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  1. So a couple of Canadian retailers are taking pre-orders for an expansion called Shadowed Paths. Price is almost as much as the core set ($85 CAD) so it must be big.
  2. My initial thought on this is yes but here goes. Thalin is committed to quest during phase 2 of Journey Down the Anduin; after we resolve questing we have 15 of 16 progress tokens on the quest. During combat, Legolas kills an enemy, producing 2 more progress tokens and moving us on to stage 3, the Ambush. While revealing the 4 cards for the Ambush we draw 1 location, 1 treachery and 2 Crows. Does Thalin`s ability still trigger at this point, thereby wiping out the crows? There were no other enemies in play so this would give us a quick win on stage 3. He was committed to the quest and the Crows were revealed from the Encounter Deck; there is nothing on Thalin`s card to specify which phase of the turn he does or doesn`t apply to. Assuming the answer to this question is yes,how do we feel about Thalin`s ability entering the last stage of Journey through Mirkwood; for instance if you have to pull Ungoliant`s Spawn out of the encounter discard pile, does Thalin still damage him? Many apologies if this has already been covered, I read the posts about Thalin vs. Surge but didn`t find anything on these scenarios.
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