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  1. Got to http://dust-warfare.net/ they have lots of advice on all factions. Plus you will get a lot more feedback when you ask a question than here.
  2. Great!! I tried to join but it kept telling me to input my user name even though I had.
  3. I just moved into the area and will be teaching my brother how to play. I live in clearfield and will be playing at endzone as well.
  4. To answer your question about the walker transport. I would take it with the Nina, the dual rpgs only have a 16 inch range which then can be multiplied by the transport. Remember that the walkers can disembark from high altitiude allowing the heli and walker to be kept at a safer distance until you are ready.
  5. A stands for artillery like c stands cor close combat weapons. It is explained in the actual artillery weapon rules in the core book. The weapon doesn't actually have to have the artillery special rule. It just needs the a designation on the stat line.
  6. On January 5th I will be hosting a Dust Tactics/Warfare Demo Day coined "Dust Day" at Your Hobby Place in Martinsburg WV. It will start at 1pm and go until close around 8pm. We will be demoing both game and starting a league using the new Hades rules. Also if we get enough people we will have a mass battle depicting the Battle of the Bulge, specifically the Siege of Bastogne.
  7. Great work sir Great Work, you've inspired me to pick up the aero walkers. Yours look awesome!!!!
  8. My bet would be Vrill as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever is below Zverograd is where they will come from. It could be a giant space ship with thousands more Vrill hiding in hibernation waiting for rescue when suddenly their ship is breached and they must fight or die. Nice and convenient since they are already on the earth and can claim all that underground as their territory and strike anywhere on the planet like the Locusts form Gears of War
  9. What would be nice is a platoon upgrade allowing a non-aero walker to be transported, like the air Cavalry upgrade.
  10. How did you run the rest of your army? What took out what? I know that if you don't neutralize certain units asap then you might as well kiss your models goodbye. For example his hammers if he had them should have been baited out into the open and then gunned down with everything you had available.
  11. Totenmiester's base is awesome very super scifiish!!
  12. So with the announcement of Winter's Child I can't help but wonder how the supers will play in the game. Will they take up extra platoon sections or will they be higher points than other heroes. The picture the show of WC is him against a horde of zombies, will this be the actual case? I don't know but can't wait to find out!! Also what will the supers be for Axis and Allies? They have odd heroes like totenmiester and ozz117 but who will be the actual supers for these faction?
  13. What other infantry units have a weapon that can even wound a I3 or I4 model? They also are good at wounding T2 and T3 as well. I see them getting used more as infantry and vehicle units with a higher armor value start to show up in warfare. They would be very effective against SSU copters that are flying low to drop off their payload. Down comes the chopper out comes the laser and pop!! No more chopper.
  14. The transport and auxiliaries are separate units in the book. This goes for the walker transport as well. Having multiples would be good as there is an upgrade that makes all of your soldier units transport friendly. The commissar lead platoon allows you to take the transport as your extra and you can also take up to four auxiliaries. The medvedi platoon allows you to take up to three auxiliaries. The auxiliaries have a spec ability that allows them to disembark even after the transport has moved, making them very versatile in the attack. The transport moves up to 36" and bam out jump the aux to deal some damage. The platoon upgrade I was talking about gives this special ability to all soldier units. So instead of aux you can drop that cc unit behind the big old nasty walker and bam no more walker. One last thing about the aux they are ap cheap!! but still can do a bit of hefty damage to anything if you play them right.
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