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  1. I am running this system in a Fantasy game (thought it is not all publicly available). It took a lot of work to iron out the kinks, but my players are really enjoying it.
  2. 2014.11.04 v0.1.15.0 You can now create Customized Vehicles from a Vehicle Archetype (found in Content) You can now change the Characteristic used for a Skill using Mechanical Bonuses The XP Cost of a Power Tree’s basic power can now be edited Mechanical Bonuses from the basic power of a Power Tree will now be calculated on Characters Improved the search for Talents Fixed a bug that was removing attachments from non-custom gear in a Character’s inventory A lot of design improvements
  3. Just so I'm understanding you, in combat do you allow retries of Force Powers like influence and move if they fail on a target? Or are you only talking about out of combat? Yes, out of combat... I'm not about to say that if you missed your Melee check, you cannot hit that enemy, ever!
  4. I would change your suggestion slightly, because say a Force power originally targets another character (say that lowly non-Force-sensitive scoundrel in the corner), the Force user makes his check and rolls enough Force points to add additional targets so he tries to hit you, the Force user who is resisting the Force. You can't retroactively remove those Force dice, you are simply collateral damage. Resist the Force--Ongoing effect: Commit a number of Force dice no greater than Force rating (or half or whatever). A Force user requires 1 additional Force point per Force die committed to Resist the Force to target you with a Force power.
  5. "Do or do not. There is no try." Unless circumstances change. One and only one check. Also, I had to quote Yoda... I just had to. Attempting a check multiple times takes away from the drama and if the plot hangs on the check, the GM needs to work harder.
  6. I like where this is going. It's draining and costly, but it give you a chance to stretch your Force powers a little. It would also be likely that if you are doing this, you don't have a massive Force rating to begin with so I don't imagine this would be game breaking. Maybe you also gain double conflict if you do this for dark side powers... you know, for being power hungry and greedy and all that!
  7. 2014.10.17 v0.1.13.2 You can now hide individual upgrade within a power tree (for example the Heal/Harm tree) Redesign of many of the content search/edit panes Fixed a bug that would not always reset the list of starting specializations
  8. I've added a new content pack with a lot of the FaD content. It isn't quite everything but it will get you started.
  9. I'm glad you figured it out! I should be posting a new version of the content next week. It will have a lot of stuff from Force and Destiny (but of course the rules text will be stripped out).
  10. Minor, but important update for FaD players. 2014.10.10 v0.1.13.1 Added base power rating checkbox to the Career content editor to support Force and Destiny Careers
  11. New update... with ships! 2014.10.02 v0.1.13.0 You can now create modify and save Vehicle Archetypes -- Vehicle Archetypes are meant to represent basic ships that have not yet been modified or customized Fixed a bug that would sometimes not update the Earned XP textbox on the Character -> Attributes pane when switching between characters
  12. This situation starts happening when you start rolling checks like a D&D game. Rather than rolling a pass fail check, you should be rolling for intent which plays much better with a narrative RPG like EotE. First, you need to decide if there is any consequence for failure. If the answer is no, skip the roll and move on with the story. If there is a consequence for failure, figure out what the intent is. My favorite example is "I want to unlock this door before the guards arrive." Great! Now we have an intent that is not simply "I want to unlock this door" which really doesn't progress our narrative at all. Failure is no longer the door is still locked, maybe failure means you unlock the door, but the guards show up just as you turn the nob and combat ensues or the escape continues. Maybe, you have a lot of advantage, so the door is still locked, but you notice a fire escape on the side. Maybe the door opens and there is another patrol of guard on the other side or an alarm goes off forcing your party to run. These are all a lot more interesting than "you fail, the door remains locked." So keep intent in mind and roll intent rather than rolling for pass/fail binary results. Once your players get it down, your game will be much more engrossing and satisfying!
  13. Thank you OggDude, it really means a lot to me. I have much the same feeling as OggDude about him as he does about me. We are not in competition in any way. This isn't for profit. We do this, because we love these games and we love to share them with others. Our apps are also very different and I would guess they also appeal to different segments of the gaming population. I've heard of some groups even using both! I hope that OggDude continues his work for a very long time to support those who are enjoying his builder and I intend on doing the same. Thank you again OggDude, and also thank you to everyone using my builder and OggDudes for their games. You have help build this great community of gamers both here and on the d20 Radio forums. -JRR
  14. I don't know why you felt it necessary to post this, but I will respond politely and explain the lack of activity on this thread. A few months ago I starting dealing with some very difficult situations in my personal life and let the project go for a while. I have recently gotten back to a more normal situation and started updating again. If you follow the thread, and especially the thread on the d20 radio forums, you will see how I tend to operate. I update as I see the need. If no one is interested, that's OK. I built this for my group and decided to share it for free. You are more than welcome to use it. Thank you for understanding, -JRR
  15. 2014.10.02 v0.1.12.2 Fixed a bug that would sometimes remove the wrong Talent when unchecking one with the same name from the Character -> Specialization pane Fixed a bug that would sometimes remove the wrong Signature Ability Upgrade when unchecking one with the same name from the Character -> Specialization pane Fixed a bug that would sometimes remove the wrong Power Upgrade when unchecking one with the same name from the Character -> Power Tree pane Morality now defaults to a rating of 50 Some design changes, as per usual
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