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  1. Thanks. For some reason I haven't found those in my search queries.
  2. Andrew Fischer = Designer of Runewars Miniatures Game. Nathan Hajek = "Creative Content Developer" - no games credited yet, but he did answer rules questions about Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition). I suppose it's the same deal as with Eldritch Horror: Nathan Hajek is the actual designer and Andrew Fischer just peeks over his shoulder and provides a recognized name for the box cover.
  3. <clicks the link that leads to the form> Yes, it has been updated.
  4. Because the are no such rules.
  5. Shanghai is flooded, San Francisco is hit by an earthquake, the London is hit by V's Vendetta.
  6. Well, I never said I'm disappointed because of simple rules or lack of creative content. I don't know if you were referring to me among the others, I'm clearing this one up just in case.
  7. A very good chance I would say. Thanks! Once I 'll find time to read about the system I'll know whether I'm thrilled.
  8. @Julia I wouldn't say "absolutely disappointing" but it's certainly disappointing enough for me. Still, it has a great framework and I like to design fan content for it.
  9. Genesys? You mean Gencon? Some time ago I would be very happy with having an infinite number of expansions but the last two have disappointed me. @Meretrix Do you have some superfluous plastic stands? Or do you mean that you're tired of paying for new investigators? One goes with the other as far as I remember.
  10. Other = Other than those mentioned a moment ago in the first sentence = Other than those that had no clues and have been devoured. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Investigator has no clues = They are devoured. Investigator has at least one clue = They lose 1 Sanity or 1 Stamina.
  11. It does.
  12. It's possible. The DLC could be a rushed job.
  13. As a programmer I can attest that both of these are often true. Programming is quite an esoteric occupation. From what I know, every company no matter the size, can have troubles on the border between source code and mundane world.
  14. They do have at least some responsibility. Below I translate some of the statements from our publisher: From what I understand there are some technical differences between DLC and regular scenarios that obstruct the DLC translation. If true, this is FFG's responsibility. Adding translations to the app may be easy or not but either way it's a task that needs to be done by FFG. Not saying that there's anyone to blame but FFG definitely has influence over the delay here. There are translation possibilities other than waiting before everything is done. For example, files could be send in several installments corresponding to the areas of the game that have already been finished. It would be less convenient but it can be done. For whatever reason, sometimes the delays on the FFG side of the table can be very plain. I imagine that as a part of a huge corporation they are subject to a hefty amount of bureaucracy.
  15. He's an Ally in Elder Sign so they haven't completely forgot about him. He was always a somewhat independent character, so I think that an Ally role is the one he's going to get in other games, if any.