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    Felenis reacted to ThenDoctor in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    You're trading one "bogging down" for actual bogging down. I'd have to look up each npcs loot table and read of each individual piece and look up what those things do if the players don't know. Where as with encumbrance, which I don't feel took much time at all because we all did it at once, required some multiplication and addition.
    We can't all be you and reach gaming nirvana by coming to some enlightening realization that all the mechanics we use are apparently grox pucky and that will somehow transfer to the people you game with as well because regardless of how your personal opinions change on gaming you won't be able to change everyone's mind at the table.
    I don't use encumbrance because it's from DnD I never use it in DnD because it doesn't fit the tone of the game to me. It fits the tone of Dark Heresy to me however so I use it, and I'm going to assume (I know, dangerous) that it's the reason other's use it as well.
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    Felenis reacted to ThenDoctor in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    Nim whenever I read your replies I always feel like you're trying to make people feel bad for doing what they want. It wasn't homework, we did it once and no one had a reason to try and pick up a rogue trader ship. Yes I do think it would've impacted the experience because the point was that it was important in the beginning.
    What kind of people do you get the privilege of playing with? The people I play with loot everything unless told to let it be.
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    Felenis reacted to DeathByGrotz in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    Throne gelt? Yeah, I want it back. The acquisition system is seriously bad.
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    Felenis reacted to Fgdsfg in MIU Weapon Interface   
    I personally always considered shoulder-mounted weapons limited to Basic, and wrist-mounted weapons limited to pistol.

    Limiting factors to this that I would consider appropriate and make sense would be:
    Increasing reload time; it is hard to reload something that is mounted on your back. It's a small factor, but I'd like to add it. At the very least, a Full Round Action added to Wrist-Mounted (Pistol) weapons and two or maybe even three to Shoulder-Mounted (Basic) weapons. Increasing the cost. This is something that has been totally lost post-Rogue Trader, but costs were balancing factors aside from Availability. The removal of relative equipment costs and values means that anything in the same bracket is equally obtainable (rules-wise at least) to everything else in the same Availability bracket. Which is of course utter rubbish. While an MIU Weapons Interface might not be particularily rare (and I don't think it should be), it should be expensive, or have a note on it being fairly restricted access outside of proper channels. The Aim Action(s) should have a little note saying that you can't Move, Aim and Attack in the same round. You may start an Aiming action after Moving, but you may not move before or after Aiming. Installing a Weapons MIU Interface should require already having a Mind-Impulse Unit installed. It makese absolutely no sense otherwise. A Weapons MIU Interface is really just the equipment for mounting and controlling a weapon through a Mind-Impulse Unit. Either you have an MIU or you don't. Aside from that, I really don't see it as that much of an issue, and my "restrictions" are more "makes sense" than actual balancing efforts. This is an "issue" that has never cropped up in any of the games I've been in.
    Moving and Attacking isn't really that big of a problem, is it?
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    Felenis reacted to N0-1_H3r3 in Modifying Weapons   
    There's colossal room for nuance when it comes to the Adeptus Mechanicus and their monopoly on technological knowledge. Fundamentally, it's difficult to say anything meaningful about the Adeptus Mechanicus that isn't riddled with exceptions and sub-clauses, due primarily to the fact that it is as much a collection of feudal/technocratic fiefdoms built around a Mystery Cult (that is, in the Greco-Roman tradition, a religion where only initiates are permitted to engage in rites and rituals) as it is anything else.

    As enshrined in the acts of the Emperor Himself during the earliest days of the Imperium (it's arguable that the Imperium did not exist until the alliance between Terra and Mars was established), the Priesthood of Mars are the guardians of technological knowledge. It is law, it is scripture, it is a fundamental and unshakeable part of the way the Imperium has operated for more than a hundred centuries.

    An aside here - this is often a difficult thing to grasp with 40k. Ten millennia is a colossal length of time. It's a length of time that eclipses recorded human history, and stretches back to eras only theorised about by anthropologists. The founding of the Imperium is as far away from the people of the late 41st Millennium as the discovery of agriculture is from us. More than that, the people of the Imperium - are further away from us chronologically than we are from the first human civilisations. The human frame of reference in the 41st Millennium is the Imperium, and it has been the Imperium for so many generations that the very notion of a time before the Imperium is so ephemeral as to be entirely irrelevant - eras before the coming of the Emperor are myths, eras of darkness and despair to be banished by the Master of Mankind.

    Back to the topic at hand. Technology is a nebulous term at best, and one that incorporates basically everything from stone knives, the 'domestication' of fire, and the invention of clothing. The Mechanicus cannot possibly have an absolute monopoly on all technology - it is utterly impossible. What they can have is a culture of intellectual isolationism.
    As mentioned before, the Adeptus Mechanicus is built around a Mystery Cult - the only members of the religion are initiates. Knowledge is heavily restricted within the Cult Mechanicus, with every rank of power coming with a commensurate level of knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is power in the Cult Mechanicus, literally - those who are knowledgeable gain in power, and thus in knowledge. This priesthood is the ruling body on all Forge Worlds, and the hierarchy of the Cult Mechanicus also becomes the government of the domains of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Each Forge World is ruled by a single Archmagos, a ruling priest who commands subordinate Magi and other members of the ruling priesthood (Magi, Genetors, Artisans, and Logi), who each in turn command subordinate members of the ordinary priesthood (Electro-priests, Enginseers, Transmechanics, Lexmechanics, and Rune Priests). Every Priest - ordinary or ruling - will possess a dedicated attendant force of non-initiated labourers, menials, thralls, servitors, and so forth. Ruling Priests will logically have far larger workforces, and have the authority and influence to maintain a standing defensive force (Skitarii).
    Incidentally, this a good justification as to why Skitarii are so difficult to define as any single thing - every force is subject to the particular proclivities of the Ruling Priest that owns them, rather than to some centralised military authority.
    The Cult Mechanicus communicates using the Lingua Technis - a distinct language from the various forms of Gothic that are spoken in the wider Imperium. Several novels over the last few years have put forward that the Lingua Technis isn't rendered as a traditional spoken language (or 'fleshvoice' - a language capable of being pronounced by an unaugmented human being), but is rather presented in high-capacity bursts of binary code projected and processed as sound. This makes a lot of sense from the perspective of the Mechanicus - two Tech-Priests can communicate large amounts of precise information very quickly using bursts of binary, which has the added advantage that the uninitiated (those without the necessary implants to process that noise as data) cannot hope to understand what they're saying. Trying to eavesdrop on Tech-Priests (already defined as a group who keep secrets from outsiders) is akin to trying to read a DVD by staring at it - the information is in no form that you are able to process.
    The thing with language, of course, is that it shapes culture. The Adeptus Mechanicus are the guardians of technology. There's obviously a cut-off with regards to what is defines as "technology" here, because clearly you don't need a Tech-Priest to make fire or bash things with sharpened rocks. The ideal point is any period where humanity develops machines that function in a sufficiently complex way that it takes a reasonable amount of instruction and education to understand how they actually work. That's the ideal point for the Adeptus Mechanicus to step in. The development of the STC is a particularly good one, as Mars was supposedly the birthplace of STC technology anyway (and thus maintained STC technologies during the Age of Strife, while Terra, which had no such technological 'safety net' reverted to barbarism)
    On a cultural level, anything beyond a particular level of sophistication is the preserve of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is their responsibility to maintain such machines. Manufacturing certain technologies for widespread use can be licensed out, provided to outsiders under the oversight of an initiate into the Cult Mechanicus (manufactories producing Lasguns or Chimeras under the watchful optics of a Tech-Priest), and technologies used on a massive scale need instruction to use and maintain properly.
    I've always imagined that this works in a couple of ways. Workers who interact with machines regularly are given simple instructions for care and use of those machines - the machines are, afterall, more valuable than the people operating them. These instructions are clear, step-by-step instructions for specific tasks, performed by rote. You don't need to know how the lighting in your home works to change a lightbulb, afterall. That these process instructions are framed as litanies and rites emphasises the importance of them to a civilisation defined by their collective faith and superstition. Whether or not a person believes in the 'machine spirit' isn't relevant - what matters is that the instructions contained within the litanies work. More complex repair and maintenance tasks may be handled by lay-technicians - people given the responsibility for doing all the technical jobs that are too menial for an actual Tech-Priest to do. Tech-Priests themselves are widespread, but they're also busy both with their duties to the wider Imperium and with their own research into the mysteries of technology.
    Machine spirits are, of course, a highly contentious matter on their own. I personally take it that while some 'machine spirits' are a convenient anthropomorphism of technology (no different from chastising your car or your computer when it doesn't work properly - the device has no persona to appeal to, yet so many people do it anyway - or characterising the particular flaws and quirks of a machine as 'likes' and 'dislikes'), others are automated systems that subtly influence a machine's function. The largest and most complex devices - Land Raiders, Astartes aircraft, Titans, and Spacecraft - have vast arrays of cogitators and organic pseudo-brains that give the machine rudimentary autonomy akin to the mind of a trained animal, allowing them to be interfaced with more simply - a Titan's Princeps communes with his Engine as a cavalryman might interact with his steed - and which tend to pick up stray neural patterns from past users over centuries, giving them a personality of sorts.
    Thing is, for so many generations, this has been the case. The most complex technologies have been the preserve of the Adeptus Mechanicus for so long that many of the terms used to describe them no longer exist in the common vocabularies of Gothic. The Cult Mechanicus have their own exactingly-precise terminology for such concepts and systems, but that terminology is in a language that unaugmented humans can't process, let alone understand. There's a language barrier restricting the access of technology, and this is just how the Cult Mechanicus wants it - you can't share the Cult's secrets if the secrets you know can only be accurately expressed in a language that nobody outside the Cult can possibly understand you.
    The Tech-Priests themselves aren't superstitious, but rather instinctively obstructive - they build complex machines that lack the user-friendly interfaces we're accustomed to in order to put a barrier between people and machines. They interface with cogitator networks through neural data-shunts and noospheric perception and haptic response systems, because the idea of putting it on a screen where anyone can read it is both inefficient (why waste processing power presenting information in a form that flesh can comprehend?) and dangerous (only the chosen few need to perceive this data). They talk - to the uninitiated - about machine spirits and rites and litanies partly because it's the way that the Mechanicus chooses to communicate a select amount of knowledge with outsiders and partly because the fact that the actual technical knowledge is in a language that doesn't directly translate to Gothic makes any other way of presenting ideas in a 'fleshvoice' even more inefficient. They're initiates into a Cult of secrets... so there's a large degree of deliberate obfuscation and being deliberately mysterious when it comes to the Adeptus Mechanicus. And, of course, the biggest secret there is that the Mechanicus have gaps in their knowledge - their understanding of the 'canon' of STC data is incomplete, with elements pieced together from scavenged schematics, fragments of data on ancient storage devices, and reverse-engineered relics, and new finds are carefully scrutinised for their authenticity and purity of purpose before being accepted into the STC canon (I use 'canon' here in the traditional religious sense - consequently, you could infer that illicit technology is apocryphal). The Quest for Knowledge - the fundamental goal of the Cult Mechanicus - is driven by the pursuit of knowledge, with the basic notion that all knowledge already exists, it merely needs to be recovered and understood.
    Yes, humans outside the Adeptus Mechanicus will dabble with machinery and study the sciences of old. If they get caught, odds are that their research will be stolen and their bodies will be repurposed into a Servitor (because you never know when someone will stumble onto a good idea). But there are far too many of these petty Hereteks around for even the tinest fraction of them to be stopped. So curious people will carry on experimenting with technology, especially in places far from a Tech-Priest's unblinking cybernetic gaze. It doesn't always end well, because manufacturing processes for the most advanced technologies are relatively inefficient compared to how they were in ancient days, so a lot of the best technology is less reliable than it should be.
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    Felenis got a reaction from ColArana in To chase or not to chase...   
    Also, don't forget about the Attack of Opportunity when someone disengages from Combat. If you run after someone as a full action, and actually make it to them, even if you can't attack, they can't run away without you getting a free attack on them. AND if they use the Run action to get away, you get a +20 to hit them with your attack
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    Felenis reacted to LordBlades in Counter Attack modifier question.   
    The way I see it they stack. Counter-attack tells you to make a Standard Attack with a -20 penalty to the roll. You then go to Standard Attack description and follow it entirely then add -20 (for -10 total).
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    Felenis reacted to seanpp in Soooooooo..... How'd Dark Heresy Turn Out?   
    Not much difference between the editions?  Let's break it down & take a look.
    Comparison Between 1e & 2e
    The basic mechanic of calculating Degrees of Success and Failure has been changed.  Test Difficulties have been expanded. The Character generation chapter is completely different. Almost 50% the skills have been eliminated from 1e - the skill section is very different. Nearly 40% of the talents have been eliminated from 1e - the talent section is very different. The Armoury chapter has brand new sections, like "Vehicles & Mounts" and "Availability & Influence" - and a new sidebar on "Weapon Noise". New Weapon Special Qualities in 2e include Concussive, Corrosive, Crippling, Felling, Force, Gravitron, Haywire, Indirect, Lance, Maximal, Melta, Proven, Razor Sharp, Sanctified, Storm, Twin-linked & Vengeful. Many parts of this chapter are similar to 1e, but many of the similarities are cosmetic.  Spray replaces Scatter, but the mechanic is very different.  Shocking is in both, but it's been changed.  Overheat is in both, but it's been changed.  Reliable is in both, but it's been changed.  Blast is in both, but it's been changed.  Smoke is in both, but it's been changed.  Snare is in both, but it's been changed.   The Ranged Weapons have a lot of similarties, but quite a few difference, too.  There's new weapons like Storm Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Laslock, Hot-shot Laspistol, Hot-shot Lasgun, Graviton Gun, Grav Pistol, Combat shotgun & Autocannon.  Sniper Rifle replaces Hunting Rifle, but it's been changed.  Heavy Stubber is in both, but it's been changed.  Many of the weapons are called the same name, but use brand new Weapon Special Qualities listed above.  A number of weapons at first appear to be the same, but the stats have changes (e.g. Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Long Las, etc.)  All standard Las weapons now have new Overcharge + Overload modes. The Grenade section of 1e is now Grenades & Explosives section in 2e and has many differences.  1e has six entries in the section, while 2e has 14 entries.  Again, many similarities here are cosmetic.  Frag is in both, but is changed.  Fire Bomb is in both, but has been changed.  Photon is in both, but it's been changed.  Krak is in both, but it's been changed.   There's all-new very nice artwork for the vast majority of the weapons. There are eight new melee weapons.  Shock Whip replaces Electro-Flail, and has been changed.  Both editions have Shock Maul, but it's been changed.  Great Weapon is in both, but it's been changed.  The change in the Primitive Special Weapon Quality changes quite a few of these weapons. The Psychic Powers chapter is completely different. Combat is most probably the chapter with the most similarities between the editions.  It does have differences, some quite significant. The Charge Action is in both, but it's been changed.  Defensive Stance is in both, but has been changed.  Delay is in both, but has more restrictions.  Overwatch is in both, but has been changed.  Guarded Attack has changed to Guarded Action & has changed.  Knock Down is in both, but has changed.  The Grapple Action has been overhauled.  Combat Circumstance Called Shot is in both, but has been changed.  Helpless Targets is in both, but has been changed.  Point Blank Range has changed.  Pinning is in both, but has been changed.  Prone is in both, but has been changed.  Darkness & Shadow circumstances has added Stealth modifiers.  Engaged in Melee is in both but has an added qualifier.   The Size section has been overhauled. Standard Attack, Semi-Auto Fire and Full-Auto Fire have been completely restructured. Righteous Fury is completely different. Fatigue has been overhauled.  Blood Loss is completely different.  Falling damage is different.  Suffocation has been changed.  Vacuum has been changed. The Critical Effects Tables appear to be pretty much the same, unless one looks closely.  Much of the tables are the same - and there are a lot of differences. Healing is completely different.  Psyker healing is much reduced & medical healing is much easier. Climbing has been changed.  Jumping up has been changed.  Leaping has been overhauled.  Swimming has been changed.  Carrying, Lifting & Pushing amounts has changed by minutely.  Throwing Objects has changed.  A Zero Gravity section has been added to Movement. The aforementioned new Vehicle section is 13 pages & packed with Vehicle actions, vehicle types, vehicle combat actions, a nice vehicle firing arc illustration, multiple Vehicle Critical Hit Effects Tables, burning vehicles rules & vehicle repair rules. A 30 page Narrative Tools Chapter with lots of new material Different kinds of encounters are discussed. Clever new mechanics of Influence & Subtlety are introduced. A new section on Social Interaction discusses both NPC Disposition & Personality; multiple personalities are detailed for use. Substantial section on GM'ing investigation scenarios. The Shock Table has been changed. A brand new Reinforcement Characters section Fluff chapter that does a good job of explaining the Imperium, the Inquisition & the Ruinous Powers.A number of cool new maps Chapter on the new Askellon Sector GM Chapter How to be a GM New section on Crafting an Inquisitor Section on Combat Encounters with new material Section on Narrative Encounters with lots of new material Section on Adventures - lots of good original material on running games NPCs and Adversaries Chapter Lots of new stuff about Threat levels, building balanced encounters & pacing Section of sample of NPCs Brand new Adventure Chapter  
    There is no doubt that 2e is an evolutionary edition, versus the revolutionary edition that the first DH beta was - but there is simply a ton of new material in this book...a ton.  (And the artwork is fantastic.)
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    Felenis reacted to Ripplo in Desperado + two-weapon wielder = 3 attacks a turn?   
    Desperado special ability Move and Shoot: .... after preforming a move action, a Desperado may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon he is currently wielding as a free action.
    - Only Pistol weapons are allowed
    - a move action has to be performed (half action at least gone)
    - You may only perform a Standard Attack = one single shot (two single shots if you use two weapons)
    - The attack time is just reduced, it does not take a half action as usual, only a free action, but it is an attack action.
    That's how I understand it.
    You already named the solution to all your problems page 218 Using actions. "Characters can only take one action with the attack subtype..." This means you can fire two weapons full auto as one half action...but you may not attack any more, as you have used the attack subtype...end of story or what could you possible argue against that?
    I think people misinterpret the intend behind the special ability...it is not there for players to get extra shots. A desperado shall be able to "run" (full action) maybe in cover or get closer etc. and then still be able to shoot.
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    Felenis reacted to DeathByGrotz in What system will this use?   
    I'd rather be the idiot that owns a dictionary, than the one who takes a giant leak over his own rights.
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    Felenis got a reaction from The Laughing God in Skills and Talents we're missing   
    No, but honestly, where are the old Flamer talents?
    Paranoia will be missed. One of the only easy ways to raise initiative
    Unremarkable, Light Sleeper, Meditation, Disturbing Voice, Total Recall, Forsight, and oh god I didn't even realize how many talents were gone until I started reading OW's list. Why were they all removed? Especially since these are the more narrative talents? Whatever, they are still perfectly there in OW, jut a little weird
    I'm also really hoping that they go the Only War route, and have new talents in each supplement.
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    Felenis got a reaction from ultrashake in Skills and Talents we're missing   
    No, but honestly, where are the old Flamer talents?
    Paranoia will be missed. One of the only easy ways to raise initiative
    Unremarkable, Light Sleeper, Meditation, Disturbing Voice, Total Recall, Forsight, and oh god I didn't even realize how many talents were gone until I started reading OW's list. Why were they all removed? Especially since these are the more narrative talents? Whatever, they are still perfectly there in OW, jut a little weird
    I'm also really hoping that they go the Only War route, and have new talents in each supplement.
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    Felenis got a reaction from dobyk21 in Adept Psykers sanctioned with Ascension package   
    Blood Pact, did you read more then two sentences of the post?

    And yeah, I would definitely allow it. It's ascension after all, already a clusterfucked broken mess, might as well let people shine at what they want to be doing
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    Felenis got a reaction from jack_px in two weapon wielder, 2 attacks with half action?   
    Sorry, I should have been more clear,

    What I meant more was that Two Weapon Wielder Attacks have always been part of the same action. In DH 1 you could fire one or both pistols Full Auto in the same Full Action if you had TWW
    Since it was a full action, and you had no option for more actions, it's not a great example, but I was just pointing out that both attacks being one action isn't something new at all. 

    Anyways, OW and DH2 do make it abundantly clear that it is just one action.
    Every entry of attacking action states that both attack actions can be made with just the one action.
    And the rules on 228 don't explicitly go against this, they just say you can make another attack action, which is what any attack is. 
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    Felenis reacted to N0-1_H3r3 in So what do you think would happen?   
    Of course it is. It's fiction. But it exists in a context - no story exists completely independently of everything else. Every story, every piece of background text, and every rule evoking an element of narrative has an intent, and a context that it was created within and for. Being wilfully ignorant of that seems foolish. What you seem desperate to do, however, is to assert that nobody can be right because you're not allowed to be.
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    Felenis reacted to bogi_khaosa in Assassins, Sisters of Battle, and Deathwatch Space Marines   
    I know what FFG's fluff says, but it doesn't make sense. Marine and regular bolters are clearly not firing the same shells, because the Marine bolter is clearly larger with a clearly larger muzzle, which is what you would expect when you take a gun and scale it up.
    If you take a knife and triple its size, it's not a knife anymore.
    EDIT: normal humans _cannot_ get to a point at which autoguns etc. lose their scare without power armor. Max autogun damage is 13, maximum human toughness bonus in the BC/OW rules set (not counting things like Marks, bionics, and so forth) is 6. 13 - 6 = 7.
    This has indeed been gone over in various threads, and it has been repeatedly demonstrated to you that you are wrong, yet you continue. Now you can go on declaring that the sky is green for as long as you want, or stop saying that humans can get to the point where autoguns cease being a threat.
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    Felenis reacted to N0-1_H3r3 in Assassins, Sisters of Battle, and Deathwatch Space Marines   
    It doesn't help that Inquisitor's damage system was screwed up in numerous other ways. Amongst other things, damage scaling for 80% of the weapons in the book was completely piteous (a Lascannon rolling maximum damage can't kill an unarmoured human; an average damage hit doesn't even incapacitate them), and the damage system was far more lethal with "death by a dozen cuts" than with individual massive strikes. Inquisitor, as a paragon of mechanical integrity, doesn't hold up to scrutiny. I spent years working with it, resulting in more headaches than evocative mechanical outcomes.

    Incorrect on a couple of points. The bolter went through three iterations in DH1.
    The original was a simple 1d10+5 for everyone. The second form was 2d10+5. The third was 1d10+5 with Tearing.
    The Deathwatch marine in Purge the Unclean had none of those. His bolt pistol dealt 2d10 damage from the first playtest version. It was intended from back when Black Industries (a division of Black Library and subsidiary of the Games Workshop Group) for the Astartes to wield weapons of a distinct standard and quality to those of 'mortals'. The idea of 'Astartes' bolt weaponry being different from everyone else's appears in several Black Library sources as well, so it's not exactly an FFG-only thing. Indeed, the bolter wielded by the Inquisitor-scale Space Marine model is bigger in every sense than every other bolter in the range - longer, wider, thicker, a bigger muzzle.
    All that aside, GW approved it. From practical experience, there are plenty of things that GW won't allow, so the fundamental decision to distinguish Astartes bolters from mortal ones is an instance of the setting evolving, rather than an aberrant deviation from some idealised norm.

    Have you ever seen them in practice? A lone Space Marine is only outdone in terms of ridiculous power by Eldar and Genestealers (and those because they tend to have >100 Initiative, which breaks the game more than any other stat can hope to). It's swingy - lasgun bolts can only pierce the marine's armour once in every twelve hits (for 1-2 damage each), but four of those hits will blow his brains out, in spite of the fact that you'd need sixteen damage in one hit to reach the second injury level. There's too much gap between what one hit can achieve and what many hits achieve, no ability for Astartes to "withstand wounds that would slay a mortal man" - they'll fall to the same four minor scalp wounds that anyone else does. Only where single wounds are concerned are they tougher, and the system handles single wounds really badly.
    But you don't land those multiple hits, and you'll never bring down a Space Marine. You won't get past the battle plate.
    Deathwatch basically did the same thing - a few lucky hits (righteous fury) will fell a Space Marine. What it also did was abstract a large group of foes into a single group, so that a kill-team could face down armies (a desirable concept) without spending four hours resolving a single turn (an undesirable outcome), and part of that is abstracting many attackers' damage (and their chance of righteous fury) into a single larger quantity of damage.
    Inquisitor was messy - the mechanics had numerous undesirable emergent properties, and required far more effort to make a functional game out of the rules than is reasonable. Deathwatch as a game - while far from perfect - achieved many similar effects in a far cleaner way than Inquisitor did, in my professional opinion. Astartes weapon damage is a tangential matter, only partially related - part of it is a logical progression of having a weapon designed for someone bigger and stronger than a human (a Space Marine's sword is bigger and heavier than a human's).
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    Felenis reacted to Alox in Flame questions   
    Flamer weapons now have the SPRAY quality, which means that targets gets an agility check to avoid being hit altogether.
    So order is (and I am correcting my previous post!):
    1) Flamer is fired
    2) All targets in flame area rolls agility check or is hit (SPRAY quality)
    3) If hit targets have enough movement to get out of the flame area they may roll dodge and on success are not hit and move outside (DODGE vs area of effect damage)
    4) Hit targets takes damage and rolls agility to check if they are set on fire (FLAME quality)
    For most it means failing 3 agility checks before being set on fire
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    Felenis reacted to DeathByGrotz in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    Your DM is an asshat. Kick him and let someone else in the group DM instead.
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    Felenis reacted to Goatmass in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    I think you're going to have a hard time turning this game around. If your GM is so emotionally immature that he feels a need to crusade against religion even in 40k, I strongly suspect that neither you or your compatriots are going to be able reason with him. He obviously has some issues to work out.
    Related: Dark Heresy definitely seems like the kind of game where respect/love for the 40k setting is a critical component of getting things to work right. Otherwise, it slides into parody, players get alienated by the grimdarkness & medieval cultural parallels, etc.
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    Felenis reacted to Simsum in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    Oh wow...
    I usually encourage respectful, friendly dialogue as the solution to group issues. But... I'm not convinced that would be worth the effort for you. I'd recommend finding a different group.
    I mean, your GM is exhibiting two behaviours that screams sh*tty gaming experiences at me: he's unable to separate his personal feelings about real world issues from fictional ones, and he's being massively abusive in ways that flat out wreck the system you're trying to use as a gaming framework.
    I really doubt talking it out is even possible. But I wish you luck however you deal with this. Though I want to remind you than no gaming is better than bad gaming.
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    Felenis reacted to unitled in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    There are a few place I could point to that talk about the beliefs regarding the Emperor's divinity (or mainstream belief therein); off the top of my head, I'm sure there will be some things in the faction section of the Inquisition chapter. Maybe he could let you know which faction he sees the Inquisitor as belonging to?
    Honestly, though, it seems you have an abusive GM. If they want to run a game set in an alternate version of the 40K universe, that's their prerogative, but at the moment they're trying to force their interpretation onto you without any discussion with the players. The game is meant to be collaborative, and really this is something that should have been brought up before you even started making characters. If this is how your GM acts, with aggression and demanding you come up with some proof on something which is an established and key fact in the setting, you should try and find another group to play with.
    Additionally, if he's doing it from a point of view of a personal dislike of religion... he's missing the point anyway! The totalitarian tendencies of the Imperial Creed is already critical of organised religion, this is an interesting theme (one of my favourites in Dark Heresy) he could actually explore through the game. I believe there's a section in Disciples of the Dark Gods about the Temple Tendency which would be a good vehicle for exploring this? This is a 'rival' cult to the Imperial Creed, and will make the Acolytes explore what they have been indoctrinated to believe.
    EDIT: For the record, the section on the Adeptus Ministorum on page 310 of the new rulebook makes it pretty clear that just about everyone is part of the Imperial Creed or are declared heretics and marked for destruction.
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    Felenis reacted to Frosty71 in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    Your GM sounds like he has an extremely personal grudge against religion and is bringing it into the game. The fact of the matter is that the majority of imperial citizens do worship the Emperor in one way or another (dependent on the culture of their home world). What your GM is doing is basically making everyone a heretic, including the inquisition which 33% of exists purely to destroy heresy. Thusly, he has effectively rewritten the entire point to playing Dark Heresy and turned it into Black Crusade 2. It sounds to me like you have a GM that explicitly wants the game to be something it is not and is abusing his position of authority (ironically, he has become the very thing the players are supposed to be hunting. A HERETIC!!!!)
       If you have any of the codexes, specifically the loyalist human ones, use those to show how the cult of the emperor has been established and how it interacts with citizens. The Imperial Guard books are especially good for showing that loyalty to the Imperium and its dogma is the norm. Point out the existence of the inquisition being proof of this (why would there be an Ordo Hereticus if the majority of the population, including inquisitors, did not believe in the emperors power?) In Only War and any IG codex you can use examples of the commissars to show that the Imperial Guard is fiercely loyal and takes active measures to ensure that this remains so. Don't forget all the space marines who constantly reference their loyalty and devotion to Him on the Golden Throne. For that matter, what would be the point of maintaining the Golden Throne and the corpse of the Emperor if everyone believed that he was nothing impressive?
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that punishing your Fellowship tests because he doesn't like your character is a very abusive thing to do to a player. In fact, adding negative modifiers is more heavy than reducing Fellowship outright because modifiers come in 10's, so he could be effectively reducing your Fellowship by 10 or 20, maybe 30 points, whereas the other way around he'd probably only get away with a -5 Fellowship before other players took notice of this and spoke up again.
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    I really liked Alternate Career Levels, though. I'd like to see it done more like a mix between the Advanced Specializations of Only War and Elite Advancement Packages. Each would have a list of preqreqs, both roleplaying and stats, an experience cost, a experience requirement, a limit (such as "only 1 Advanced Specialization per 1000xp spent"), and then give one entry-level Advancement (a circumstance boost to a skill, a custom talent, or a special ability) and 2-3 special advancements.
    The Advanced Archetypes of Black Crusade were rubbish and the Advanced Specializations of Only War were odd and underwhelming (changing Aptitudes...?).
    That being said, I completely agree with you overall. I have a hard time seeing Leadership as an alternate Aptitude for Interrogation, but that's about it.
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    Felenis reacted to Fgdsfg in Gain and Loss of Insanity and Corruption.   
    Inevitable insanity and the destruction of your soul is actually a key part of the setting and mood of Dark Heresy, that has somewhat gotten lost over the many supplements and twists and turns of the WH40kRP line.
    As far as I'm concerned, you're not actually supposed to reduce your Insanity or Corruption, but it is there as an option for those characters that makes a concentrated effort to stave off the inevitable corruption and creeping insanity once they feel themselves getting unhinged.
    The possibility is always there for certain actions and roleplaying circumstances lowering insanity or corruption, so if you want to, I'd just go for that. Maybe there should've been a sidebar suggesting this as an option, offering the experience expenditure up as a guideline.
    After all, 100xp spent represents a characters life experience being spent towards recuperating and dealing with the existential horrors of existence. If that experience is "spent" or if it's simply actions made that represents itself in "pre-spent" experience is really a moot point.
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