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  1. tsuma534

    Unless keyword

    The problem lies here: Your example is one of many situations which have proven that this rule wasn't worded clearly enough. Thus, it was corrected in the errata. This is the revised wording: If you have an Amnesia Condition you cannot choose to gain another Amnesia Condition and you can't satisfy the "unless you gain an an Amnesia Condition" clause.
  2. Oh? Silly me, I haven't bothered to check. That's great to know!
  3. I didn't know that. But some digging found a tweet that said she had designed something that would probably come out Q4 2018 for FFG so maybe (probably not), just maybe, there's one more there. I think that product is much more likely to be another big box for Mansions of Madness.
  4. tsuma534

    Still Playing this Game!

    That would be Eric M. Lang. He has quite a reputation as a designer. One of his recent games "Blood Rage" seems to be universally praised. Maybe you would like that one too? Here you can find a list of games Eric has contributed to, sorted by their rank on BGG.
  5. tsuma534

    Sanctum of Twilight: Got it!

    What?! Thanks for the heads up. I would be slightly irritated to learn this after the purchase. I hope they saved a substantial amount of money on this. I wouldn't want to be this disappointed just for a few pennies.
  6. It all depends on who was assigned to Fantasy Flight Interactive. It's all Asmodee after all. Edit: Wow, three "all"'s in one line.
  7. Point'n'click is indeed one of prominent types of adventure games but certainly not the only one. Is anyone else puzzled why this isn't developed by Fantasy Flight Interactive? If FFI isn't there to make digital games tied to FFG then why even create another digital department? Asmodee Digital could develop the digital LOTR card game as well. I wouldn't be surprised if buying Mother's Embrace would unlock additional scenario in the regular Mansions of Madness (might be named "Mother's Embrace" as well).
  8. tsuma534

    The Omen track proposal

    The idea was interesting but in the current version it would upset the balance too much. Both the default random omen and the occasional steered omen aren't compatible with the game's other elements. Personally, I think this has a great potential but to tap into it one would have to redesign a solid portion of the game. Don't feel too sad. From what I understood your game group liked the idea, that's already a nice achievement. This reminds me how back in the day I had some ideas for Talisman which seemed pretty great to me. My colleagues have explained to me why those ideas weren't as awesome as I thought. While I was initially bummed about it, my later designs were far better thanks to that feedback. This variant may find some new fans over time, but I think that your future variants are likely to be more popular, if that's what you would like. As a sidenote: I love that Septogramma. I was tempted to use your idea just so I can have it as a component.
  9. tsuma534

    About the App voice actor

    If they're not listed in the credits (either in the rulebook or in the app [if the app even has a "credits" section]) then you may ask the Customer Service - they will most likely answer, I don't think this is a confidential information.
  10. tsuma534

    Personal story after death

    Yes, you do. From the core game Rulebook: From the Masks of Nyarlathotep Rulebook: I've underlined the most relevant parts in the above rules excerpts.
  11. tsuma534

    Rewards/Consequences in Campaigns

    Yes, you do. Found here.
  12. tsuma534


    While good book won't necessarily need such trick it could certainly make some extra bucks with it. In other words: Promos aren't restricted to bad books.
  13. tsuma534

    Expansion Guide

    And Mystic Ruins. And either Focus or Resource tokens. Following the usual big box composition you would only get one of these two types of tokens. The other one should be included in the "stuff we got in place of sideboard" list.
  14. tsuma534

    Father Mateo question

    Sure. My question: And again, for the sake of convenience, the answer:
  15. tsuma534

    Father Mateo question

    Here's the official answer: