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  1. hello so far i've a simple set up phone no real mike.. so after play chat.. but i've always like to photo my sessions recently started timelapsing my games too , still getting my head around the editing but figuring out now how to slow down section and over lay text love the expos live stream showing over shoulder cams of the cards , any how loving the game and picking up the new set tomorrow too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjwxk4fgPLI
  2. I'm kinda doing both time lapse and still report on blogger and YouTube.. your detail and story and fantastic
  3. Ok re upload after the rain stopped .. pity liked the 1st chatter more.. https://marksdicetales.blogspot.com/2019/03/star-wars-legion-han-chewie-vs-2.html
  4. Love the laser effect photos been wanting to add those effects to my pics.. for a while lasersword is not on android I guess once you have a few files mocked just the 1st one would take the most time.. you done any more like this ?
  5. https://marksdicetales.blogspot.com/2019/02/a-star-wars-legion-battle-report-palp.html also some X-wing games on there too missed a few critical rules.. some more important then others still the most enjoyable wargame out there.. currently waiting on post man for specialist and my own chewie
  6. https://marksdicetales.blogspot.com/ links to you tube hyperlapse and chat too Legion too.. and more.. 2 xwings out so far .. tryed for 2 of each game im played quality and such improving with each video i'd love some feedback too looking forward to the new to me old you 2.0 ship coming ...
  7. ah cool stumbled upon this on youtube today before this post :-) liked the look alot
  8. Just getting in to x-wing 2.0.. Thinking star destroyer bombing runs .. the models might be to big but a tile template maybe ? So want a rouge one ..space gate n vs ground so at-st templates .. so runewars battle Mat.. flat trooper tiles .. and terrain tiles ..3d colt style at ats maybe.. and similar space gate star destroyer scenarios...any one done this..feel it's a go.er...
  9. cool. whos the showcase page for ? whys it hard to find.....(just seen the showcase button to right of website ) I thought faramir and Arwen.. but guess they will be expansion bait.. any news on the monsters? Golumn?
  10. monster appearance probability slider.... e.g i can load in all my content .. but i can have unpainted or unliked monsters not show up be happy with a compromise that core set monsters must always be present.. option after completing a campaign just play some quests as and side quests 1 offs...
  11. getting crushed need to relearn some things
  12. i've not see standby used.. yet.. even for bikes.. probably play with just over 25% terrain area and scatter and large walls.. i was thinking of trying to cave out a cave interior base.. for a more corridor effect map.. when we have try to play it.. i've seen people just measure the 2 range and stay out of range
  13. 1) T47 the harpoon has impact 1.. but not of the the armour text other impact 1 cards have.... does impact just affect Armour? or am i confusing 2 things,..? 2) Can Wedge Arsenal shoot his front gun.. pivot shoot his back gun at same target ... 1 pool?
  14. Ewok gliders would tip the balance and rock thrower catapults .. "bows and arrows vs the lighting "
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