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  1. Hey all. Geeezzzz...I really wasn't trying to throw anyone off, but I see now that I should have added a little more clarification to my thread title. For that I apologize. I was just curious because I have been away from the game for a few sets now.
  2. Hey guys. I am curious if anyone has heard any roumors about when a return of the king set will release.
  3. The simplest way to deal with the Hill Troll with core set cards is to throw a forest snare on him.
  4. Congrats on winning your first quest. I have very fond memories of winning against Mirkwood when I first bought the core set when it came out years ago. It's a great game though I haven't played since last year. I did however just pick up a second core set box loaded with cards from several expansions for $20 at a local used book store. Maybe I'll play again soon. Happy questing!
  5. Anybody heard any news about expansions for this game? I am really hoping some come out!
  6. You should definitely get this game. It's so fun...and insanely difficult!
  7. Hey John, Though we are aware we can simply continue on to the next quest, we really want to beat the first one before we do. We'll probably give it a few more tries and if we don't win start the second quest. I assumed the game just gets harder as it goes along...is that not necessarily true? Thanks for responding!
  8. Hey Vixen, Thanks for the tips! All solid advice. We tried again and it came down to two explore rolls(one for the WW and one for the IB) and we rolled only one success out of 4 dice. Sad day. We needed 2 successes to win. Is it imperative that we kill Grump at least once? Cause we generally just leave him in play once he spawns the first time...which means he wounds us alot...but he's hard to kill!
  9. Hello all, My wife and I have played 6 games so far, all the first quest and we CANNOT win. We always find ourselves under the same amount of pressure once in the last location. We are beginning to think the game just comes down the lucky dice rolls and how many bad cards happen to comprise the dungeon deck that game. We love the game but we want to win occasionally! I mean this game is harder than LOTR LCG and that's often not an easy game! So, for those of you who have beaten the first quest, how did you manage to do it? Thanks for the help!
  10. Nice review! I am getting my copy on Christmas day (its already wrapped). I can't wait!
  11. Yeah SaurontheGreat. I left the game for about 6 months. Recently pulled my collection back out. I am behind 2 sagas and about 10 adventure packs. I need to drop about $200 right now to catch back up. I don't have the money to spend all at once so I will try to slowly build it back up. It is a discouragement though to feel so far behind. Love this game though...my favorite of all time. Will still be playing it long after the sets stop coming out.
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