroes like this, but come up with ways to restrict paring them all together. Mirlonde is a perfect example.
    When Idraen first came out I balked at her high threat. I suggested that her card would have been even more playable if she had an additional ability along the lines of: if you control any heroes with 9 or less threat she is 11 threat, otherwise her threat is 5 or something like this. It could make sense thematically too. With high threat heroes she can make them more elusive, and with low threat heroes she needs to be more threatening to protect them.
    So , in this case you could pair her with Aragorn and Beravor and start at 27 threat, but if you paired her with two 6 threat hobbits threat would be 23, and put the kabosh on paring her with Glorfindel. This would give her a lot more deck building options, since for now I can't build a deck with her without spirit Glorfindel in it, and I tried the dunedain build, but 33 threat is a bit much.
    Another way to do this is to scale threat by trait, and like we saw with Mirlonde sphere. By trait would be cool, like if you control all ranger heroes, said hero's threat is 6 or whatever. Or, said heroes threat is 12 if you control a noldor hero, and 4 if you don't. Maybe mimicking some hero that has bad relationship with Noldor.
    Anyway, the game is in need of some heroes that shake up the regular stat distribution that we see, since many are leaning toward the high end of the threat value, which is making it difficult not to include Glorfindel when building with these new heroes at least for solo. I mean Gandalf threat 14, for me that pretty much screams here's Glorfindel to the rescue.
    On another note, new Haldir hero with 9 threat is very satisfying.
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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in Another Open Letter to FFG   
    I don't think it is pointless. It's something we've gone over several times in the past but FFG may be waiting for "sufficient interest".
    I don't think there's much to say on the matter though - we can periodically ask, and then just wait and see.
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    DurinIII reacted to Rapier1 in Another Open Letter to FFG   
    I agree they should sell this.
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