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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to RandomJC in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    One person cares.
    The Rest of the L5R player base.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to selderane in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    Dragons do not exist in Japan either. Please submit your request for correction on any and all card art that feature them now so the Art Director has time to make the necessary changes.
    Or, perhaps, dragons exist in Rokugan and the samurai of the setting don't have the hangups you do.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to DarwinsDog in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    -The guy ranting about kimonos being worn incorrectly.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to JJ48 in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    How do we know we're not seeing these people in mirrors?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Shu2jack in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    We've given this guy 2 pages?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Mirith in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    Your tone and approach to the topic is what makes you sound like a jerk.  You could have phrased it:
    "I noticed that the kimonos are backwards compared to Japanese style, they should be left over right, not right over left in these cards.  The other is used to dress a corpse.  I hope this is a mistake that the art director can pay attention to in the future."
    Would have gotten your same point across and possibly even made us sympathetic with your cause.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to RandomJC in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    Or they made a simple mistake because they're busy people with busy lives and mistakes happen. Screwing up isn't always a sign of lack of care or incompetence. So stop being a jerk.
    P.S. Of course they're undead. How could anyone think they're alive.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to player2636234 in Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court   
    I think the bigger picture is no one cares. Similarly, if we were playing a game set in Victorian England and there was artwork of a man in a suit with the front of the suit being on his left (or whichever it is or is not), no one would care, even though in the day it would be a fashion faux pas. Because the particulars and eccentricities of fashion don't have anything to do with the fantastical or romantic nature of the setting, and probably detract from it if I'm being entirely honest.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to shosuko in New info about Organize Play, Winter Court and Kotei Serise   
    As I said during the Banzai chant discussion - I don't really care that its gone.  I think the argument against it was kinda stupid, but that doesn't mean a little change is a bad thing.  As with the RPG changing from d10 to custom dice, I think it is a great way to honor the traditions while simultaneously forging a new path.  It is important that FFG makes this their own brand - because what L5R was didn't work...  It needed changes.
    Since they kept the chant, and wrote a great short piece for it, I'm all on board.  Of course, those players who though "I just don't like loud noises" will still have to shuffle off for a moment lol.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to deraforia in Beta 1st Impressions   
    I kinda love the name "outburst" as in Rokugani society even something we would consider innocuous could be scandalous, but I understand that the name has caused some confusion.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to SideshowLucifer in Beta 1st Impressions   
    I absolutely love the stress and outburst mechanic. That internal struggle for control is a huge part of the samurai fiction and the ability to make someone lose face is perfect for courtier interactions as well as military. A general who reaches a stress point might silently stalk back to his tent, a Crab Warrior on the Wall might fly into a berserk rage forgetting his own safety. A Scorpion might strike an underling in privacy for a failure. All of these interactions are just as important as combat. That was always something missing from the old systems and why there always seemed to be so few courtiers and social characters.
    I also don't see any need for a defensive stat as it's just not how these battles are fought. Samurai didn't parry. They fought through stances they adapted to the needs of the battle. Often they would allow themselves to be injured to inflict greater injury on their opponents. Wounds are like superficial damage that can be interpreted as defending against the worst of an attack. The guard action makes someone pretty hard to hit, especially if they chose the stance that gives their opponents a +1TN. Also, I like that the game is not nearly as lethal as it used to be. In the older editions, he who struck first won most of the time due to injury penalties.
    The layout of the book needs a lot of work, as it has you flipping back and forth too much. As far as character creation, I agree there needs to be a bonus point or exp point expenditure step to help customize your character at least a little bit. Maybe offer less bonuses for family and add in the custom bonuses. A little here goes a long way. I'd also like a detailed character creation example from start to finish, as I'm still not clear on advantages and disadvantages. Speaking of the latter, the Disadvantages are massive. I don't think many of those will be used. Too many make it so a samurai would have to retire right out of character creation. I don't want a campaign full of handicap samurai, as neat of a story as that might be, it shouldn't be THAT common for so many of those choices to be listed.
    Great job on social combat, dueling and skirmish. My favorite though is mass combat. I love this system for mass combat. It makes sense, it's fluid in the ability to resolve it and cinematic in how it handles the characters involved. Couldn't be happier here.
    Weapons and gear need a lot of work. Something as personal as a katana in this setting should be able to be personalized a bit more. There just isn't enough detail in most of the listings. For example, weapons with the tangling (or whatever its called), quality. What does it actually do? Can I use actions to grapple with it? Can I attempt to use disarm? There is no real information here. This section just needs a lot of fleshing out and detail.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Jennkryst in Beta 1st Impressions   
    It should also be mentioned that YOU get to pick which dice you keep.  So you choose if you get strife or not.  Someone else pointed out somewhere this gives you the hilarious option to sometimes have to pick between saving face and succeeding at a task.  And if that isn't a thematic L5R dilemma, I don't know what is.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Vutall in Beta 1st Impressions   
    I'm just saying I think it is a clever way to get players to have to have negative things happen to their character without feeling like the GM is forcing something on them.

    If over the course of the game they don't manage their Strife, eventually they will have to choose what bad thing happens as their character comes to the breaking point.

    Lots of options to choose from too so you can have a healthy amount of choice. It will guide players to think about how their character would react. And at the end of the day if you don't like any of the options, you can make up your own (with GM approval of course)

    P. 16-17
    "The first time a character’s strife exceeds their composure each scene, the upswell of emotion causes the character to have an outburst. Importantly, the player does not lose control of their character during an outburst - instead, the player chooses the shape the character’s outburst takes. The outburst lasts until the end of the scene. The following are a number of example outbursts, but players can also invent their own outbursts based on their character’s personality (such as the personal outburst they determine during character creation), the circumstances, or both. No matter the outburst the player chooses, there should be narrative consequences, usually both for good and for ill"
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Vutall in Beta 1st Impressions   
    Players generally speaking will always take the actions to preserve their character.

    Let's use Fear as an example instead of Strife.

    How many players do you know would WILLINGLY take the fear penalty if it wasn't required to do so by failing a roll? If there was no rule about fear, I don't think any player would suddenly start picking less dice to roll and keep, even if thematically it made sense.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Vutall in Beta 1st Impressions   
    I think the problem is in practice no one usually picks a sub-optimal or even downright negative action for their character to do where the Strife system forces that. In a way it makes it more realistic and makes your character feel...Alive. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Richardbuxton in Beta 1st Impressions   
    The 20 questions worksheet at the back of the book is excellent 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to BrambleLamb in Beta 1st Impressions   
    Nitenman, calm down bro, I think you're missing the point. The game isn't trying to tell you how to play your characters, it's trying to inspire and envourage you to fuse roleplay and rollplay. All over is splattered how to make your own this and your own that, that isn't just because it's a beta.
    Likewise, the rules for things like weapons aren't there to make odd restrictions, they're there to make more ambiguous distinctions to leave things up to the group. When playing, I don't ask how far an enemy is and if I can throw something a specific amount of feet, I ask if I can hit the foe if I throw my honor. Throw range fits perfectly.
    The fusion is what the developers were and are trying to foster.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Richardbuxton in No D10???   
    Using a numerical dice system but also maintaining the Strife/Success/Opportunity system would be incredibly complex, probably requiring fists full of dice (probably 3 different dice per Ring rank and 3 different per Skill rank).
    In the end if they just reused the traditional d10 R&K everyone would be asking why they bothered with a new system. This is definitely paying homage to the previous systems while adding an entire new concept for people to enjoy.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to MrSDK in No D10???   
    I don't mind the thematic dice in the roll & keep method. In the heat of battle, "math am hard".
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to marshzd in No D10???   
    You make rolls based on your ring, and your skill. You keep the ones you want, which now not only has an impact on success, but the story. That sounds exactly like respecting the old system while bringing something more to it.
    This makes total sense to me. Actually, I see this as a potential improvement because of the nature of Rokugan and the focus on roleplay.
    Just my two cents!
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Richardbuxton in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    In the past the Star Wars betas happened about a year before final release of the core book. Theoretically L5R could be planed for a GenCon 2018 release 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Richardbuxton in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    Genesys should be out before Christmas.
    Since L5R has its own forum thread it's probably a stand alone core book. Add the fact it's having an open beta (something Genesys never had), I would think it's going to have a heavily modified version of the narrative dice system. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Blackbird888 in Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook   
    Product page is now live.
    Not much, except for this line...
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook   
    Well, from what it sounds like, the usage of "Hand of the Emperor" in Rebels doesn't have the same meaning and weight as the rank of Emperor's Hand did in Legends.  If anything, calling Gar Saxon a "Hand of the Emperor" is a fancy way of saying he directly represents the Emperor's interests with regards to Mandalore, more so than an Imperial governor such as Pryce does with regards to Lothal.
    Emperor's Hands in Legends were his (generally) covert Force-trained assassins, the surgical scalpel to cut out an infestation as opposed to the brute force hammer that was Vader and the Inquisitors with regards to dealing with Imperial problems.
    Nothing about Gar Saxon suggests "subtle" or that he was trained in the Force.  Yes, he was able to use the Darksaber, but then so was Sabine and there's no indication that she's a Force-sensitive.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Opinions on the RotJ duel?   
    For most of the fight, I do believe that Vader was restraining himself, though not to the same extent he was in ESB.  After all, his objective in both fights wasn't to destroy Luke, but to make the boy give in to his anger and hatred, thus falling to the dark side and becoming his ally/apprentice so that together they might overthrow the Emperor.  In ESB Vader proved he could have ended Luke anytime he wanted during their fight, and while he did get more aggressive during the RotJ duel, his end goal was the same; convert Luke to the dark side.  He'd tried beating the kid into submission on Bespin, and all that did was make Luke even more defiant and opposed to turning to the dark side.
    In the early part of the RotJ fight, Vader is outright bested by Luke because he was unaware of just how much Luke's prowess as a duelist had grown since their Bespin duel.  But it's worth mentioning that apart from the very end of the fight, Luke wasn't trying to destroy Vader either, so he too was holding back; it was only when he truly cut loose and gave into his anger that Vader realized (perhaps too late) that he had a real fight on his hand, and never got the chance to recover enough from Luke's rage-fueled onslaught to mount an effective counterattack.  On top of the idea that this was his son, which probably also hampered his fighting effectiveness, leaving him conflicted much as he might try to deny it.
    So yeah, both of them were holding back for the majority of the Endor duel.
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