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  1. tsuma534

    Our Verdict

    Paraphrasing for clarity: Yes. Ok, so which is it?
  2. tsuma534

    Arkham Horror 3rd? Why?

    3ed edition is different enough to have either or both, whichever you like. It doesn't obsolete 2ed in any way, other than FFG ceasing to reprint it. But that's only dictated by capricious gods of marketing, not for gameplay reasons.
  3. tsuma534

    Rules questions

    No, he can't. Those clues weren't gained "during" a Research Encounter. Yes, they can. There's no such limit unless a task specifically mentions it. Some do. Sealing the Old Ones doesn't.
  4. tsuma534

    Some questions

    Unless there's an error in the wiki only those monsters count. "When you discard a Monster as part of your action ability (...)".
  5. tsuma534

    Some questions

    One encounter per monster. She really discards all (non-Epic) monsters in her location. Quite a lot of effects cares about whether monsters are defeated ("killed") which Diana's ability doesn't do, so try to not mix those things with each other.
  6. tsuma534

    New FAQ document

    Omens of the Pharaoh heading bears the same error. There may be some others but I don't really have energy to proofread this.
  7. tsuma534

    New FAQ document

    It's nothing big but it's funny to find an error in the errata.
  8. tsuma534

    out of stock?!?!?!

    This is what you are looking for. One expansion at the printer, two awaiting reprint. Anyway, as long as it's selling FFG will be reprinting it.
  9. tsuma534

    Unless keyword

    The problem lies here: Your example is one of many situations which have proven that this rule wasn't worded clearly enough. Thus, it was corrected in the errata. This is the revised wording: If you have an Amnesia Condition you cannot choose to gain another Amnesia Condition and you can't satisfy the "unless you gain an an Amnesia Condition" clause.
  10. Oh? Silly me, I haven't bothered to check. That's great to know!
  11. I didn't know that. But some digging found a tweet that said she had designed something that would probably come out Q4 2018 for FFG so maybe (probably not), just maybe, there's one more there. I think that product is much more likely to be another big box for Mansions of Madness.
  12. tsuma534

    Still Playing this Game!

    That would be Eric M. Lang. He has quite a reputation as a designer. One of his recent games "Blood Rage" seems to be universally praised. Maybe you would like that one too? Here you can find a list of games Eric has contributed to, sorted by their rank on BGG.
  13. tsuma534

    Sanctum of Twilight: Got it!

    What?! Thanks for the heads up. I would be slightly irritated to learn this after the purchase. I hope they saved a substantial amount of money on this. I wouldn't want to be this disappointed just for a few pennies.
  14. tsuma534

    Mansions of Madness: The Video Game....

    It all depends on who was assigned to Fantasy Flight Interactive. It's all Asmodee after all. Edit: Wow, three "all"'s in one line.
  15. tsuma534

    Mansions of Madness: The Video Game....

    Point'n'click is indeed one of prominent types of adventure games but certainly not the only one. Is anyone else puzzled why this isn't developed by Fantasy Flight Interactive? If FFI isn't there to make digital games tied to FFG then why even create another digital department? Asmodee Digital could develop the digital LOTR card game as well. I wouldn't be surprised if buying Mother's Embrace would unlock additional scenario in the regular Mansions of Madness (might be named "Mother's Embrace" as well).