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  1. Thank you! It's been a long time since I was that puzzled. While the QR code thingy is a nice touch, I buy all my games online. I won't have the opportunity to scan the code until the pack arrives. But I've heard that there's a great feature that's called hyperlinks. You just click one and it takes you elsewhere in the internet. And it's even faster than scanning a QR code! It would be nice if at some point such hyperlinks could be included on the product page. In other words: If cardgamedb is official, then I fail to understand why it's not linked at FFG site. Or is it? I was scouring the site for it but I could have missed it. Internet is the first place where I'm looking for the links to the internet. I guess it may be time to ask FFG what were they thinking.
  2. In the LCG format, the contents of the card packs aren't random. I was under impression that this allows me to choose which packs I would like to buy for my decks. But I can't find any card lists on the FFG site. With unknown contents, these packs might as well be random. I'm fully aware that there are fan sites gathering this data. But, from what I understand, those rely on the work of volunteers and it's not guaranteed that they will have up-to-date information. It's not even guaranteed that they won't cease to function at some point. I've seen it happen many times to various useful websites. It doesn't feel right that I need to do a web search to find contents of a nonrandom product. I'm used to finding such information on publisher's website. Is it available somewhere on the FFG or Asmodee sites?
  3. Maybe the distributor needs the information as soon as possible to be able to prepare the translation to release localized version at the same time as the original.
  4. There's a solution posted at BGG.
  5. It looks like you already know the answer. You only apply a single, highest applicable, bonus which is "+2" in your example.
  6. You may freely look at the backs of Monster Tokens. All information about what is hidden from players is specified in the "Hidden Information" section of the Reference Guide. You may also consider the fact that you'll have to look at the backs of all monsters with reckoning effects and all monsters with spawn effects. And the back side of the Cultist is always visible. Only monsters that don't belong to any of the above groups could have their backs hidden.
  7. Exactly. Correct, you can't have more than 2 Focus.
  8. One of the Preludes uses it.
  9. I would propose a twist. Michał Sędziwój (Michael Sendivogius) was a real figure, he lived in the 16th/17th century. But he was an alchemist and a good one. We could imagine that he had successfully created the Philosopher's Stone. With it's help he could still be alive in 1920's and he would certainly oppose the Ancient One. So the investigator could be named "Michael Sendivogius" with "The Alchemist" as his profession.
  10. Clicking this gives me the following error: " Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 "
  11. Official response from Nikki Valens:
  12. Just sharing downloadable files with Agatha Crane, Carson Sinclair, Father Mateo and Preston Fairmont would be awesome and turn me in to even more loyal customer. They did it in the past, releasing Dark Pharaoh. Or maybe a POD with 8 investigators from EH09 and 2 or 4 Ancient Ones. AO's that are present in other Arkham Horror Files titles but not in Arkham Horror itselft include:
  13. Not completely. FFG/Asmodee also generates some delays, that's what I heard from our publisher. What kind of testing would translation need?
  14. I'm not sure what you're asking about, so I'll go step by step: 1) You choose Ally, Service, or Weapon. For the purpose of this example let's choose Ally. 2) You choose 1 Asset from the reserve and discard it, leaving an empty reserve slot. 3) You search the Asset deck for a random Ally Asset. In other words: you take the Asset deck and peek at cards one by one until you find an Asset that has the Ally trait. 4) You put this Asset in the empty reserve slot. 5) You shuffle the Asset deck.
  15. Worry not, I've sent the question last friday.