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  1. I just send them to walmart and have them printed up as 4 x 6 photos. Cheaper than spending the ink myself. I then just run them through the laminater. Works like a champ and we use the cards everygame. Rodney I just sent you an email
  2. Looks good Kevin thanks for the work. Glad to hear vacation was good,
  3. Wow man I love it. Its got a cool retro vibe going for it kind of like the Ashley Woods World War Robot stuff…which is a good thing.
  4. I use them and they work well enough. Better in Tactics but thats kind of niether here nor there when talking Warfare. But if the general consensus is that they need a boost I would keep it simple and not try to change any of the special rules (or anything of that nature that may effect other untis). Why not just change the stat line of the normal Laser–Gewehr to a 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/1 or 2/1 2/1 2/1 1/1 across the board for soldier targets? This would give them alittle more punch against infantry, no change vs. vehicles, and dosnt not alter the special rules of any other units (the heavys are fine as is). Another option would be to give them assault making it easier to close with the enemy to compensate somewhat the range issue. Like I said Im OK with them as is but if the rules are changed to give them a boost I would rather that not effect any other units and it keeps with the streamlined nature of the rules.
  5. It just needs to be less than one inch away which forces the soldier unit to move. Any soldier unit that is less than 1 inch during or at the end of a vehicles movement is affected by the overrun rule. "A Vehicle may move through enemy Soldier units. It is not required to maintain a distance of 1” during its movement, or at the end, from enemy Soldier units. When a Vehicle moves through a unit of Soldiers (either friendly or enemy) it causes an overrun. If the vehicle would end its movement within 1” of any Soldier miniature, that miniature must move the minimum distance to be at least 1” away from the vehicle, by the shortest route possible.." DWCR pg.37
  6. @ Kevin They are differnet models they just look really similar in the pics.
  7. Fast and Jump can be used together. The Jump special ability can be used any time a model moves.
  8. He has received the pics. Paolo is actually pretty cool and helpful. On a related note is there anyone out there with some photoshop or gimp skills that would like to make cards for the Dust Models kits? Paolo was also intersted in those cards being made and said he would provide pics.
  9. Its a "Dustified" Autobolinda 41. Most likely its the Italeri kit.
  10. Its a "Dustified" Autobolinda 41 (probably the Italeri kit). Looks cool though and I would like to see them release more models like that.
  11. Friendly vehicles may move through friendly soldier models but doing so incurs an overrun. "When a Vehicle moves through a unit of Soldiers (either friendly or enemy) it causes an overrun." DWCR pg37. The move restriction only applies to friendly soldiers moving through vehicles (which they cant do) DWCR pg 36.
  12. "Wilhelm NDAK Tank Commander" www.dustgame.com/products_d.php Pretty cool model but does anyone want to take a guess of what he is riding in?
  13. I did something similar and filed down the retaining pegs slightly so that the entire floor section can be lifted off without effort. When reseated the pegs still hold it in place to the buildings structure. This allowed the building to be assembled the with integral floors in the sections. All in alI it works pretty good. You loose some variety as the building is static though… which dosnt bother me as I will just go buy another kit or 2 if I want a different building. I will try and get some pics up later in the week.
  14. No Japanese or Vrill at Gencon. Id assume they will do what the did with the russians and announce them at the beginning of the year and stagger the releases over the course of the year. But I do have hopes for the Japanese being first as Paolo and Oliver have hinted at thats the way its going to go. Plus this pic has been floating around the last week: If what we are seeing is a sprue for the US Marines weapons then Id guess there is going to be some poor Japanese soldiers for them to kill
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