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  1. If by "too annoying to track" you mean "remember a specific trigger and do/measure something when that trigger happens" then yes, it would be as annoying to track as other upgrade cards that tweak the rules to do something a little different or out of sequence. Is it annoying to track which ships have Advanced Sensors equipped? What about which ships are within range 1 of an astroid when it is blown up by a seismic charge? I think it would actually speed up the game when it comes to the Lock action. Ships with this Long Range Scanners card equipped don't have to measure for Locks when they acquire them, just put down the token. Most of the time you will already know if the ship you locked is inside range 3 during the engagement phase when you declare them the target of your attack and have to measure range anyway. Unless someone has something like tractor beam that could potentially adjust their position during the engagement phase or end phase you can just remove the Lock tokens right away during the engagement phase if they didn't move into range 3. If you didn't attack your locked target that round, during the end phase you can measure for all your ships with the upgrade at the same time and remove the tokens for those that are now out of range.
  2. I think there is actually a pretty simple solution to this problem: Long Range Scanners: 0 pts When taking the Lock action, your action cannot fail. During the endphase when tokens are removed, measure the distance to any objects you have locked. If the locked object is beyond range 3 discard your Lock token. This simply reverses the way the Locks are acquired/failed, is completely worthless on higher initiative ships, and doesn't allow you to get double modded ordnance. Thoughts?
  3. After giving some pretty harsh criticism to your last podcast, I have to say this one was a big improvement. The overall tone was so much more positive, and I personally enjoyed Bob's "13 minute 20 second soliloquy rant on TLT." Although I did have a good chuckle when Kris said "people on the forums told me I can't disagree with Bob" because he is still missing the point as he often does when responding to Bob. I don't think anyone minds when he provides an opposing view point, but he could soften his word choice and attempt to provide at least a tiny bit of analytical justification for his disagreement apart from "TLT's are not 1 point over-costed because fly better." Keep up the great (and much improved) work! Your current and future fan...
  4. The discussion is not for everyone but rest assured that we get back to more familiar territory after the flight deck with some good talk about the Mist Hunter and then the rest of The Force Awakens. Kris It was how it was conducted that bothered me. I'll eventually get bored and go back to it I'm sure. As I said earlier in the Thread, I felt a little blindsided by the topic on the show as we had no prep for it like we would have if it were a regular segment not a part of the flight deck, no ones fault but the choice was to either only put one side across or to try to present counter points and a chose the latter. Kris Right. I agree with you. You did the right thing. It was the talking over and cutting others off that bothered me. Most of this was bob being a bit to shall we say eager to make his point. Well, frankly, that is because often others were attempting to make a counter argument that didn't understand the point Bob was making. He was (I think) attempting to say "you didn't understand what I said, so let's not go down that direction". Or, he could have sat there while Sean droned on and on for 45 minutes, because basically the entire cast spoke about how wrong he was while he said very little. (As a side note: For **** sake, somebody interrupt Sean every once in a while). Sorry, I've been catching up on podcasts, and realize I'm bringing up a week old thread... but this really bothered me too. I actually enjoyed the back and forth between Bob and Kris, as I thought they were making interesting points and counterpoints. While I do appreciate Sean's perspective as a TO on the amount of work involved, I reached the point where I just kept skipping ahead 10 seconds at a pop hoping not to hear Sean's voice. I've been hesitant to say anything because I don't like to call out one person, but I felt like he was basically lecturing Bob about how he should just get over it. It was almost like Sean was feeding off of Kris' energy, trading 1-2 punches. I took Kris' argument to be more "the small instances where it would have an impact don't make it worth the trouble it would cause," where as once Sean sank his teeth into this rather ironic idea (considering how much the rules have changed since the game started) that you shouldn't try to improve the rules, he just wouldn't let it go, and just kept lecturing Bob and the rest of us about accepting imperfection because that's just how things are - which to me, didn't seem to be Kris' point at all, and didn't add much to the discussion - but consumed a lot of it. And I feel bad critiquing Sean directly, but honestly, it has made it hard to listen to the rest of the episode... I have to say many of the above posts echoes my own feelings exactly, but I'm not sure they go far enough. I have been listening to Nova since the beginning, you guys have been one of my favorite podcasts for a long time. I apologize if this sounds harsh, but in my opinion the last few episodes have been way below your usually high standards. I have 2 major issues with the cast that are causing me to consider removing it from my listening queue. 1) The last 2 or 3 episodes I have been have been actively skipping through the parts of the podcast when Sean is talking. He NEEDS to find a way to be more concise with his thoughts, and make sure he has something new to add to the discussion. At this point you can listen to the first sentence he says, fast forward 5 minutes, and feel confident the only thing you missed was him saying the same thing over and over with a slight re-wording. 2) I cannot for the life of me figure out why Kris feels the need to attack EVERYTHING Bob says. For the millionth time we all already know MathWing isn’t a perfect representation of the actual competitive value of a ship, to my knowledge Bob has never claimed it to be. His sharp angry tone while arguing against Bob's competitive scoring suggestion was bizarre and unprovoked. It’s not simply that Kris disagrees with Bob and is playing devil’s advocate for entertainment value (or if he is then it isn’t working), his attacks consistently sound personal in nature and way over-the-top. It has gotten to the point where I can almost feel Bob’s frustration oozing out of my car stereo as he patiently explains, over and over again, the point he is trying to make while Kris spews vitriol and counter-arguments that indicate he doesn’t understand what Bob is trying to say and it makes him angry. It feels like there are some behind the scenes issues between the two of them that keep spilling over into the podcast. At this point I am torn as to what to do. I like Ed, Chris, and the gang and both understand and appreciate the work they put into the podcast. But currently the only reason to listen is to hear Bob talk or hope and pray that Paul Heaver makes an appearance. After listening to this specific episode I thought for sure it would be Bob’s last. I honestly don’t understand why he puts up with how he is treated. If I were in his shoes I would move to another podcast with people who can engage him on a similar intellectual level instead of railing against his attempts to move the competative X-Wing community forward by helping analyze ship point values and exploring ways to improve tournament rules. Your former fan…
  5. Not sure what you mean by double focus... You can focus with Advanced sensors, then do a red maneuver to get stress which he can use offensively like a focus. But he doesn't get 2 focus tokens. You can't action twice with Advanced Sensors, you action before you move then skip the normal perform action step. I meant that you could use Adv. Sensors to focus, do a red manuever and have both a focus token for defense and spend the stress to trigger his pilot ability to focus on offense.
  6. Hey guys, looking for some feedback. I just purchased the Rebel Aces set and am looking for the best way to kit out Mr. Farlander so that he is both survivable and still able to make the most of his pilot ability. Here are a few options that fit into the list I am constructing: 1) Farlander with Loan Wolf - Offensively free focus and a soft target lock when performing a red maneuver. Gets a reroll on defense as well to improve survivability. 2) Farlander with Advanced Sensors - Ability to double focus for both offense and defense or even target lock and offensive focus with a red maneuver. 3) Farlander with Push the limits - Allows him to stress himself without taking a red maneuver, then remove the stress during his attack. Unfortunately the large amount of red on the B-wing dial means PTL will be disabled fairly frequently. Thoughts?
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