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  1. Sorry, I don't really know how to format here (...) This little button wants to become your friend: Give it a chance.
  2. It's just a popular wish among some fans.
  3. Oh my... you're right! I haven't processed that bit. So it's really likely that there won't be any damned sideboards this time. I already love this expansion.
  4. No. Such things only apply if you don't choose to take them. It's just like Mark Harrigan's Delayed. "No." is the correct answer but the explanation is different. Wendy's ability is truly one-of-a-kind and unlike Mark's ability. She can choose to gain a Condition/Impairment and then still not actually gain it. She can take advantage of any "gain bad thing to obtain a good thing" effects this way while Mark can't. But when you trade anything it doesn't count as gaining that thing. That's why Wendy's ability isn't applicable here. Both of these matters were previously clarified by Nikki Valens.
  5. Official answer form Nikki Valens:
  6. That is purely subjective. Within the given criteria I believe Asmodee is quite enormous. And yet it's still owned by a bigger entity(/entities).
  7. I tried to ask FFG but the form is broken again. I'll try again in few days. Edit: Answer below.
  8. So tickets are on sale but there's still no official announcement. It puzzles me how some simple things are often delayed within FFG.
  9. Yes, they should. But again they are not. At least not in the core game rulebook. @thatguy17 Many illustrations in Elder Sign were taken out of Call of Cthulhu LCG. And each LCG card does feature an artist credit. Here's a full visual spoiler of that game. If you manage to find the art there, then you'll know for which artist's portfolio you should search. For example here's an art used for Gloria Goldberg and the Lamp of Alhazred.
  10. They definitely should have but they don't, unless I have a really bad eyesight.
  11. Incorrect post.
  12. I get it now. Thank you.
  13. Wait, which? I haven't noticed any changes there, only clarifications.
  14. Oh yeah. Let's look at this.
  15. All games are located in the same way in site's structure. Products >> Product families sorted alphabetically >> Products within a family sorted alphabetically If you're deriving game's health from alphabetic order then Arkham Horror Files is doing great. Within that Eldritch Horror is still trumped by most other games in the line but at least it's doing better than the poor Mansions of Madness.