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  1. Also, don't forget about the Attack of Opportunity when someone disengages from Combat. If you run after someone as a full action, and actually make it to them, even if you can't attack, they can't run away without you getting a free attack on them. AND if they use the Run action to get away, you get a +20 to hit them with your attack
  2. This strikes me more as an issue of the requisitioning system, which I've always disliked. LordBlades gives us the example of an assassin dual wielding Stormbolters being much better then pistols. Well no duh, but at least back in Dark Heresy 1 those Stormbolters cost orders of magnitudes more then pistols, firing them was like attaching a hose to your wallet, and they were hard as hell to actually find. Weapons were more balanced by their prices and availabilities. Lack of a resource system beyond Influence is probably my biggest gripe with DH2, and I know when I'm running a game I'm just gonna use Thrones. Equipment is another form of character progression, and DH2 lets you bypass a lot of that progression right from Character creation, and then easily leap up the ladder further with Influence and Inquisitor Influence. Maybe thrones isn't the answer anymore, but there needs to be some other limiter on equipment, I think.
  3. Fgdsfg, it's an Inquisitor only talent path, and if you want to raise your skill level higher then +10, you need to invest in the regular skill from untrained and up. So not that bad at all
  4. Blather! No, but honestly, where are the old Flamer talents? Paranoia will be missed. One of the only easy ways to raise initiative Unremarkable, Light Sleeper, Meditation, Disturbing Voice, Total Recall, Forsight, and oh god I didn't even realize how many talents were gone until I started reading OW's list. Why were they all removed? Especially since these are the more narrative talents? Whatever, they are still perfectly there in OW, jut a little weird I'm also really hoping that they go the Only War route, and have new talents in each supplement.
  5. I personally hate point buy as a GM, but we also don't generate stats with totally random rolls. I make my players roll up 10 stats, then they can assign the rolls as they see fit. There's also one free reroll, which must be accepted, better or worse. And with DH2 having the + and - stats, I let them assign stats, and then roll the 3rd die to modify it. So a Feral World player could roll 2 and 8, assign it to Strength, and then roll a 3rd die, and if it's higher then the 2 it replaces it.
  6. Blood Pact, did you read more then two sentences of the post? And yeah, I would definitely allow it. It's ascension after all, already a clusterfucked broken mess, might as well let people shine at what they want to be doing
  7. Sorry, I should have been more clear, What I meant more was that Two Weapon Wielder Attacks have always been part of the same action. In DH 1 you could fire one or both pistols Full Auto in the same Full Action if you had TWW Since it was a full action, and you had no option for more actions, it's not a great example, but I was just pointing out that both attacks being one action isn't something new at all. Anyways, OW and DH2 do make it abundantly clear that it is just one action. Every entry of attacking action states that both attack actions can be made with just the one action. And the rules on 228 don't explicitly go against this, they just say you can make another attack action, which is what any attack is.
  8. Honestly, it mostly works the same way it's worked since DH1, and through all the other lines, it's just more streamlined and slightly better worded now. Yes, if you use a half action for a Lightning Attack, and have Two Weapon Wielder, as part of that Half Action, you can make either a Standard, Swift, or Lightning Attack with the other hand. It's all one Half Action
  9. I don't think a book like that is necessary at all. Black Crusade is already a well fleshed out game, and the alignment system is basically the Chaotic version of Aptitudes. If you want to play heretics in DH, you just agree among your group to play heretics. That said, I would really like a Radicals Handbook 2.0 After the Ordo Xenos and Inquisitors Handbook 2.0 of course
  10. It's actually not that bad at all. It's an alternative to Lightning Attack, with a higher chance of doing a lot of hits, but only ever useful when right in the middle of a huge combat, Whereas Lightning Attack is useful all the time, specifically focussing on one or two more powerful enemies
  11. No you can't. You can only perform two different half actions. And why do you think this, cps? The rules seem pretty clear that you can use any combination of Standard, Swift, and Lightning attacks with both hands if you're two weapon fighting
  12. Finally got my copy, and looking at the rules, You couldn't make a devastating assault and a whirlwind, since one is a full action, and one is a half action. You could however make two whirlwind attacks if you were duel wielding
  13. Actually, I think Shocking is way more powerful now. Quite glad my players never considered shocking weps worth it. In older stuff, shocking happened on any hit, but you got a toughness test to resist with +10 for every point of armour, so it only was really effective on unarmoured enemies. Now it's just cause damage? Toughness test or stunned and fatigued. Brutal
  14. So, what do you all suppose the forgotten gods are? They already did the Yu'vath, what direction could they go now? Regardless I'm always a big fan of FFG Xenos, Stryxis especially, so I'm sure it'll be good. Of course, the forgotten God could be C'tan Shard
  15. Damnit, startlingly close to the adventure idea I was planning, and probably has nicer art. Ok, they win this time. I'll buy a **** adventure
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