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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Noahjam325 in Pokémon, a simple version?   
    I was thinking more or less the exact same thing. An alternate progression path similar to heroic abilities. Then you remove the idea of "grinding exp" to level pokemon and just tie it to the base character. I think using the base character sheet as the foundation for everything is the way to make a streamlined Genesys version without a ton of micro management. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to mouthymerc in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    Saw it last night. Not a fan of Alden but thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the supporting characters and the world building. Always enjoy new set pieces.
    The inclusion of the Imperial infantry was very nice. The train robbery was great for ideas. Rio and Val, along with Beckett were awesome. Lando and L3-37 were both great, especially her. Always enjoy seeing new droids that enthuse me just as much as R2 and C3-P0. The heist aspect was fun. Much like Rogue One was a fun war movie. Could have done without Maul. Couldn't have been too much longer after this that he met his end in Rebels. Han definitely shot first. Overall I enjoyed the movie. Will probably return to see it in 2d as I hate 3d.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    Maybe it's just me, but I kind of got a Firefly-esque vibe off of the teaser.
    Which given how much I enjoyed that show (once I could actually sit down and watch it), I don't see that as necessarily being a bad thing.
    To be honest, I had no horse in the race as I'm not a fan of the Han Solo character, and dreaded how the gossip was painting the directors to force the film into being a comedy, but after the teaser trailer I'm now cautiously optimistic about this film.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Archlyte in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    I never thought of vibro weapons as having a glowing edge but I really loved that effect. Another big thing that I liked about the movie. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Nytwyng in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    My son - whose IG bounty hunter droid that just came into control of a sizable mercenary crew has always had a "droids rights" undercurrnt - has already messaged our GM and asked how campaign-breaking it would be for him to start a full-on droid rights revolution.
    (He was told that it will actually play quite well as we roll through this final "season" of the campaign.)
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Magnus Grendel in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    It was a VCX - I don't think it was  -100, though.
    Indeed. The Imperial Army as the 'rejects brigade'(didn't make the cut for fleet/stormtroopers/flight academy? Welcome to the light infantry!) is now canon.
    it wasn't even just Teras Kasi; it was even that bloody move (back/forwards/kick/kick/Up) - the overhead somersault smash/heel kick thing that essentially made the game impossible because you couldn't block it unless you were Yoda (who's so short you can't hit him with it...)
    Mainly I'm just waiting for the next EotE RPG session. Hands up anyone expecting "I CAUSED A DISTRACTION" at some point in the next few weeks..... (I suspect almost every group has an L3.)
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to VadersMarchKazoo in Obligation House Rules - Feedback Appreciated   
    Sorry, I don't mean to be a neigh sayer but you did ask for feedback so here it goes:
    I'm not a big fan of the static effects of the obligation style you describe. One thing I like about obligation is that it creates another way to provide surprises (even to the GM) in your story. I think surprises (and the threat of surprises) are the bread and butter of the SW RPG experience. This is the same reason I love the narrative dice. So I guess I'm saying that I'd rather have an element of the unexpected, even if it is a paint deal with sometimes. Here're some of my own house rules that I've used to deal with some of the pitfalls you describe:
    1) I don't roll to see exactly which PCs obligation is triggered but rather use GM discretion to trigger an obligation that makes thematic sense with my current plot (we do roll to see if it is triggered using the more general threshold). I also use a rough rotation so that everyone gets their moment in the spotlight (or interrogation chamber:).
    2) I won't let my campaign be derailed by obligation- if it's inconvenient then I'd probably just trigger the good ol' strain mechanism and tell them why 
    3) I like that others have suggested to roll obligation AT THE END of each session so you have time to prepare and fit it into your campaign
    Anyways, I really am not trying to be a #$%. I just thought I'd give you my own 2 cents, or whatever it's worth. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to GM_loke in I have changed my mind about aliens   
    In my latest group there is no-one playing a Human. I've got a Iakaru Modder, a LOM-droid Fringer, a Zabrak Marauder and a Rodian Pilot. 
    I have no problems with them being Aliens, in fact, it gives me a perfect opportunity to highlight the Imperial pro-human doctrine and the Hutts usage of other species as tools. 
    I think the animated series of both Clone Wars and Rebels did a great job with gender and species inclusion, especially if you compare to the films. The films continue the sad trend of human-washing the star wars universe. Chewie being the obvious exception. It almost makes me miss Jar-jar, he at least offered us a window into a non-human culture. I said Almost!
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to TheMOELANDER in I have changed my mind about aliens   
    I have a group of two humans (one Mandalorian, one Corellian, so no base-line though), one weird alien (Verpine) and a Droid (Combat Medic Unit designed by the player itself)
    They are a pretty weird bunch all together, but it fits perfectly in the Star Wars theme. Chewbacca was also weird the first time we saw him on screen. He just grunts and growls, but Han does understand him? The same with R2, who was a big diversion of how robots have classically been portrayed on film. C-3PO was the classical one in that regard.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to SavageBob in Playing a Female as a male   
    Ah, sorry; I misread your original post. Yes, Awayputurwpn summarized it nicely. Don't pitch your voice up or down unless you want your players to laugh. Instead go for the personality of the NPC in question.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to SavageBob in Playing a Female as a male   
    What do you mean by "voicing a female?" I don't think a male player should feel obligated to affect a female voice when talking for his female character (in fact, I'd discourage it, since it will probably lead to too much joking around the table). If you mean the ethics of a male player playing a female character, I think it totally comes down to the maturity of the player and his motives for doing so. Is the motive to get a thrill by putting the female PC into suggestive situations? Well, not at my table, but if you allow that kind of thing, it's probably best to make sure the other players are OK with it. Is the motive to challenge the player to get into the head of someone of a different gender from himself? I wouldn't have a problem with that.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to themensch in Delays in RPG Line now due to Legion push?   
    I think it's hard to say.  I'd imagine there's a sizable contingent of players that do one or the other, but it seems like there's more folks that do both, or at least would buy legion minis for the RPG.  
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to sfRattan in Delays in RPG Line now due to Legion push?   
    I'm extremely grateful FFG made no attempts to establish organized play. While many participants in organized play are great people, Adventurer's League and Pathfinder Society do tend to attract rules-lawyers with a self-righteous sense of fairness (which they use to equivocate about their bad behavior at the table). There's also the small subset of terrible humans who participate in organized play because they get kicked out of private game groups and have nowhere else to game.
    Combine all that with the sacred status so many Star Wars fans give their particular interpretation of the source material? It's a recipe for socially maladjusted disaster. WotC and Paizo are both larger than FFG/Asmodee, with more built out infrastructure for the format, and they still have trouble keeping out abusive players and even abusive gamemasters unless someone complains loudly on the internet. The Mouse would only need to see a few blog posts about toxic behavior at FFG sanctioned organized play tables to shut the whole thing down, and possibly pull the license.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to themensch in Delays in RPG Line now due to Legion push?   
    So, few if any employees of FFG read these forums with any regularity.  That said....
    As the originator of the offending quote, let me clarify my position:
    RPGS are a niche market by any measure RPGS are a tiny portion of FFG's bottom line We aren't entitled to a gosh darn thing.  if I have to choose between blog updates and having books actually be written, I choose the latter.    
    So, while we armchair businessfolk are plenty comfortable pontificating from our easy chairs, none of us really has any insight into how or why FFG does what they do.  We can guess all day long, and indeed some of us revel in the opportunity.  But at the end of the day, FFG's process is a black box to us and even if we're right we'll never know.  Like @awayputurwpn, I too wish it was different, but it isn't and I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it.  Keep on keepin' on, FFG, and my wallet will too.  
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to bearyweary in Warcraft conversion - Compiled   
    What about Panderen race?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Absol197 in Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook   
    Woo!  You're our spoiler! 
    What are the new specs?  Could you give us the names, career skills, and the layout of the talent trees?  Please please please! 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to EpicTed in Can Nemeses have Bosses?   
    The Emperor's Hands are Nemeses, and they most definitely have a boss. Small guy, likes to dress in black, has a problem with wrinkly skin... You might have heard of him.
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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from Nytwyng in help with stats for firefly   
    I think all those instances of the Serenity performing those feats that you mentioned are meant to show the audience that Wash is a superb pilot and that a lesser pilot might not be able to perform such feats of aerial(space?) acrobatics.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to whafrog in Let's Explain Away Last Jedi Stuff (so it doesn't hurt our games) SPOILERS   
    Like ammo reloads, that's what Despairs are for.  I believe WEG had rules for fuel, something like:
    every ship could store 50 units of fuel each unit was scaled to the size of the ship (Sil3 units were smaller than Sil6 units) 1 unit had enough juice for an hour of combat operations hyperspace entry required multiple units (minimum 5...?), while once in hyperspace you needed 1 per day... (again...?) I don't recall the details, but they would be easy to recreate.  But honestly, to refer back to the ammo analogue, who needs to bean count all that?
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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from yeti1069 in Knowledge skills for a Fantasy campaign?   
    If you plan on having a typical fantasy world setting I wouldn’t split up the nobility based on if they are living or dead. Also I would make religious knowledge it’s own thing, as far as an underworld style knowledge how does the underworld in your world work? In other words is it similar to modern day underworlds or is it composed of regional thieves guilds and banditry?
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to rsdockery in Urban Fantasy Combat Skills?   
    OP explicitly said that melee is as common as firearms. Presumably, it's the sort of setting where melee weapons are still useful: Perhaps vampires laugh off bullets but fear a wooden spear, or faeries can make your shots go awry but are rendered powerless by a blade of cold iron.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to HistoryGuy in OP PCs   
    I'm pretty sure. Lol. Although in one session he fought me on not getting an ambush round for a surprise attack.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to HistoryGuy in OP PCs   
    I do like this idea because a some of the players have told me that they feel kinda useless because he is trying to make himself so good at everything. I even had a player leave and another threatening to leave because of him. I do have support from a couple other players and the one that left to start a new group. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Greyxi in OP PCs   
    We had the same kind of player in our group. Dont try to "beat" him with rule mechanics. Try to talk out of game alone with him and try to explain the problem. If this doesnt work sent him to another group which is more efficient oriented.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to whafrog in The Jewel of Yavin - post-game review and advice (spoilers)   
    That seems a bit severe, and somewhat hysterical.  I don't buy that it was the module itself, it had to be how the game was run.  There really isn't anything in the module that would generate this kind of feeling.  It sounds like the GM ran it in a way that offended several of you, and didn't take any of the player objections into account.  None of what you're describing is a necessary part of the module itself, and it doesn't sound like any of you had any input on how things were handled.  The whole thing can be run without pulling a blaster.  If you get the jewel you can do whatever you want with it, including giving it to a university or museum.  The story is entirely modifiable.
    I have to say though...you *are* playing "Edge of the Empire", which is about all kinds of thievery and knavery.  If you're a smuggler, you have to know what you're smuggling, and it might be art or rocket launchers or whatever.  How you deal with it is what makes your character and makes the story.
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