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  1. Is there any way to contact the designers about adding an official 2 player variant? I know some parts of the game require three or more players to work, but I've had a lot of fun playing this unofficial 2 player variant. http://www.preeminent.org/steve/games/ti3/ti3demo/2-player/home/index.shtml
  2. Did FFG ever do anything with the emails that they collected from this?
  3. Does Northern Cavalry Flank kneel when attacking someone with a character agenda or does the character agenda not count as an agenda for cards like NCF?
  4. If I have a location like Bay of Ice or Golden Tooth Mines out and my opponent reveals Rule by Decree, do I draw my card for revealing a new plot or winning initiative before or after resolving the when revealed of Rule by Decree?
  5. Looking to sell my collection of Thrones cards. I will be at Gencon or would be willing to ship them. I live in WI. I haven't touched them in a year and only played with the cards in sleeves so they are in excellent condition. I'd like to get $250 for the complete collection. Core Set x3 Princes of the Sun (Original) x1.5 Lords of Winter x1 Kings of the Storm x1 Kings of the Sea (Revised) x1 Queen of Dragons x1 A Clash of Arms War of the Five Kings x3 Ancient Enemies x3 Sacred Bonds x3 Epic Battles x3 Battle of the Ruby Ford x3 Calling the Banners x3 A Time for Ravens A Song of Summer x3 The Winds of Winter x3 A Change of Seasons x3 The Raven's Song x3 Refugees of War x3 Scattered Armies x3 King's Landing City of Secrets x3 A Time of Trials x3 Tower of the Hand x3 Tales of the Red Keep x3 Secrets and Spies x3 The Battle of Blackwater Bay x3 Defenders of the North Wolves of the North x3 Beyond the Wall x3 A Sword in the Darkness x3 The Wilding Horde x3 A King in the North x3 Return of the Others x3 Brotherhood Without Banners Illyrio's Gift x1 Rituals of R'hllor x1 Mountains of the Moon x1 A Song of Silence x1 Of Snakes and Sand x1 Dreadfort Betrayal x1 Secrets of Oldtown Gates of the Citadel x1 Forging the Chain x1 Called by the Conclave x1
  6. First place deck was: House: Martell Agenda: Kings of Summer Plots: A Song of Summer A Time For Ravens At the Gates Regroup Retaliation The Winds of Winter Valar Morghulis Characters: Arianne Martell Carrion Bird x3 Darkstar x2 Ellaria Sand x2 Gilly House Messenger x2 Lost Spearman x3 Maester Luwin x2 Maester of the Sun x3 Orphan of the Greenblood x3 Refugee of the Citadel x3 Samwell Tarly Ser Arys Oakheart The Bastard of Godsgrace The Red Viper The Viper's Bannermen x3 Varys Locations: Lost Oasis Palace Fountains x3 River Row Shadowblack Lane Street of Sisters Street of Steel Summer Sea x3 Water Garden Events: A Game of Cyvasse x3 Burning on the Sand x2 He Calls it Thinking x3 Paper Shield x3 Attachments: Black Raven x2 Venomous Blade x3 Matches were 2-0 against a Targ Summer with neither of us ever putting summer on the table. 2-0 against a Baratheon with He Calls it Thinking being the big card by canceling dupes. 1-1 against Greyjoy Kings of Winter came out strong in game one and won my first time against winter. Played several games over the weekend getting thoroughly beaten by winter to learn how not to play. Thanks to Corey for that. Second game I had no locations in setup and couldn't play enough to keep winter off the table. Came down to the final few seconds of the round so I likely could have stalled it out but I was happy with a tie. 2-0 against Targaryen KotHH. Ended up with Summer on the table and drew into 3 paper shields and 3 He Calls it Thinking between draw and Luwin. Also pulled a Paper Shield back with Regroup. Card advantage very much dominated the game. Despite the surprise random format it still sounded like most people managed to get 2-3 games in during the hour allotted. Happy to have put in a good showing against some quality players. Thanks to everyone who came out and the store for hosting.
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