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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from Sarone in Base Building - Mixed EotE, AoR, F&D   
    I like these rules so far is there any way we can get NPCs that are more Edge and F&D focused? Also how about adding a slice of area into the base?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to P-Dub663 in Base Building - Mixed EotE, AoR, F&D   
    Reworked the morale mechanic for my game.  Instead of making it a number that fluctuates based on events, I changed it to add blue dice to skill checks.  So a sauna will give all of the NPCs in the base one blue, and the cantina will give them a second blue.  Therefore, if they're out hunting or defending the base, the troopers could, in theory, have +2 blue dice for their checks.
    Next up will be NPC characters.  As time progresses I expect the party to recruit people to help keep the base functioning.  For example a Mon Calamari technician would be great to have around to man the hangar.  The gymnasium and the target range will allow NPCs to start training their abilities to be more useful.  So if the Mon Cal tech spends a week at the shooting range, he can increase his ranged: light skill to include more dice.  I'm thinking that most of the NPCs will be of minion status, so as they train, they'll start adding green dice to their pools to a maximum of 4.  YGGGBB sounds like a respectable dice pool for minions who will be defending the base against potential attacks.  This will also give the Mandalorian leader something to use all of his command abilities on.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to fist in Base Building - Mixed EotE, AoR, F&D   
    That worked P-Dub, thanks.  Nice work on that
    My particular favorite is the sauna base building  
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to P-Dub663 in Base Building - Mixed EotE, AoR, F&D   
    Should download it for you.  I just tried from another PC and it worked.
    In the meantime, give this a try https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwehfPWjSKomOFo4SW9tejRjb1E/view?usp=sharing
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to fist in Base Building - Mixed EotE, AoR, F&D   
    Link doesn't seem to work.  Really interested though
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Magnus Arcanus in Is Bypass Security broken?   
    If the GM is doing their job right, there will be setback dice, and often there will be more than one. There are very few talents that reduce difficulty (which is different than downgrading difficulty). There are however many talents that remove setback dice, and the usefulness of these talents should not be overlooked or underrated.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Tramp Graphics in Were any of the Jedi really good at being a Jedi?   
    Actually, there were more than a few, mostly from the old EU. First, there was Jedi Master Odan Urr, best known for really codifying the Jedi Code and founding the Great Library on Ossus. Then there was Master Thon,  and his greatest apprentice, Nomi Sunrider, who would eventually lead the Jedi order. It should be noted that all of these Jedi existed at a time when marriage was not forbidden to Jedi. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Kaigen in Why do people hate blue lightsabers?   
    Statements of taste are often simultaneously statements of identity. That is, when someone declares loudly that they despise Nickelback, especially unsolicited, they're trying to say something about themselves, such as that their musical tastes are developed enough to find them boring and overrated.
    Donovan's description of people trying to differentiate their characters explains why people choose a color other than blue for themselves, but when they express hatred of blue lightsabers in general, they're probably trying to demonstrate some independence from the common choice. Disliking blue is a way to claim superior taste and independent thinking (even if it is the superficial independence of the teenager shopping at Hot Topic). It might also be a way to flash your knowledge of the lore, i.e. that you know enough about the setting to know that other colors are possible and even which crystals produce alternate colors.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Silim in "I am ready to face The Trials"   
    We're playing a group of Padawans during the Old Republic era in one of our current games (we met Exar Kun in yesterday's game right after helping him repel a Sith Invasion of the Jedi home world). When I jokingly brought up if we're ready for the trials OOC, my GM made a quick list of the things we had accomplished:
    1. Fight a Sith Lord and not only win, but take the Warblade of Ludo-Kresh from him
    2. Find a remaining Sith cult (not the ones that attacked our planet, but the ones lead by previously mentioned Sith Lord), live to tell the tale and actually impress them
    3. Appeal to the Sith Lord's remaining better nature which he still had - causing him to warn us of the planned attack on our world
    4. Survive getting attacked with previously mentioned warblade (my character now has a nice scar going down from his shoulder to his lower chest)
    5. Immediately leap to the defense of the Academy under attack, spearhead an attack to disable heavy Sith weaponry and save all the Younglings
    And then mentioned that if anyone had time right now to think about promotions and ceremony, we'd all be made Knights immediately and given the full acknowledgement of the insane things we accomplished that Jedi Masters could've failed at easily. Well, seeing as **** is just about to really go down with Exar Kun and the Sith Invasion, maybe we'll just skip being Knights and be made honorary Masters once its all over... Woops.
    Bottom line, I'd do what our GM did - toss things that would count as the Trials into normal adventures - maybe do so in a subtle way. If you play during an era where the order is around fully, it could lead to a humorous scene after a bunch of adventures of a Padawan bringing up the trials - only for their Master to list their accomplishments and declare them Knights on the spot if they want.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in "I am ready to face The Trials"   
    I'd just loosely recommend making some changes. Instead of trials, the Gand Findsmen might just have a series of Hunts, starting with something as simple as locating a new water source, moving up to taking down a dangerous predator. The Baran Do might have a challenge associated with each of their elements that ties to their culture. The Dagoyan might have debates and knowledge related trials. The sith would likely have something that is a perversion of the existing Jedi trials, a sort of funhouse mirror version. Instead of overcoming deception as in the trial of insight for the Jedi, the Sith might have to create such a situation that fools others for their benefit? The trial of flesh might represent killing someone (perhaps this is the trial Kylo Ren was facing when Snoke demanded he kill Solo?). A sith clearly needs to be able to get blood on their hands. So yeah, i'd just take the Jedi trials for the Sith, and find a way to twist them. Instead of a trial of courage, it might be a trial to inspire fear in others, etc etc.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in "I am ready to face The Trials"   
    So, Disciples of Harmony is out! So I can now talk about this a bit: 

    Page 78 has a half page on the Jedi Trials, with some suggestions on how to build each of them within the context of using an NPC mentor for the would-be Jedi. Granted, it's really just a few sentences on each trial, mostly referencing Mentor encounters built over the previous two pages, and which can work as which trials, along with some guidance on trials achieved more organically (rather than tests designed by a mentor). 

    Obviously, you can combine this information with the section on Trials I wrote in the vergences section of Nexus of Power, and mix them up to create five unique trials for each PC. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in "I am ready to face The Trials"   
    Glad to hear people got some use of what I was able to sneak into the Vergence section on the Jedi Trials! Bit busy at the moment (moving) but I'll have to remember to come back to this thread and share some thoughts on including the Jedi Trials in a game
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to SavageBob in Alternative Force Tradition: Ewok Shamanism   
    Cool, makes sense. It's more about how difficult it is to relearn Force use than it is about how onerous the limitation is.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to The Grand Falloon in Alternative Force Tradition: Ewok Shamanism   
    To be fair, how were the Ewoks supposed to know that the Rebels were fully sentient? They chatter back and forth like birds, and even the most dense Ewok cub would have known that net trap for what it was.  Why the Golden God would travel in the company of such primitives is a mystery that will have the shamans puzzled for years.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in Alternative Force Tradition: Ewok Shamanism   
    I mostly just went with my gut on it. 30 seems high in general. I only went that high for Sith Lords, and that was kind of trying to show just how hard it is to shake off the influence of a Sith Mentor, and how it impacts your ability to stay to the light. Otherwise 15 felt about right across the board. I mean, think of what you can buy for 15 XP. Learning to stop casting spells and instead access things more quickly as the Jedi did, that doesn't seem that different than, say, acquiring rank 1 and 2 in a class skill. It's just a bit of study and relearning some things, or a new context for those things. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in Alternative Force Tradition: Ewok Shamanism   
    I honestly wish I could have included like 20 alternate Force traditions, and maybe even create a few new ones, but the section really needed to remain about Mentors, and not get too sidetracked. The Baran Do and Gand Findsmen are personal favorites from the EU, and I had a pretty good grasp on how they would fit within the rules paradigm for a benefit and penalty, given the divison of Force powers by FFG. the Sith and the Dagoyan Masters are both new canon, so they ranked being included as well. 

    I actually wanted to include Weik Sorcerers (since they're an FFG creation), until I realized that Nexus of Power sort of provided a similar sort of framework for them already. I felt like I'd be reprinting a lot of material to include them, and that you guys would prefer new content instead. 

    Obviously, the EU has a deep roster of alternate Force Traditions for those looking to homebrew new ones. 

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to KRKappel in Alternative Force Tradition: Ewok Shamanism   
    I love that this thread exists, and hope the community develops tons of other blocks for other traditions! This was one of my favorite things to shove into my part on this book. It was honestly somewhat outside the parameters of what I was supposed to be writing (using mentors in campaigns), but FFG was gracious enough to indulge me
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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from Shlambate in I Have Disciples of Harmony. You Have Questions.   
    I am away from my book right now but I  will post some things when I get home.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Richardbuxton in The Order 66 Podcast: Questions for the Devs - No Disintegrations   
    Bounty Hunters and custom armour go hand in hand, what was the reason behind not including the armour crafting rules? Page count? Limiting reprinting material? 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to whafrog in "Next man makes a move, the Nerf-Herder gets it!"   
    This is the main problem with "hit points" in the game mechanics, and I usually give a lot of latitude towards the one holding the knife, because otherwise the PCs and NPCs are thinking in terms of numbers instead of drama.  You could completely bypass Soak, for instance, or perhaps a success is also an auto-crit, or perhaps advantages or Triumph from the Coercion can be applied to the combat roll, triggering qualities...in short, there are lots of ways to mitigate the mechanical straightjacket.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to GroggyGolem in Help Incorporating Bendu Philosophy?   
    Do  you mean the Bendu in as far as the character from Rebels? Because everything we have heard him speak of doesn't really signify that the view that light = good, dark = bad isn't true. He only speaks of balance to characters who are imbalanced emotionally & are being ineffective at working as a team or trusting one another due to past mistakes & being too prideful to talk about it. He does mention that the Sith holocron itself isn't evil, since it's an object and not living but that what one does, even with good intentions, can lead to evil. Which is still very much in line with the view of light = good, dark = bad and everything George Lucas viewed the Force as. Anakin himself is an example in doing bad things with good intentions.
    Tbh, I expected more from the character regarding how the Force works, instead we got a therapist for Jedi.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Kael in Fully Operational - Engineer Source book Announced   
    If they did 4 species like they sometimes do now I could see both Twi'lek and Wookie Though I still think Twi'lek would be better placed in the up coming Spy book  On Her Majesty's Alliance Intel 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Blackbird888 in Fully Operational - Engineer Source book Announced   
    On the contrary, they've never used a species on the cover that isn't playable in the game. When Special Modifications was announced, they didn't mention the species, but the cover features a Besalisk, and it added Besalisk. So, past patterns and all evidence so far indicates that, yes, the Bith will be playable.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to TheMOELANDER in Fully Operational - Engineer Source book Announced   
    The Verpine (who recently returned fullfledged into canon) were the perfect species for this, but we got them in Strongholds of Resistance already.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to TheMOELANDER in Fully Operational - Engineer Source book Announced   
    I find that Kashyyy´k line in there highly suspicious, and as the Wookiees have a reputation of being crafty engineers, I guess we'll see them for AoR in this book.
    I am wondering what the other two specs could be though. My guess is that we get a kind of "MacGyver" kind of Engineer spec, a guy who can create stuff from scratch, like the tree traps some of you mentioned. Basically like a wilderness engineer, perfectly suited for Wookiees.
    As far as considering a return spec from Special Modifications, I am highly dubious. Droid Tech is basically the only one I can think of, as we already have the Rigger as stand-in for the Modder. And the Cyber Tech is not really in the vibe of an engineer in AoR.
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