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  1. I also sometimes have trouble with the order of stuff, I keep rulebook for the statis phase, I also have to keep reminding my new players to activate systems, they tend to move before activation.
  2. I know some people who I know love the game, but they like to pretend that they think it is boring. When they play the game they get really into it. I need some tips on how to get them to play.
  3. all right I'm going to get my self a copy.
  4. I need help, is it worth getting the Shattered Empire expansion even if I most likely will not play an eight player game?
  5. wormholes of the same kind count as adjacent for all purposes including transfer actions.
  6. Thanks for the help. I really needed it.
  7. I got my copy of twilight imperium today, I now how to play but I am horrible at teaching games. If you could give me tips on how to teach new players that would really help me out.
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