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  1. Yup, there's quite a few.
  2. Oh, I like this idea. I feel some strong Silent Hill vibes here. It could be named Mansions of Madness: Frailty of Flesh.
  3. Among the thing you mentioned I think power creep is the worst. I'd rather have half as many investigators, but for them to be at least somewhat balanced.
  4. The only thing available for migration to second edition are figures. POD expansions didn't have any figures.
  5. You're not alone with this opinion and I'm sure FFG also thought about it. We can only hope that someone in management eventually decides that it's financially a good idea. Unfortunately, I think it's much more likely that we'll only get AH3ed expansions and nothing new for EH.
  6. I suppose Yig would be the fastest, but he's also brutal. Prepare whatever you can in advance. Have people select their investigators and the Ancient One before the game night so you can find the starting possessions and prepare the Mythos deck.
  7. Stupid but, oh, how funny when you consider that they stopped reprinting that best selling game with gazillion expansions for this. <salt>Unlike some others, I never had problems with the "delay" mechanism in EH and AH2ed because I still had my encounter. Sure in EH the encounter could be a Combat Encounter but that was quite often an interesting activity on its own, and if you defeated the monsters you would get a regular encounter too. In AH3ed if there's a monster on your space during the encounter phase you get nothing. Zilch. Tumbleweeds rolling. If I can't kill a monster then I get no encounters for a few turns in a row. I can't effectively solo this game and I can't choose any investigator I want as roles are really important here. So I hope that AH3ed proves unpopular enough for FFG to return to reprinting AH2ed and/or release some new material for EH. And to think I bought AH3ed for my birthday present...</salt>
  8. You must have miscopied, this link leads here, to this thread. I think this is the thread you're referring too. I'm positive that someone has this expansion. @Julia does sound like a good first call.
  9. Welcome to the internet, Steven. If you're asking someone here to help, it's a very good idea to provide the links of resources you're referring to. Why do you want someone (probably multiple people) to spend time to search for a thing when you already have it opened on your browser? I can open it for you and upload a zipped version, if you provide the link to the file. If you don't know the reason, then maybe I would be able to download it, if you provide the link to the file. For some reason the google wasn't able to guess that this is a typo and barely returned any results when I searched for "Masks Of Nyarlathotep By Orendil". I found out the correct spelling by chance. For other readers, here's the expansion in question. But I failed to find any download links in that thread.
  10. Whoah. Isn't this scam? Maybe you could warn us which company should we avoid.
  11. As far as I know losing isn't the same as spending, so Leo won't be able to utilize "Get to Work" against Nyarlathotep.
  12. I sure would like to but there's quite a lot of good shows and not much free time in my schedule. I estimate that I will find time for this one around 2025.
  13. Up to this point I've managed to avoid Stranger Things spoilers by not visiting any corner of the internet related to that series. At least it doesn't sound like a major plotpoint.
  14. You discard that (the Corruption condition) instead (of gaining a Boon condition). Yes, but what happens to the Boon condition? Does Father Mateo get to keep it? I'm sorry but we both screwed up. I haven't bothered to check Father's Mateo actual wording and you haven't bothered to post it with your question. For the clarity, here it is: While I can answer questions for any other expansion with 99,5% accuracy, Masks of Nyarlathotep is different. It doesn't stick to the original wording templates and instead uses a more natural language a lot. Read "natural" as "ambiguous". For moving things around we have two established keywords, "gain" and "trade". But Father Mateo uses an unprecedented word "give". If "give"'ing has the other investigator "gain" the Boon condition then it's discarded together with the Corrupted condition. But if "give"'ing means "trade"'ing the Boon condition to the other investigator, then the other investigator would end up with both conditions. Both interpretations seem fine to me but I would choose the "discard both" as the other one would leave the game in a somewhat confusing state. There's also the possible interpretation that Father Mateo keeps his Boon condition while the Corrupted condition is discarded. While the text can be understood this way, this variant would be demented by any official ruling as it's not only confusing but it would also upset the game balance significantly.
  15. I humbly ask other visitors of this thread to not feed the troll.
  16. You discard that (the Corruption condition) instead (of gaining a Boon condition).
  17. While this is true for most archive cards there are few of them that need to be indistinguishable, I hope this one is not one of those. If it is, Asmodee Customer Service will become an option worth considering. I'm only against hasty advising to ask for a replacement without even examining other options. I know of several events when a great policy was downsized to a not-so-great policy due to being abused by customers.
  18. Asmodee Parts Request is for defective games. Abusing it for parts lost by a player is likely to eventually lead to a less friendly replacement policy. This would harm players who actually had defective components in a box (happened two times to me). Watashi86 I can scan you that card but not today as I don't have a scanner at my house.
  19. For comparison, I had no problems with receiving the book BUT up to the last moment the shop didn't know if they will receive any.
  20. I guess the "Stamina" was supposed to be "Sanity". Amazing job, nonetheless.
  21. I already know that this character is Ashcan Pete, but can he be seen anywhere. Or, at maybe there's at least a transcript of his abilities and possessions somewhere? So far my google-fu has failed me here.
  22. As far as I know this one is inspired by Randall Flagg and some other characters and myths. You could decide that he's a Nyarlathotep mask in your own content, but saying that he's a mask in the Witcher is quite a stretch. I would call that an even bigger stretch. Why do you think it's Nyarlathotep and not another, existing or new, entity? I'm not saying it certainly isn't. I'm saying I haven't seen any evidence that would support such notion.
  23. I'm not sure which cards do you have on your mind but Eldritch Horror Wiki has comprehensive lists for most of the decks.
  24. I would rather see no new board elements and just more new scenarios with their paraphernalia. And a tiny bit of additional cards for the existing decks. At most 6 new cards per existing deck (because 6 players) but 3-4 card would be optimal.
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