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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Maelora in What are you most looking forward to with AoR?   
    My soul actually died reading that.
    Now I'm a soulless unliving zombie, and it's all your fault.
    You know, I think we need a thread about what we don't wanna see in future FFG SW products... Mine would be a prequels/ Vong/Monobrow Boy/Green Rabbit mash-up...
    Or this.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in What are you most looking forward to with AoR?   
    Star Destroyers.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Emperor Norton in A look at life under Palpatine's new order   
    Rommel was the leader of the Afrika Korps, which was never brought up on war crimes, he regularly ignored orders to kill Jews, civilians, and POWs, which from all accounts, he treated well. He also protested a lot of the actions of the rest of the German military, refused to deport the French Jews when he was in command there, and was openly angry at the German propaganda circles telling fanciful lies about him for their benefit.
    Rommel was a career military man long before the Nazi party took over. He was loyal to the uniform, not to the man. In the end, he was forced to commit suicide for being associated with a plot to assassinate Hitler. Which he didn't actually participate in because he thought killing Hitler would turn him into a Martyr, and that instead he needed to face trial for his crimes.
    He wasn't a shining beacon of good, and he worked for evil men, but he himself wasn't really evil. Its just more COMPLEX than that.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to mouthymerc in AoR CRB announcement   
    I've said it before...

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Logan Ambrose in Dangerous Covenants Signature Abilities   
    Im sold! Last One Standing will be great for my Mandalorian character, talk about the great scenes you can get out of that.
    "I have an army."
    "Do I look like I care?"
    Unmatched Protection will be great for my budding Jedi Guardian who started off as a bodyguard! Why isn't this book out yet?!
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Union in Thick Transparisteel and Other Barriers   
    I'd be inclined to say it simply stops small arms fire and you'd need a ship weapon or something similar.  However may be there is a way to open them via slicing or manual access in the hall or by sending in a sliced maintenance droid.  Maybe this will startle the target and give the sniper a small "window" of opportunity to take the shot however.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Desslok in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    On the other hand, why don't you?
    No - I mean this with complete seriousness. Instead of making threads where you berate other players for doing what you DON'T like, why don't you make threads for what you DO like. Take, for example, my Wookiees Amuck or my Green Squadron games or my H-Wing conversion and game? Three very strongly pro-rebel, boo hiss Empire games that anyone could pick up and drop into their campaign as they please.
    Go lead by example instead of just bitching about what other people are doing or not doing. Go be creative instead of destructive.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    Reckon away, snuggles. Whether my game is fun or not will be determined by my players and myself; sadly your opinions, tantrums, oddly-amusing picture captions, and "I-hate-the-Empire-but-secretly-love-them-and-want-to-be-among-them" attitude will not influence it one bit.
    But if it makes you feel any better, you will always be a part of my games anyways. Did I ever mention that Stormtroopers are now simply called 'ErikBs'?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    Oh, Erik, you are so adorable. Now, go have a cookie and a nap whilst grown-ups talk.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    Glad to hear you finally admit it, pal. Admitting you're not infallible is the first step in a troll-to-human metamorphosis.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    I'm starting to honestly think that others on here are right about Erik - that he's secretly a HUGE Empire fanboy who is trying to entice people into WANTING to play the Empire by diminishing people's enjoyment of the Rebels with his constant badgering, fanboism, and general arsehole-ary.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to mouthymerc in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    Don't post in a forum if all you want is docile agreement. It ain't going to happen. And I would daresay that a majority of people here are enthusiastic about the Rebels. What they aren't are people without the maturity to look at the setting as more than black or white. If you can not deal with that, then I suggest you move on to a forum that supports your views, or learn to acknowledge that your point of view is not the point of view, something you seem to have difficulty with.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Sturn in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    I want a pro-Ewok forum. Shove all those fluffy bear lovers off in their own corner!
    Yeah we don't need multiple forums just to appease people who have differing opinions. We just need forum goers that are understanding of opposing viewpoints without grinding away repeatedly demanding everyone to acknowledge their way is the only right way.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    So... I suggest we make THIS board pro-imperial.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    You wouldn't be able to help yourself. You already suggested once that you would stop doing so if people didn't interrupt your "rebel ships look groovy!" thread... yet you keep doing it.
    And the only one with an issue is you. Better to have an ErikB only thread, where you can discuss your views with you and whoever wishes to join you under the bridge.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to DanteRotterdam in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    I think you'd be hardpressed to find anyone here that would. In Erik's mind however anyone who would not mind seeing a more nuanced image of all the millions of people fighting on the imperial side (most of whom have no idea about the emperor's real motives) is pro-imp. His world is very black and white...
    Erik, can you please tell us who are these "Imperial partisans" you love to talk about so much? Some names would be nice. 
    I ask this because I've been following your back-and-forths with the other posters here for a while and I have yet to see any. As I am one of your major critics on these boards and I will be playing a character that has Overthrow The Empire as his motive in an upcoming campaign and the game I GM for has no love for the Imperials whatsoever, I can safely say that it is starting to look like you are delusional...
    Also, why do you want the enemy in a game that is focused on heroics to be push-overs so badly?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to MILLANDSON in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    How about we have a forum just for ErikB, and a forum for everyone else. That way, everyone is happy. 
    ErikB gets to support his own beliefs, and the rest of us then don't have to deal with ErikB.
    Win/win, it seems to me.
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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from Shakespearian_Soldier in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    I think my favorite game was one where we forced the Rebel Scum off of a planet into the waiting jaws of the Imperial Navy.
    Also why do you think the Rebels are white knights,when they are clearly not?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Kshatriya in Unlikely but fun race/career combinations, what have you got?   
    I'm working on an Ithorian Commando (AoR careers allowed in an EotE game). 
    Also my friend is playing a Trandoshan Politico! It's hilarious
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to MosesofWar in Persistent PBF   
    I think we'll have a pretty awesome and dedicated starting playerbase for this system. My goal is to have us, at least setup with a forum within the next 3-4 weeks. As I said, we've got a discussion going on with some very motivated and experienced GMs/players that are giving input to how we should operate. I'm going to keep everyone posted on where we're at at least once a week!
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