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  1. Poyet


    1. there is radio (RADIO COMMAND) missing from TPW VI-C “PRINZLUTHER" stat line in cb hades 2.point value of HORTEN HO-347.III “FLEDERMAUS III” should be revisited (compare to P-48X) 3. the biggest issue that axis have right now is under-performance of their army defying feature "laser" weaponry. hard cap on re-rolls broke math and from DT high risk - high reward, in DW we have high risk - mediocre effects High Visibility Laz upgrade tried to adders issue but : a: obligatory upgrade is just bad rule design (through taking tactical choices) b: raisining point value of already overpriced units i understand that removing hard cap requires upgrading lots of related rules. i understand that revising point cost of laser units would be hard task, none less some fix is required my proposed solution. all LASER weapon get new special rule: High energy setting -double dice for attack - reload token - resolve spray/1 attack if inf,or 1/1 attack if vehicle -against HES using unit
  2. Poyet

    Worst unit?

    Moe-them-down said: There is no situation I can imagine (please correct me) where a reaper squat with rhino is not superrior to hammers with rhino. 1.IN DEF As target for Zombies, Gorillas etc 2.vs Armor target
  3. Emperor Kane said: Hi everyone. Hey and welcome Emperor Kane said: Does the two extra spaces provided by the scout vehicle skill mean that a walker can move one space forward for it's movement and a second space diagonally for it's two extra spaces? Yes. Diagonal first = one ,second = 2 works in all cases , extra movement , fast , speed 2 units , weapon range , jump etc. cheers
  4. Loophole Master said: Yeah, that's something that's always bugged me as well. Apparently, according to that example, because the Napalm is range 2, it can hit two adjacent targets, even if they're both at range 1. This opens a danegrous precedent, specially for Range 3 flamers like the Fireball, and specially Tesla weapons with range 6. It becomes impossible to determine who they hit and who they don't. You still need to present clear & one trace to target unit , so for range two its 2 squares to attack , and for range 6 = 6 squares to attack. I would prefer "have to choose shortest way to target" but i can live with that interpretation.
  5. Loophole Master said: When I read the rules for darkness, a neat concept popped into my mind for a custom scenario. An underground (or indoors) battle where the facility's light system is malfuntioning. At the beginning of every round, roll a die. On a hit the light is on, and darkness has no effect. On a blank the light is off and normal darkness rules apply. It could create an interesting dynamic, if you're making your advance under cover of darkness, and randomly the lights turn on and you're fully exposed. Or someone you were shooting previously suddenlt disappears from view as the lights go out. Greate idea! i was thinking of something like that my self o^-^o
  6. in friendly games i tend to separate LOS cover {corners, darkness etc} with terrain cover {tank traps , ammo crates, buildings}. LOS cover is never ignored by weapons special rules and works for units that normaly are not allowed to be beneficial of cover like Walkers , heroes etc. but with recent changes to corner corner no los thing , iam sure its not where game is heading .
  7. You set number of dices to be rolled when you declare attack with x/+ weapon line. i think its most elegant solution any way you can decide to use x/+ first ,so rest is just trying to cach oponent on fiddly rules and stupid mistake.
  8. Poyet

    Worst unit?

    for axis is hard to tell … there is some redudancy here and there … like wotan , laser jagd grenadiers, 2 hermans. or flame luther vs 2 loths also Super Heavy AT version req opponent to use super heavys to be worth it. Super Heavy AA has not enough weapon lines… infantry 2 becomes obsolete with infantry 3 with phasers, Loophole Master said: That's a, uh… good question. With two Jnetzi squads you get an extra activation, improved cover, much better range and the Sniper ability. The only reasons I can see to pick the Ohotniki over a couple Jnetzi are: - Like me, you don't use multiples of the same unit type. - You want more longevity for the widowmakers, which the 3 grunts offer… +can do some damage in CC +you can add commisar to unit {snipers are too squishy} I think that you should aproch problem from diffrent angle …You choose Ohotniki when you need range 6 infantry squad with 2 dices vs armor 4 sniper squad is in difrent position on organisation chart and should be used difrently.. Loophole Master said: "- Like me, you don't use multiples of the same unit type. i love that idea should be offical rule in tournaments.
  9. wildger said: I believe the game designer has put in quite an effort in marketing Dust in Japan. It is natural that Japanese should come first. Sure but iam quite confident that selling ww2 japan stuff in japan is very tricky/its sensitive subject….. There are almost non ww2 military japan/imperial army pop culture products/toys made in Japan….
  10. not finished painting yet need some details as well.
  11. some pictures its not fully painted yet.
  12. hey first: i scratchbuilded laser version of shwer-panzerkamplaufer VI. Think Konigsluther with two gigant laser canons. Whot i need is opinion on how point value and shwer zupper laser kannone should be. {for now iam stating it as two Wotans with two wotans fire power , point cost and KL damage points second:i would like to hear yor opinions on KL S-PzKL VIA performance . thx and cheers
  13. Jayjazz99 said: …… Am I really the only one who prefer a story like this for Japan instead of 'here's a subgroup of the axis'. first. The Axis powers (German: Achsenmächte, Italian: Potenze dell'Asse, Japanese: ??? Sujikukoku), also known as the Axis alliance, Axis nations, Axis countries, or just the Axis, was the alignment of nations that fought in the Second World War against the Allied forces. The Axis grew out of the Anti-Comintern Pact, an anti-communist treaty signed by Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan in 1936. The Kingdom of Italy joined in 1937. The "Rome–Berlin Axis" became a military alliance in 1939 under the Pact of Steel, with the Tripartite Pact of 1940 leading to the integration of the military aims of Germany and its two treaty-bound allies. At their zenith duringWorld War II, the Axis powers presided over empires that occupied large parts of Europe, Africa, East and Southeast Asia, and islands of the Pacific Ocean. The war ended in 1945 with the defeat of the Axis powers and the dissolution of the alliance. Like the Allies, membership of the Axis was fluid, with nations fighting and not fighting over the course of the war. so blutkreuze and germans are already subfaction. its still alt history game.Organised around themes of WW2 so we have Stalingrad&Ardenes {Urban and winter + Winter and trenches} with zombie and lasers. In future i expect Pacific with marines japanese zombies etc and Africa with weird italians Zombie Rommel and Afganistan based ReDs second i play scenarios with pure blutkreuz as faction usualy vs pure Himler Old Guard {zombie ,apes, lasers vs "regular" units like battle grenadiers} third in artbook Japan has distinctive mecha , upgraded infantry and ninjas cheers
  14. Iam back after wery long time so Hello fellow dust-ers 1.It seems that opposed corner rule blocking LOS is gone from revised 2.Vehicles does not get cover save so , whole paragrapf : liNe of Sight ArouNd corNerS If a unit is adjacent to impassable terrain, it can target a unit who is also adjacent to impassable terrain when both units receive corner cover from the same side. If a unit is adjacent to impassable terrain, it cannot target a unit who is also adjacent to impassable terrain when the units receive corner cover from different sides Have nothing to do with walkers . So corners does not block LOS to Vehicles…. cheers
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