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  1. A spent Clue is discarded. It doesn't go back to the Clue pool until that pool is empty. All kinds of double-sided cards are shuffled back to their respective deck at the moment they are discarded.
  2. Similarly to when you need a second set of player cards for AHLCG and would prefer not to pay for redundant encounter cards? Yes, it certainly would be nice.
  3. The developer, Lucky Hammers, went down. Here's the relevant news.
  4. Posted in wrong thread by accident. Please ignore this post.
  5. I can at least help with this one. Here's the Arkham Horror Second Edition forum. It's still available, it's just been moved to the archive. I'm sure at least some of the fans have it subscribed, so maybe you'll find what you're looking for there. Edit 1: Of course, there's also the BGG forum which definitely is active. Edit 2: Ok, I googled it. Arkham Horror League Season 1 Arkham Horror League Season 2
  6. It's not (...) Ok, my guess "It's about the money" is as good as yours "It's not" but I'm not sure if you really disagree with me. It's cheap. It saves money. Selling the same thing again is one of the well-established ways to make more money while spending less money. While it is possible that it was done out of (for example) spite, I think it's more likely that someone decided that it will be more profitable to cancel that products. Maybe that person was wrong but I'm willing to bet my own money that the money was a sole criterion for this decision. Ok, now you're saying it yourself. Money.
  7. It's more like more money / less money thing.
  8. Only the figures and map tiles from 1st edition can be used with 2nd edition. The expansions you mentioned don't contain any figures or map tiles.
  9. Yes. She starts the game with one of those.
  10. I doubt original Elder Sign would feel any different for you.
  11. The thing is, in the system used Special Asset doesn't necessarily use the word "gain". It may be "The SCARLET WITCH joins you" or even "The SCARLET WITCH becomes your follower". Although it's been some time since I played, I remember they do make a use of it to deliver more thematic encounters. For Special cards and Conditions, the funny font is the qualifier, there's no keyword. In contrast, if you see something along the lines of "Carl Sanford joins you in your journey to historical society" - a unique name but written in regular font, then it's just for flavor. And other decks do use the word "gain".
  12. Take note on the font that "Daniel Chesterfield" was printed with. When you see such font, then it's a card from either the Special deck or the Condition deck (which are more or less a single deck in this game). This is stated in the rulebook but I can't check the page now.
  13. It might be a good idea to reach out to their customer service with this question.
  14. Yup, there's quite a few.
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