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  1. I was looking to buy some PoD products from the online store. 

    I know you can't buy PoD products together with other none PoD things in the store. 


    But now there are several PoD products that you can't order at the same time?

    I can't order LotR Lake Town PoD with the Nightmare Mode Decks for instance. 


    Or the new Star Wars PoD's. 

    If I add any of them to the cart, most other PoD products become unavailable. 


    Is this a bug or a temporary thing?

    Or do these PoD have to be shipped separately? 

  2. I can only find 2 of the 3 Nightmare mode decks for sale in the store. 

    Passage Through Mirkwood and Escape from Dol Goldur. 


    I can't find Journey Along the Anduin anywhere. 

    It's on the LotR PoD products page.

    But when I click it there I just end up on the main page of the store. 


    Anyone ells noticed this?

    And any idea when it will be fixed?

  3. With the announcement of Infiltration I would say theres a good chance of something new coming to Android. 

    Probably not a big box expansion, but maybe a PoD expansion?
    Or maybe (if we're really lucky) they could do a big box stand-alone expansion, like for Mars?
    That way, if the stand-alone sells well it would most probably boost Android sales as well.  gran_risa.gif

  4. Hi.

    After getting into several of FF Living Card Games (Great games by the way!) and with the release of Star Wars LCG around the corner,
    something really has to be done about the online store.
    Especially the LCG section.  

    They should be grouped together in Cycles. 
    Like they are on the product page. 

    Because finding the correct expansion packs for LCG isn't easy as they are sorted now. 

    So please FFG, make it easier for me to give you my money!  8o)

    -The Rog

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