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  1. Father Mateo question

    Well, Mateo loses his own Blessed in the process. I think that in most cases having two Blessed investigators is better than flipping one of those conditions - the flip sides of those cards aren't exactly gamebreaking.
  2. Father Mateo question

    My initial thought was "It can't be done" but then I have realized that the "Give" is a keyword that doesn't carry any rules baggage yet. Only the designer can answer this question. I have a batch of questions to send in my free time and would ask this one as well, but if you're in a rush you can ask by yourself. Edit: Question sent.
  3. Multiple "place that monster/clue"

    Correct. As a houserule you could probably cut the token into equal pieces and divide those between several cards but this could make future games problematic. Alternatively you could pause the game to print some proxies of the contested token.
  4. Native American Investigator?

    I seem to have some barebones idea for a backstory. Why is the village elder travelling the world and not in their village? I think that most (all?) of other villagers are gone and the elder is trying to learn what happened. In a more gruesome variant they could witness the others slaughtered by some monstrosities but this version might not be suitable for this game.
  5. Corruption condition question

    No. The "Conditions" entry in the Reference Guide reads: "If a Condition’s effect does not list a limit, it may only be used once per instance of the triggered event." The "event" in this case is "resolving a test". You get to use the Corruption's reroll once per resolving a test. No cards state that you can reroll "once per test" as "once per test" is the default. Yes. The "Component Limitations" entry in the Reference Guide reads: "Any token, other than Clues, Gates, and Monsters, is always available. If there are no remaining tokens of the specified type, track those tokens on paper or with a small object such as a coin" Correct. This is answered in the FAQ at the end of Masks of Nyarlathotep rulebook: "Q. Are the Eldritch tokens gained from a Corruption Condition discarded when I discard the Condition? A. No. The Corruption Condition (and some other effects) cause you to gain Eldritch tokens which are placed on your Investigator sheet. Eldritch tokens you have gained are not discarded unless an effect specifically allows you to spend or discard them." No. The are some other ways. Yes, you can't. This is the same matter as in the question numer 2. It's answered under that question.
  6. The wording in the Campaign section may have confused you but the reward/consequence only remains with the investigator that gained it. A replacement investigator begins with their own personal story card which may later end with a success or failure.
  7. rule question regarding Preston Fairmont

    Yes, all those assumptions are correct.
  8. Native American Investigator?

    Depends on what do you mean by "right". While I would like to be at least remotely culturally accurate I don't intend to put much effort in being historically accurate. I have just decided that in this timeline the "Indian New Deal" happened twenty years earlier than in ours.
  9. Native American Investigator?

    I would prefer a completely new Investigator rather then promoting an existing ally. I was pondering over creating some new investigators in the few last weeks. Does someone have an idea for an interesting profession of a Native American investigator? We already have one Shaman.
  10. Mystic Ruins and Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Yes, you should shuffle them all. You're not the first person confused by MoN rules insert and we even got an official reply because of that.
  11. Maybe it's "Call & Cthulhu"? Cthulhu is a verb now!
  12. And what does "C&C" stand for in the original post? I failed to find out myself.
  13. It's only for convenience of players that keep their core game Cthulhu monster marker together with the rest of Cthulhu Ancient One stuff.
  14. Please ffg pods

    For the record, they have answered very fast but their answer was "It's out of print."
  15. Which to buy next?

    After you add Strange Remnants to your small box collection I would advise buying Masks of Nyarlathotep as it has the biggest amount of universal content of all the big box expansions. That is, the biggest amount of content that can be used without setting up a sideboard.