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  1. Mamut said: Oh Danielo, Danielo... :-) I do belive that Warhammer will have a lot of bann and restricted cards in the future. And I am not sad about it. Why? Because it's rather impossible to NOT make a mistake while creating so many cards. A creator of this game (Lucas atm) cant actually predict all links between all cards And please note that it's not a MTG where in T2 you got a limited card base. I am really happy that FFG watch over this game I totally agree with you, Mamut! And I want to say just one thing more: ban & restricted list could be ignored by players if they feel it's not fair (because they bought cards they can't use). Everyone can play at home with friends or organise un-official tournanents without ban and restricted list, it's mandatory only if you want to join to official circuit... But if you want to play an official competition, you have to respect more rules, made to find a better balancing between factions
  2. Jaszczurr said: - without Toughness I have auto-loose against Chaos and in mirror matches. It is very important againts Hounds, Plague Bombs, Dwarf Rangers, Sorceror of Tzenneth, and all HE indirect decks. For now I've never seen one in a tournament! Anyway, thanks for info, I'm going to test your deck against my rush and my rianimator!
  3. Ok, the one i saw was slightly different... Now I have some questions for you, if you want to reveal your secret strategies : - Why just 1 Pilgrimage?? It's a useful card, but only one... what does it mean? Couldn't you put 2 more? - No Long Winters? What can you do if your tombs make go down your "Reclaming the Fallen" as developements? - It seems you count on toughness ability... i think it's strange if you want to sacrifice most of your units... is that because of Chaos "shots"?
  4. Jaszczurr said: stormer said: Doc9 said: - The winner deck was an anti-meta, Jaszczurr did a great work but he built a strong combo deck focused against Empire... Why do everybody knows better how and why have I made my deck? It was not designed against Empire as meta in my city is empire-free. It is really hard to win with numerous Chaos decks, that eat empire for breakfast For me empire is kind of deck-checker which can evaluate if the idea is good or not. If the deck is weak than it will loose 99,999% against the best control deck - Empire. Wait till FFG restricts/bans Verena/Rodrick and everybody will want to restrict Unleashing/Sorceror of Tzennech, or some dwarf card. I still have to write it over and over again - restricting DF will bring balance to the game (in terms of controling decks). Jaszczur I agree, Jas, DF is a great boost for the very beginning... and you put it in your Dwarvern deck! But i think it's true you were focused on empire... for example, did you put beleguered scout in your deck? Without that card you can't resist against a good rush... and i didn't see that card in the list posted on this forum (but maybe the list is not right, or maybe you tought nobody plays Rush in an european! )
  5. Doc9 said: DB.Cooper said: The european deck (strong player) won by surprise. A single tournament/win doesn't say anything. What's important is a regular basys. But aren/t you the one that said something along the lines of , "lets wait for Stahleck, that will be the final answer"? Didn't you? I was that guy! Ok, Empire deck didn't win, but there is an answer: - 2 decks on 3 were Empire - Top 16 was made by 80% Empire - The winner deck was an anti-meta, Jaszczurr did a great work but he built a strong combo deck focused against Empire... What does suggest this? 1) Empire is the winning meta, there is no Control smarter, no Control is strong like this (the Jaszczurr deck is not a control deck, is a combo-based deck); 2) Almost everyone knows Empire is the strongest deck, so there are always too many "blue decks" in tornaments; 3) If Empire strength is well known, there is always someone who wants to break the meta by building an anti-meta. It's not easy, but if you strictly focus your deck against Empire, maybe you can do it, and suprise factor would be on your side. By the way, if you know that 70-80% decks are blue, it's easiler because you haven't to worry about other decks (like Rushes, for example) A card game in which there is only a winning meta shared by 3 players on 4 and in which only sometimes you can find in tournaments an anti-meta is not what I want... that's boring, if you like this you can play "yu gi oh", for example... but I'd like to find something different in Warhammer Invasion.
  6. I Italy we say (ironically): FFG President has a son, and he surely uses to play Empire! This could explain why Empire is so quick, so smart and lethal... an easy victory in most cases! Finally i have to say I agree with you, Mamut... Something is wrong with this meta...
  7. I Italy we say (ironically): FFG President has a son, and he surely uses to play Empire! This could explain why Empire is so quick, so smart and lethal... an easy victory in most cases! Finally i have to say I agree with you, Mamut... Something is wrong with this meta...
  8. Vamosamorir said: The possibility to destroy opponents zones... with 3, 8 or 45 resources. Some factions need more resources/draw to destroy a zone of your capital. Others can destroy you with few more than the always avaiable 3 resources of your kingdom. Empire need Friedich to win. NEED Friedich, nor DF. 3 cards in 50 of your deck. Without friedich is very very difficult to win for a true empire deck. Bacause as Jaszcurr says have no other way to destroy your zones. Other factions have another options. An HE or a Chaos decks can win the game with only 4 resources in KZ... can empire do????: NO It seems you forgot some other options... Friederick is not the only "finalizer" in empire decks... for example another great and versatile finalizer is Pistoler + Shrine to Taal in Kingdom. The point his: Empire is the best control deck in this game, the smarter in resources managent and playfield control... If this deck takes control (and it usually can do this very quickly) there's no way to get out from the "web", even if you are a good Rush or another Control. There's only hope for a very focused combo deck, if the combo is enough strong to close the game (like the dwarf RTF winner)
  9. rasdsaris said: DB Cooper said: The european deck (strong player) won by surprise. A single tournament/win doesn't say anything. What's important is a regular basys. He did not won by surprise, you focused so much on playing Empire, that you didn's see other strong builds. Your player - Stuch said to me, that you couldn't made a good Chaos deck, and he admit that my deck is something that you did not think about. Also my deck proved that can beat Empire at least in 50-60% of the games (and well played probably more). I can't agree with you. That deck is great, but is focused against empire meta... and it really was a big suprise. It was a good choice, a winning bet, because in top 16 over than 2 decks on 3 were Empire decks. But a deck like this, the greatest choice in that contest, is not versatile and "generalist" as Empire. Let me say I usually play Rush in tournaments (because I can't do enough playtesting to master easily a strong control deck) and i'm quite sure that dwarven deck is not able to resist against a good Rush (and in staleck there were no good Rush, that's sure). And again I'm not sure it's strong against a good Rianimator like against an Empire. In other words, I think it was "the right deck in the right place", because is an anti-meta and an unexpected surprise, but in a "normal" tournament it's hard to for it to get in TOP (in my honest opinion)
  10. Teokrata said: In Poland, We can beat overpowered Empire with Dwarves, Chaos or Orcs, but this decks have also weak matchups. Empire is strong against every race and every deck. The best economy setup (Forge, Rodrik, Hunstman), game breaker (Verena), control (Grove, Elite, Rodrik, Verena) and finishers (Hemmler, Karl Frantz) allow to crush every opponent. FFG ban VtHC and give the Empire Osterknacht's Elite with Call for Reserve engine instead... and now things like Scion of the Coin - 2/2 unit for just 2 and 1 loyality... Warpstone, Village, Forge, Hunstman, Scion of the Coin and the Empire will always start with min 3 power on 1st turn... Other races can't do things like this... Empire gets 2/2 unit for 2E and HE 2/2 unit for 3HeHe - is that BALANCE? and that is the MAIN PROBLEM with the Empire: the best setup and the best board control (develop, support, unit + total reset for the opponent with Verena) I quote everything. ...is that balance?
  11. BBSB12 said: Hi, So is this the RTF Dwarves deck that everyone is discussing? deckbox.org/sets/103130 Maybe is something similar, but i can't believe this is exactly the winning deck, 'cause I can't see Beleaguered Scout, whitout this Unit a deck like this one could be easily crushed by any fair orc-bats Rush!! If this is really the winning deck thsi fact confirms this deck is a great anti-empire deck but polish guys took really a great risk... they finally won a very dangerous bet!
  12. loken14 said: but if the 4 finalist beat 86 order doesnt that show that chaos/de is better than order Absolutely no... you have to count how many casual players are there, how many hours of playtesting everyone has played, and so on... in simple words, it depends to the level of the tournament. I repeat: let's wait for stahleck, just 2 days to the final verdict. Le'ts see what happens
  13. Vamosamorir said: In spanish championship, 2 chaos and 2 Dark elves in TOP 4. They have no problem with Rodrik raiders and Derricksburg forge. In fact, no order decks in semifinals Let's wait for Stahleck, that's the final verdict...
  14. Vamosamorir said: Perhaps we need to talk abaout the new OVERPOWERED quest of chaos in the future... Or there is only an issue with order decks. Last day i loose 3 games consecutive (playing DE and empire) vds chaos because this quest. But thence to request that restric it... Ok, but this is not considered a real playtesting... this is something similar to a "feeling". If a player uses that chaos deck (with the new quest) against best decks available made by every race (especially Empire) and he wins more than the half of the games (but every deck has to play at least 10 matches against it), then maybe we can start thinking about ovepowering or something like that... now it's really too soon to say that! And, by the way, the strength of the empire is not provided by a single card (like VTHC), there are so many good cards and combos: - it's quick (thanks mainly to Derricksburg Forge but not only it), - it's efficient (thanks to smart use of resources) - it's smart (thanks to combos, movements of units, recalls, etc) - it's lethal (thanks to Friederick, Karl Franz, etc) - it's well protected (thanks to cards like Church of Sigmar or Iron Discipline) ...Chaos is still very very far from all theese issues!
  15. But... after stahleck it will be no more considered like a winning deck!!
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