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  1. This is the only reason why i -sometimes- hate FFG... i have just spent a fortune on purchasing these OOP products, and now they are re-distributing them. The community asked them million time if they would "re-print" them, but no answer till now. Just great. No, it's not!! 😥
  2. I'd sleeve the whole investigator deck based on the class. (not all the cards individually based on the class 😋)
  3. I started to think about having/creating custom card sleeves for the game. The base on the backside should be the color for the specific class + the symbol in the middle. Due to the new investigators and to be futureproof, min. 50pcs of sleeves would be required per class. (Another option would be to replicate the backside of the player cards.) During my "investigation" i didn't find any, already available solution (eg. on etsy - any help?). I found a couple of companies offering custom card sleeves: Mtg Top Shop Custom TCG Card Sleeves Lightning Store (Yeah, i know it's not a cheap pimping option. But it would make the game fancier for sure.)
  4. They need to make them as separate Tarot deck!! (Maybe PoD, but still... we need it :P) If they did calendars this year...
  5. I really like the things i've seen so far, however i'm really curious if (how?) this format supports foreign (smaller*) language adaptation... this game would add an additional flavour if you could have it in your own language. *with relatively smaller player base I know that french version is there, but recently more and more games are translated for smaller countried. Mostly driven by local boardgame distributors, with -hopefully- the permission of FFG ?. (All Arkham games are good examples, as the Lovecraftian language is not that "friendly" for non-natives.)
  6. Aldus


    Over at BGG one of the Gen Con game instructor spoiled some info, also on the dice used in the game.
  7. 1. I'm wondering why they had the 4 player cap. (Further expansions?! Balancing issue with 5+ players?!) 2. Will we be able to play with more characters from the same class?! (Or for this you will need more "core" sets to buy?!)
  8. Does anyone have any experience with the e-raptor acrylic token sets? Any words on quality, durability? Also i tried to figure out what is the differnce between the clues in the complete set and the separate Clue set. (Tokens in complete set show map locations on one side and WHAT on the other?! While "pure" clue tokens have magnifying glass on both sides?) Thanks for any help!
  9. Yes = retailers have no clue. I have also asked my local store when i can expect this or that FFG products (eg. Hour of the Huntress novels) and they are always saying: "It's FFG, you can never really know when they will start distributing their products :P". In a recent FB post even they (aka FFG) have admitted this fact. Quote #1: "[...] the truth of the matter is that every game’s story from production to play is different, and release dates can vary for any number of reasons!" They also hinted - Quote #2: "[...] we’re shooting to get both of these games [Fallout & Civilization] out into the world within the next six weeks or so, barring any unexpected challenges." Based on these there is no chance that the game will hit the market even on the 11th of Nov.
  10. Aldus

    Nothing new ?!

    Is it?! Can you share some official source for that?
  11. Anyone knows what is the role of the blue & red Nuka-Cola caps? And what's the difference between the 2 colors? (From demos it seems there are more red caps than blue ones) Or they have the very same role with different design only?
  12. Finally some spoilers! Setup & a bit background info why 12 players are required to play this scenarion would be more than enough. These standalone scenarios seems to be a good fillers between campaigns, but as they don't introduce any player cards, they are a bit tricky / not cost-worthy (?).
  13. Still no ETA. It seems that this could remain as an "adventure" for big (FFG) events. Although i'm very curious how it plays out with more teams working in the "case".
  14. Still no ETA?! Why?! (=because of those bloody samurai?! )
  15. I was lucky enough to purchase some brand new ones (a few years back), when the Arkham Art sleeves were out-of-print. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fantasy-flight-supply/ As they perfectly fit perfectly with Arkham Horror LCG (both from sizes & theme wise), are there any plans from FFG to re-print these?! Or there is no demand for them?! (i would doubt that)
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