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  1. I'm also both a Linux fan and Mansions fan. It would be very nice to have these two things go smoothly together.
  2. Both these monsters look very nice. I wonder what they are.
  3. As you haven't used a private message I believe I can throw my three pennies in. EH's difficulty also changes with investigator number but the game has many built-in ways of customizing the difficulty so you can easily tune it to your needs. While I agree with Julia that random components have a substantial impact on the outcome of Eldritch Horror, I disagree that it's much bigger than in Arkham. One example: Rumor cards have a big impact in both games, but in AH you encounter them completely at random, while in EH you approximately know when and how many Rumors will appear. Go on and try a few games. I wonder what would another long-time AH player think about EH. I also wonder what kind of rules answers you have for us. One could think that the Ultimate FAQ answers everything but I guess it would be naive to think so.
  4. There is no "Wisdom" skill in this game. "Lore" most of the time means "Arcane knowledge" and "Mythos Knowledge". Vincent is a doctor, he has medical knowledge, not arcane. Most situations which require the character to be wise use the "Observation" skill or the "Influence" skill.
  5. Detained is no different from other possible restrictions like not being able to perform Rest Action on a space with Monster. If you get rid of the Monster (or move elsewhere) with your first action, then you can perform your second action as normal. (honoring other restrictions if any) If you get rid of the Detained with your first action, then you can perform your second action as normal. (honoring other restrictions if any)
  6. Most items have their properties printed on the card itself. Shotgun, Whiskey, etc. But some items may have different effects in different scenarios. For example a journal or a diary. Rather than include 10 different versions of a diary card, there is one card and the app cares which version it is. The app's "inventory" only displays the items that require the app to work.
  7. I'm 68% sure that it was clarified that's exactly how it works. They just haven't worded it this way in the rules because reasons.
  8. Being delayed only affects the Action phase. Jenny's passive ability doesn't care about the Action phase and consequently isn't affected by being delayed.
  9. If I understand correctly: Jenny Barnes is delayed and has a Debt. Another investigator wants to perform the action printed on the Debt card. In such case: Yes, another investigator is free to do it as long as they're not delayed themselves, and are in the same location as Jenny. Edit: I'm puzzled as to what the "passive" means in the "Delayed + Passive?" thread title. Is it "passive investigator" as opposed to "active investigator"? At a given moment, only the active investigator is able to performs actions. Not that it changes anything in the above matter.
  10. I'm only seeing one version of Will to Survive. Can you link me to the other?
  11. There are also 4 Artifact cards included (missing on your list).
  12. While many cards use Eldritch tokens no previous expansion contained additional Eldritch tokens beyond those we got in the core game. I doubt we need to get 8 Eldritch Tokens now. Edit: I have verified that the 8 "Mythosmarker" are indeed 8 Eldritch tokens. So after 6 expansions FFG decided that 20 Eldritch tokens might not always be enough. I think we may get some other components that use those. Assets, Spells, Artifacts and Conditions. So far, none of those used Eldritch tokens, there's a lot of design space here.
  13. The rules say: 1)Reducing monster's toughness is very different from making monster lose health. While the monster needs to be around to lose Health, it's toughness can be modified before it's spawned. An example of this situation are Cultists of Syzygy. 2) The rules don't state that the monster has to be spawned. You might have noticed that the health tokens are put on the Mystery card, not on the Monster token.
  14. The problematic part of your issue is "the Epic Monster is not in play yet". But the answer to your "does that mean i have beaten the Mystery?" question will always be "No." as reducing The Brood's toughness by 2 is not enough to defeat it. So your actual dilemma becomes irrelevant in the current version of your post.