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  1. If a person (player) is allowed to not be fond of playing a male character, than another person (designer) should be allowed to not be fond of designing a female character. If it's sexist for a designer to design more male characters then it's also sexist for player to play more with female characters. Back in the common sense realm. I prefer to play with female characters but it's easier for me to design male characters. I suppose it's just more simple for me to imagine a realistic male character due to being male myself and having male experiences I can build on. As all sexes and genders are equally valuable to me I wouldn't think that someone might have a problem with this. I was stunned when I learned that some people actually calculate the male/female ratio in games. Most Mansions of Madness characters were designed for Arkham Horror by male designers. They could be affected by a similar phenomenon. Sexism is a discrimination on the basis of sex. Female players who don't like male characters are sexists. This of course goes other ways too. Players who are offended by a game having more male characters are sexists. This also goes other ways.
  2. Unpainted figures are included in Mansions of Madness. If you compare the prices of the "premium" figures and Mansions of Madness game you'll realize that by buying MoM you were getting the same figures cheaper with a free game attached. The difference is that the MoM figures are unpainted. But then, many miniature enthusiasts prefer to paint the figures by themselves. Those are some of the reasons why the Arkham Horror Premium Figures were a failure. A few months ago FFG got rid of the figures still left in stock in a huge sale. Think about it: FFG still had some of those figures in stock even thought they weren't restocked for years. This is just a proof how unpopular those were. MoM was their nail in the coffin - it's just more viable in almost all cases.
  3. As far as I know: Never.
  4. Like, easier than adding any number of successes to a test, taking any number of moves in a puzzle, taking any number of actions in a turn, or dealing any amount of damage to a monster? "Undo" button would be a far less effective way of cheating than the methods already at our disposal. :-)
  5. Either you have just violated an NDA or you're wasting your precognition abilities in a boardgame forum.
  6. Elder Things and Abhoth. Statistics data.
  7. The game already mentions/features at least four sunken/submerged cities and at least one continent. I don't think adding another would do any harm. The deep ones got to live somewhere, as an intelligent race they may have many cities underwater. In my secret project an encounter in the past allows one to prevent the Atlantis cataclysm and add another named City to the board this way. That's only one of many ways a "destroyed" City can still be relevant. Literature and popculture also feature several ideas in how some of the Atlanteans could survive the catastrophe. I AHF universe "sunk" doesn't necessarily mean "gone".
  8. Not much. Just like most of Eldritch Horror's content.
  9. According to the statistics data at least two other people used the "only Hard" variant. I guess you're more interested in how it went. All the reported "only Hard" games resulted in victories but this is, of course, biased.
  10. This one's easy. The latest expansion for Arkham was released in 2011 and most likely we won't get another. Eldritch will get another expansion next year and at that point both games will have the same number of expansions. After that, Eldritch is quite likely to get more expansions, but the 2018 one has some cues that make me think it may be the last one. This one's purely subjective, both games have a lot of fans. If you tell us about some other games that you like and dislike (and why) I could make an educated guess which one of those two would be more likely to entertain you. In my opinion both games have an almost identical level of realism. I think that flavor is off more often in Eldritch, Arkham gets it a bit better. At least here I can give a definitive answer. I loved Arkham Horror. But when Eldritch Horror was released the days of AH were over. For me Eldritch is a direct sequel. The designers have looked at all the mistakes made with Arkham and learned from those. Eldritch has it's own share of mistakes but it comes nowhere near to the amount of ambiguities and exceptions the AH features. To sum it up, while I think AH is a bit better thematically, EH is far superior mechanically. Unless you have an excellent memory and bookkeeping skills, I would recommend Eldritch.
  11. I suppose one of these games is Eldritch Horror. Do you mind telling us what other game are you considering?
  12. The monster spawns on a random space. Then if that monster has any "When this Monster is spawned" effects you resolve those effects. So, in your example, it would spawn on a random space and then move to area so and so.
  13. And some people are willing to share even if you don't ask, as there are templates available in the "Files" section.
  14. Here you can find some pretty solid data on that matter. Found in the "Eldritch Horror Statistics" pinned thread.
  15. Sorry, I don't really know how to format here (...) This little button wants to become your friend: Give it a chance.