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  1. 0beron said: I wouldn't even say this character is absoloutely female. Hair might not be long enough. But from the old City space on the main board are three characters that don't have 'new' game aspects ie; a new space or card etc inside the expansion. So she's The Enchantress? (looks more like a Squire to me, Page, etc.) Sounds like you think that we talk about the "guy" to the left of the red headed lady (the Spendthrift card I think it is), wich we're not. The discussion is about the woman to the very right side of the box. The one with the red hair.
  2. Dam said: Bolithio said: How often, after playing a Talisman game for 2-3 hours do you feel like playing for another hour or two after getting to the crown? All of the hidden endings more or less have a resolution to the game that is reasonably achivable, unlike gaining 20 gold - which could take a whole game to aquire. Thats why the endings that require players to gain things prior to winning are face up from the begining. Never, since games are over before reaching the 2 hour mark. Tell that to a guy I know. Apparently he and his friends had been playing a game for 11 hours
  3. Nioreh said: Ååååh, jag önskar mig verkligen exakt samma sak. Kör jämt med hidden ending och skulle verkligen vilja inkorporera danse macabre-slutet. ..orginalslutet tycker jag är helt kasst, inte helt sällan är ju folk rätt OP mot slutet och kan bara heal sig i oändlighet (Alchmisten….. :/ ) Gör som jag. Ta en annan ending ni inte spelar för tillfället (typ Warlock Quests) och använd den som stand in för Dance Macabre. När ni väl dragit den tar ni bara fram det utskrivna Dance Macabre slutet och kör med det
  4. This is a little mystery. I know that I have all the 82 City cards, but when I look at the artwork surrounding the borders of the City-box (after you put the top lid off), I can see a woman with red hair and eyes making a spell of some sort. I cant find the artwork on any of the City-cards. Somebody who can cast light on this mysterious woman?
  5. There are quite a bit of other endings that start out revealed like those two you named. Warlock Quests from The Frostmarch expansion, Sacred Pool from the Sacred Pool expansion, Dragon Slayers and Domain of Dragons from The Dragon expansion Lightbearers from the Blood Moon expansion There you have it. With Assassins guild and Merchant Guild there are 7 of them
  6. Game number 8: Characters: Merchant vs Vampiress Another game where we only where two players. No biggie, but it's always funnier with some more competition I was the Merchant and started out into the City with a plan to buy the Flail with my 5 starting gold. No problemo, got it after a couple off rounds. The Vampiress didn't have the same luck. She was struggling down by the spaces beside the Graveyard, being beaten by Hydras and whatnot. The Merchant set out towards the Dungeon after he aquired the Flail, killing some enemies and powered up his Strenght and Craft. After a while had the Vampire lady moved to the other side of the board to seek the luck in the City. Actually she was pretty lucky at first, sold some items at the Alchemist and did some dirty work (yeah for real, she drew the Dung sweeper), to earn the gold she needed to also buy a Flail. Then the luck turned once again, and the turn after she bought the Flail she lost it to some shady city person… The Merchant got tired of the Dungeon after a while so he returned to the City and started to hunt down the Vampiress. The reason was that he had aquired the Holy Avenger follower in that dark, damp place. So he kicked her undead butt and got another stat boost. Now the Merchant was quite powerful so after hunting down some enemies on the main board he thought it was time to go down into the Dungeon once again, this time to defeat the Dark Lord who dwells there. At this time the Vampiress had gotten hold of another Flail and was also going for the Dungeon. Sadly after some bad card draws she died there, and we decided to end the game there as the Merchant was about to win. And yes, just to see if he was able to kill the Lord of Darkness and beat him with 8+ to go to the Crown we did the fight anyway. And yes, he had 11 in Strenght and with the flail he rolled double sixes, so the Lord of Darkness could'nt even roll a die… Winner: Merchant Loser: Vampiress
  7. Hmm, you have a point. But I'm not convinced. About "illegal movement". If you play with the alternitive movement rules for the Dungeon where you can only walk downward towards the Treasure Chamber unless you flee, then you have to go towards the Entrance untill you are out. With those rules it would be illegal for the Reaper to move counterclockwise unless he declared to flee, wich just seams stupid, and those hunted by him would take the opportunity to make him flee out if they rolled a 1. So I think the NPC:s may break to movement rules in some cases, and thus far we played that they can move in any direction in the City. Which for me makes more sense. You are not supposed to be more safe in the city than anywhere else…
  8. Dr.Faust said: Rhanny seems to me to be like--one of those weird AOs (though, I know since this is Lovecraft weird is definitely relative). There seems to be a good many simple means of taking him down, especially if you have blessings and things that let you re-roll dice like clues and Amanda's ability. I don't think you can use clues to re-roll his lifedraining attack. As I read it you can only use clues on skill checks, or am I wrong?
  9. Forget it, I found out about the "extra rules" covering this…
  10. Today when I played a Final Battle against Rhan-Tegoth I discovered that if you have Leo in the team you can't lose. Leo's ability to prevent one stamina loss makes your investigators to never lose that last stamina, which means you'll win as long as at least one investigator is able to hurt the AO. Have someone else discovered this bug or am I the first one?
  11. Sorry for maybe sounding a bit rough. The rules about the Reaper entering any other boardregion is not covered in the rulebooks, but it is explainen in the FAQ. If you don't have read it, check it out. You can download it here on the site
  12. Fogity said: I just got The City as a birthday present last week and I am going to play i tomorrow for the first time. I want to play with most of the other expansions to, so I will be using the Time card in the game. To spice things up I intend to make this affect the city in the following ways: a) Shops are closed during nighttime, no entering. b) The streets are vacated during nighttime, movement in either direction. This makes the city work very differently during the night than the day. Basically make it work as a normal region at night. Do you, after playing The City, have any comment as to wither this is a good idea or if it is a bad idea. I also wonder how you like to play with the NPC and additional boards. Officially the Grim Reaper is not to enter any of the boards but the Werewolf can. I am thinking of allowing the Reaper to move onto other boards as well, I se no big problem with allowing it. Thoughts greatly appreciated. Fogity I think you read the rules wrong. The Reaper can enter expansionboards. Neither the Reaper or Wherewolf can enter the Inner region though..
  13. The_Warlock said: Still, I don't see any ways to solve the probable stalemate between 2 Lycanthropes fighting on the Crown of Command with standard ending. Well, I do. Just skip the lycan-rules at the Crown and things will work out just fine
  14. Uvatha said: There is no reason why this can't be done. Yes a 5-6 can be rolled but a 1 can too thus losing a life. So sooner or later someone must win. Personally "Battle Royal" needs a extra rule "no player my heal life" I'm adding this to my games. Don't even know how possible this really is. It's my understanding that the WW can't even enter the Inner region, thus what will happen on 4 or 5-rolls? Then it will also go on forever, as you can heal on 5 or 6 rolls as you can add 1 to the score if your an lycanthrope…
  15. You can only cast the number of spells you started your turn with. So if you have three spells at the start of your turn you can cast them all. And you are corrrect in that you can only cast one spell in each other characters turn.
  16. In this case I would say that the Battle Royale-rules takes part instead of the Wherewolf-rules, just to crown a winner (which is near impossible if two wherewolfs are fighting each other).
  17. Yeah, as I always tell new players, Look at the spell's description, it always tells you where, when and how to cast it. The three most common conditions: Cast at the start of YOUR turn Cast at the start of ANOTHER characters turn Cast at any time So your scenario is totally possible with the right spells, but very unlikely to happen as the Warlock already explained.
  18. Nidhogg2


    Just take the trinket from him when you win and drop it. Problem solved
  19. All characters speciall-encounter skills are worded "… from a character that you land on." Just look at the Sorceress or Vampiress, it's the same wording.
  20. You can only remove one card. To destroy more card there is the Obliterate spell…
  21. crowtongue said: So in essence, if a spellcaster can throw away another card in place of the spell they want to use, once per ROUND they can do this. To be honest, it is annoying, but not nearly gamebreaking. It depends on the spell. But being able to throw Strenght or Craft-spell each time it's your characters turn I must say is pretty gamebreaking…
  22. Sorry for the bad spelling in the latest post. Was a bit drunk and to excited, so I couldn't wait with the post. I hope the messege got throgh at least
  23. Game number 7: Characters: Tavern Maid, Spy, Cat Burgler, Doom Sayer, Vampyre Hunter First game with the City. Interesting. Interesting characters as well. The Tavern Maid "stole" sCitybome gold from us at the beginnning. I played the Spy and was broke… The Cat Burglar tried to burglar from some shops, but she only got a Stilleto and a Psychic Crystal at the beginning.Then she was trownd in jail… I played the Spy and I saw the Gremling enter the regular Adventure deck early with the Bazaaar event. That made me go some rounds around the City. We recognised the City really dragged out of time with little enemies to kill just trying the best to gain gold and to shop. The Doomsayer got hold of a Flail and tried to kick the Tavern Maid's ass, but was kicked instead, thus the Maid gained the flail. Then the Maid died suddenly in the Highlands and was replaced with the Vampire Hunter. When the Doomsayer finnaly exited the city and draw the Gremlin, thus I felt safe to go out from town. To late it seamed as the Cat Burglar was "powerlevling" at the Temple and gained some serious stats. The Cat was going for the win not so long after tghat, so she draw the new Thief's Guild ending and stole everything from us, down to our last lives… Winner:Cat Burglar Losers: Spy, Tavern Maid, Vampire Hunter, Doom Sayer
  24. Hamal22 said: My bet is the cat!! Sorry, I live in Sweden so I don't know your time "limit", but here it's after 12'a clock so I say your right. The Cat Won. Further information will come in the morning… (we drank some beers while we played (damned Tavern Maid))
  25. Ok folks, place your bets! We are in a middle of a game. Spy, Doom Sayer, Cat Burglar and Vampire Hunter (who's an replace for the Tavern Maid who died). Who do you think will win? The results will be up tomorrow…
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