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  1. Yeah, when the Star Wars LCG ended they released the backlog of champ cards and handed them out to those attending Worlds/NA champs, and later made them available as a PDF for everyone else to print out if they wanted them. And of course, congrats Brett!
  2. Which of the many IA mods in the Steam Workshop is the best one to use for IA skirmish?
  3. Yay, another tournament map that requires 6 tokens, so we can put our sets of 5 acrylic tokens to good use :-/
  4. I was planning to try the same list, but with Ko-Tun Feralo and Alliance Smuggler instead of the rRangers. Not sure if it's any better, but I get to try out another new character and it gives me another Leader which may be useful.
  5. Hey, we've been getting 6 for actual tournaments. At least you have to earn those top 4 prizes
  6. The Jabba's Palace guide has 5 x 36B tiles on the map itself. The bottom two (attached to the Rancor's Pit) should be 18B instead. These helper guides are a great resource, and were a big help at the one tournament I've been able to attend so far.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, Elite Jet Troopers are an 8-point card with the Targeting Computer ability written on it Personal preference, but for me the consistency provided by the reroll is well worth the extra point.
  8. Yep, most things would have gone down to that much focused fire! I hadn't Trained it, thinking I was about to unleash some serious Brutality on the Rebel scum. I looked like this after it happened:
  9. That's certainly been my experience so far, having played the Rancor a few times against a friend's list with Jedi Luke, Obi-Wan and Elite Alliance Rangers. In one particularly rough game, he was killed before getting off a single attack thanks to a combination of Call the Vanguard and Take the Initiative, with 3 of the 3 Rangers focused.
  10. Yeah, our turnout seems pretty respectable in comparison! Someone mentioned the FFG regional was also small - how many were at that one? Numbers for IA seem to be around the same as the Star Wars LCG, which is also getting a lot of sub-8 player regionals.
  11. My two cents - or should I say my two black defense dice - regarding the Rancor: I haven't found it too much of a problem to find targets for Brutality. Between its size, Reach, Massive, and its extra movement from Beast Tamer (which I feel is an essential accompaniment), the Rancor can cover a pretty big range with its attacks. Yeah it would be nice to have both the double black dice and Brutality, but I'm happy enough with the choice you have to make each turn. Sometimes I've Trained him and the second die hasn't been much use anyway. But I've been playing him with the approach that he will die, so I try to do as much carnage as possible in the meantime, and he presents an immediate threat that your opponent has to deal with, which can buy your other good units valuable time.
  12. B) Skirmish. I initially started playing campaign with a friend, and had no intention of buying my own copy. Then I found a used collection (core set + most expansions up to that date) for a good price, and bought it since we'd talked about trying skirmish. Since then we've started playing skirmish more and more. Skirmish is definitely my preference, if only because it's so much easier to coordinate and takes far less time. Both forms of the game took a while to grow on me, but now it's one of my favourite games.
  13. I was the Merc player who finished 3rd (2-1 record). I lost to the 2nd place Rebel list. Prior to this tournament I'd only played skirmish against my friend, who was the guy who came 1st. I'd practiced against his list a few times and got smashed, so when I saw I was facing Jedi Luke+eRangers in round 1 against a different opponent, I was wondering what I'd done to deserve such a fate My list was all new Jabba's Realm (and accompanying wave). It started out as a translation of Beast Machines, with new units: Jabba instead of Gideon+C-3PO, Rancor instead of Bantha, 2 x Weequays instead of 2 x HKs, Gamorreans instead of Tuskens. At some point in testing I switched to Vinto and never looked back. All my units played their part on the day, but he was my MVP and amazing value for 5 points. Black Market was a very late addition because my initial evalution of it was in the context of the old scoring roles. With the new scoring where early VPs are much easier to come by, it's pure gold. Especially when the drawback of strain is almost always irrelevant when you can put it as damage on Jabba. (Generally if he's in danger of dying from getting attacked, you're already in trouble.) That round 1 match ended up being very close. Vinto whiffed a shot against the Dianoga when it had 1 damage remaining, so if it had hit it would have tipped the score in my favour. In the end though I made a mistake and ended up with all my remaining forces on one side of the map, which allowed a wounded Luke to hide behind an Echo Base Trooper and then scamper to the safety of the opposite side when time was almost up. Round 2 was vs Spidey NZ and his list, which was a very different Merc list than mine, but with Jabba and Vinto in common. (Sorry about the mirror match mate! What was the name of that other Hutt again?). My plan was to prioritise taking down Jyn, Vinto and the Trandoshans and generally ignore the Hired Guns until later. That strategy eventually worked, but not before the Rancor's first attempt at brutality was dodged by both Jyn and Vinto! In round 3 I played the 5th place list, which from memory was (39 points total): Davith Wookiee Warriors x3 Gideon w/On a Diplomatic Mission R2-D2 C-3PO I hadn't faced Wookiees so I wasn't sure how hard it would be to get through all those hit points. In turn 1 he rushed Davith down to my terminal (on the ISB map) with help from Gideon, and I had the right command cards in hand to gun him down straight away with Vinto. From there the Wookiees took a while to wear down the Rancor once I trained him, which bought me enough time to pick off the Wookiees one by one. It was great getting to play against a bunch of different people. Plus I can't complain about all the loot
  14. I can also vouch from (bitter) experience that Elite Alliance Rangers can be devastating, especially when paired with Jedi Luke. Don't judge them by what they look like on paper. With all the great command cards at their disposal (i.e. the many new Hunter assault cards and Call the Vanguard) and focus (because they're Rebel), they can lay down huge amounts of damage while hanging back at a safe distance and daring you to venture closer to their turf and still survive.
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