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  1. what is the logic behind getting rid of your haversack to avoid losing something?
  2. Yes. I play two characters at the same time. Have never heard of anyone else doing this. It is a bit of a challenge but I love doing it.
  3. Thanks. That is how we have been playing it.
  4. One more question about drawing cards in another region. If city cards are placed on adventure deck and street sage is drawn again but on the main board, do we draw three city cards or adventure cards?
  5. When landing on the now terrain space, are we still drawing Woodland cards or regular Adventure cards?
  6. It is stated above that a character can have a path in any region. If he can get a path, using Wanderlust ending, only in the city, highland, dungeon or Woodland, and must discard said path upon exiting, how can he have a path in the outer or middle region. If drawing the Faerie Trod card in either of these two regions, he would never have a path to discard. That is how it appears to me. Can someone set me straight on when Faerie Trod would actually apply in the outer or middle regions?
  7. Thanks to all for the input. My understanding now is that until this enemy is defeated a person must "burn" the top card before they take their normal turn. I will go with this. I did see the rule about 1 fireland token per space. Will be in contact again if I have more questions.
  8. The "Ifrit Sultana" is an Enemy-Elemental. Strength/Craft 8. Card Reads: "The beautiful & terrifying Ifrit Sultana has claimed this world as her plaything. At the start of his turn each character must draw the top card of the Adventure deck. (would this be Adventure Cards only, what of City or Highland Cards?) If the card us "fireproof", place it back on top of the deck, otherwise, burn it. She will remain here until later. " Perhaps this burning of cards is continual until she is defeated???? If you draw a card and it is burnt, can you draw a replacement or is that your turn?
  9. When drawing the Ifrit Sultana card, one is instructed at the start of one's turn to draw, and possibly burn, a card. Is this just for the next draw of each player or for the rest of the game?
  10. Thank you for the positive feedback. I did not think Talisman was as poplular as some of the other games because I so seldom see anything new being sold. I do follow Talisman Island and am aware of the copious amounts of countries that participate in the realm of Talisman. Again, thank you for the uplifting news. Talisman has been my favorite game since it's conception. Looking forward to anything new that comes out.
  11. What about the fact that John Goodenough has moved on? Wasn't he the main designer of Talisman?
  12. Thank you, Harbourmaster, I do not know why I thought I had read it, but I have since gone through all of the rules of all of the editions of Talisman and reread all the articles, Q&A's and still could not find it. So I appreciate your input. I agree. A toad cannot carry. Thanks!
  13. I know it sounds strange, but I thought I read somewhere that if you were turned into a toad you did not have to drop your trinkets. Anyone else read this?
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