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  1. There are several ways. This was my first idea but the links aren't working. You could even make proxies with a pen and paper, it all depends how good do you need them to look. Which expansions do you have?
  2. This is an error. The question is what kind of error. If you could post a photo of the encounter card in question, everything should become clear. Alternatively you could post the full text of that encounter and tell from which expansion is that card but I suppose photo will be easier to make.
  3. I've seen the announcement and I still was confused. "today Innsmouth finally gets Released" "That was fast fast" I thought.
  4. The molds they used for the figures were broken or something. They may revisit this products in a new form but I wouldn't count on it anytime soon.
  5. I think the idea was that Final Hour would replace Elder Sign as the 'light' entry in the Arkham Files line. Unfortunately, that game is pretty terrible (IMHO, of course). Even if Final Hour would be good, "light" isn't a genre. I'm one of these people who would argue that AH3ed is so different form AH2ed that it should be marketed as a new game rather than new edition. Still, they share a fair number of similarities among their mechanics. Just like Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror. It's reasonable to consider any of these three games an alternative for another. But Final Hour gameplay is so removed from Elder Sign that it's preposterous to consider it a replacement. Yet, I'm pretty certain you're right and that's what happened.
  6. Ah, it's a shame. They could still milk it, there's no replacement for this line.
  7. There is a "Customer Service" link on the main page of the official site. For this type of request it's more suitable than forum.
  8. Well, if the game tells you to do something you do it, as long as you're able. I don't think there's a more specific ruling for this. Finn's ability doesn't protect you from all discards, just from some of those. This post or this one give might help you.
  9. Investigators, Items, Spells, Allies. That would be pretty close to a definitive list of universal components.
  10. A specific wording is important. If the effect just says "Discard 1 asset" you would have to discard something if able, and you are able to discard the Task. But I failed to find such plain discard, so I suspect the wording of your effect could be different.
  11. Has it been officially stated? They already surprised us once in the past. For comparison, it has been officially confirmed that Eldritch Horror is done for.
  12. You can't use the same action twice in the same turn. This rule isn't specific to components in any way. In general you can use the same component as many times as you like in a turn, for example by using a "Gain +1 Strength" effect. I think a clarification is in place of what constitutes a "same action". Each instance counts as separate action even if it has an identical text. If you have an Enchanted Bow and Monster Hunter, you can perform action from both of these assets in one turn. If you have two Old Journals, you can also perform action from both of these assets in one turn. And if, theoretically, a card would have the same action printed twice then you could also perform both of these actions in one turn.
  13. If you need a specific card and it isn't available you can't gain it. That's what's written in the rules. You could houserule a specific replacement but I doubt it would be worth it for this rare occurrence. As a sidenote: With 1 or 2 expansions it becomes impossible to ran out of Debts.
  14. They stated that the era of pushing expansions in rapid succession is mainly gone. We have waited quite long for the first expansion, we'll probably have to wait long for the second.
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