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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to kaosoe in Beginner's Guide to Star Wars RPG   
    First of all: Way to go dad!
    Second, I would guess the Force and Destiny material is most approachable for young children. But then again Star Wars Freemakers Adventures proves that EotE stuff can be pretty exciting.
    As far as Era, you got a lot of choices. I would build on what the captain said, and see which of the cartoons and movies are their favorites and why. I think that will help inform the rest of your choices.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to CaptainRaspberry in Beginner's Guide to Star Wars RPG   
    Ask your kids which part of Star Wars is their favorite, and base your decision on that:
    Edge of the Empire deals with shady elements like criminals, bounty hunters, and pirates, but it also focuses on exploring the galaxy, living on the frontier, and ordinary folks just trying to make their way in the galaxy. If their favorite characters are like Han Solo or Hondo Ohnaka, or if their favorite parts include Jabba's palace or Canto Bight, or really anything from the movie Solo, then this will be a good fit. Age of Rebellion is largely concerned with military matters, and the book is written with the Rebellion in mind. So if they're fans of X-wings and covert missions, this is the book for them. The mechanics can be pretty easily adapted to other militaries, though, so if they'd prefer to play as the Empire, the Resistance, or partake in the Clone Wars, those should be on the table. Force and Destiny is pretty much all about the Force. If your kids are fans of lightsabers, the Nightsisters, or the mystical aspects of the universe, they should find this to be fun. The Force essentially gives characters super powers, so if they want to be something special in the galaxy, they'll enjoy this. The rules also allow for dark siders, so if they're looking to be evil (or if you're looking to provide real consequences for evil actions) look no further. The era books just change the fluff and add some specific things, but the archetypes present in the core rulebooks can be applied to pretty much anything. Prequels, sequels, stuff from Legends, whatever you need. If you find your kids gravitating towards a particular career (for example, if they want to be Guardians from Force and Destiny) you might consider picking up the relevant sourcebook, since it provides additional roles they can play, other options for species, and special abilities they can unlock.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to GMRen in Character Artwork Thread   
    Here's another version of the above:(This was the first shading before I did the one above)(Slightly lighter shading)

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to GMRen in Character Artwork Thread   
    Here's one of my characters:

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to GM Hooly in Character Artwork Thread   
    Well I best put up mine then. These are the character portraits from my Star Wars Role Playing Game Campaign entitled Tales of the Solay Express. Drawings courtesy of Bralt Hannicart. Check out his portfolio at http://bralt.be/Gallery03.html. Bralt is happy to do commission work. Tell him I sent you.
    From my  game we have:
    Kylar: Gank Heavy/Cyber Tech

    Hal Novar: Human (Correllian) Driver/Force Sensitive Emergent

    Darius (Ald'arius'vhen): Chiss Assassin/Doctor     Slyssk: Trandoshan Entrepreneur      Kendall Hanlon: Human Gambler/Gunslinger  

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Jaspor in Character Artwork Thread   
    I love this stuff, nice idea creating a consolidated thread.

    Commission by Will Nunes

    Commission by lkosmx

    Commission by Aphrodite-NS
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to StarkJunior in Character Artwork Thread   
    So, my group plays all three games set in the same version of the galaxy - we call it the Star Wars Anthology Universe, and quite a few of the characters have been drawn by various folks! We don't have all the characters yet, but hopefully someday!
    Ganrus Mako, Nautolan Guardian

    Sahna Nadaash, Togruta Mystic

    Talyn'ki, Human Sentinel

    Kandar Contarus, Mandalorian Human Bounty Hunter

    Iala Noraan, Twi'lek Smuggler

    Kaylia Valara, Zeltron Diplomat

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    Lotr_Nerd got a reaction from StriderZessei in Most Obscene Lightsaber Build   
    I don't think shadowsheath works with the Lightsaber.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Snowman81 in Player plots and facing their own characters   
    Seems a bit unfair to the other players to let him just swap and change as he likes just because he finds certain gameplay aspects too hard. They are all aware they are good in certain areas and suck at others and yet they don't swap characters out at the first hint of being overwhelmed. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to HappyDaze in Thoughts on the "Juyo Berzerker"?   
    I'm not sure I would bother trying to offset Conflict. Embrace Your Hate is the name of a talent, but it's also the theme of the style (unless you're one of those Vaapad poseurs) so ride the Conflict slide with gusto.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Magnus Grendel in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    Quote of the week, being confronted by an imperial burueacrat and getting to pull out an ISB authority:
    "And you are?.."
    ".....In Charge."
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Magnus Grendel in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    When the nameless NPC wingman in your squad ('Jenkins 2') has a track record in the cockpit far better than the actual PC pilots, with triumph-triggered minion attacks on missed shots by the PCs netting him enough kills to earn bloodstripes.....
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Samuel Richard in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    A droid PC was a A.I. plugged into a IG series droid with a chip that could be removed from her body where she was stored. (theres a long story to reason this but this wasn't her first form nor was her last) The two PCs with a party NPC and a Jawa NPC were doing the bar fight scene during the shadow raptor adventure when two despair caused her A.I. chip to go flying out of her head and onto the cantina floor.
    When there was a massive bar fight happening.
    and they were trying (and failing) to tag team a temperamental wookie.
    to the toon of yackety sax, she ping around the entire cantina like a ping pong ball and it took the Jawa 3 tries to rescue her.
    They always made sure to duct tape her to the socket. Well until she was on the wrong side of a starship cannon. she got a new body after that.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Mark Caliber in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    Your force sensitive players balk at being assigned Conflict Points for burning down that orphanage and using the orphans as sophont shields during an ensuing battle with Stormtroopers.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Vondy in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    When your three Jedi survivors composing an "impossible missions force" type-cell for the Rebellion engage a company sized scout battalion of Imperial troops. And... one of them force-leaps on top of an AT-ST to cut their way in, but another one slices through a leg with their lightsaber at the same time, sending it careening sideways with a BOOM into the middle of a platoon of stormtroopers. This leaves the Jedi who had been on top of the AT-ST to land in the middle of the stormtroopers screaming foul-mouthed explicatives and looking for egress. Meanwhile, the third Jedi grins and charges into the afray sending a head flying and howling "helmet's away!" These are full-on real Jedi who are now into their third talent tree with fairly robust powers and lightsaber skills. They manage to survive despite themselves. The force is with them, but very few Rebel soliders are because, quite frankly, (those three) "Jedi are freaking nutjobs!"
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Sincereagape in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    This happened this past Tuesday..
    After stealing a holocron from an Imperial politician the group also stole a speeder.  The bounty hunter ground pilot punched it and used evasive maneuvers on the streets of Reles to avoid blaster bolts from members of the Crimson Dawn while the two force users engaged fire back. An AT-ST and a Storm Trooper checkpoint stood between them and their spaceport (escape) One of the force users rolled a Despair while shooting which caused the Bounty Hunter ground pilot to make a pilot check in order to avoid a crash.  He ALSO ROLLED A DESPAIR on a pilot check. The speeder completed a vertical spin before landing upside down in the middle of the Storm Trooper checkpoint....

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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Magnus Grendel in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    (Somewhat inspired by the old 40k RPG threads, an opportunity for people to share their more ridiculous moments from AoR games....)
    From our game - a (currently) Imperial Navy TIE squadron: You get through so many NPC wingmen using the Squad Rules that the GM has decided there's probably a cloning facility somewhere dedicated to turning out disposable henchmen for your squadron (officially designated 'Jenkins Clones'). Your Ace/Hotshot spends most of the game's in-character time with a strain score that would cause anyone else in the squad to pass out, and essentially spends his entire post-mission downtime drinking moonshine to try and de-stress. A habit of regularly rolling a load of advantage results and a despair on a gunnery check and laying down so much linked laser-fire from his interceptor's guns that blowing up an entire minion group and his own ship's guns simultaneously has basically become your Commander/Squadron Leader's signature move, to the point that he has officially been given the call-sign 'burnout' by the rest of the squad. Your Ace/Gunner may not fully understand this concept people call 'overkill'. More importantly, may also be somewhat fuzzy on the concept of 'danger close'. Which is rather more of an issue since she got access to a TIE Interdictor with linked proton bombs. Your Ace/Rigger has a...somewhat adversarial...relationship with the flight line ground crew - they cordially dislike all of your squadron since they rarely bring a TIE back even vaguely intact, but the Rigger insists they have to fix that specific TIE up in time for the next mission instead of just issuing a new one from the racks, because he's 'fettled' the settings on it. After one particular mission, I hasten to add that the narrative description by the player himself was the TIE setting down in the hangar, the wing supports (repeatedly shot through with heavy laser cannon bolts) finally giving way when it did, and the cockpit 'sphere' dropping a metre to the deck and rolling off, with the rigger still strapped in inside it like a giant navy-grey zorb ball.... After getting access to a TIE interceptor for the first time, also unlocking the Full Throttle action in the same session, and then realising that he needed to make a speed/silhouette piloting check due to the ship he was pursuing dumping loose cargo into his path. "It's stuck on ludicrous speed!!!!!!!!!" When tasked to support a customs boarding inspection, when handed a scanner and asked to inspect a cargo hold containing one hundred tonnes of 'fertilizer' (Nerf Manure). "Well, this job is a massive load of s***." (whilst thanking the force that he'd specifically never mentioned getting out of his air-sealed flight suit). After getting selected to support a senior ISB agent on a mission, finding said deck crew had spend rather more effort than normal prepping their ships. "Odd." The rigger commented, on getting into his TIE. "Smells like newness and abject fear". "Oh, is this unusual?" asks the ISB agent; "I thought they all smelled like this..."  
    Please share any memorable moments from your own games....
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to 2P51 in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    Kills people......and counts your daily steps like a fitbit....
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to ColonelCommissar in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    I stand corrected, thank you!
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Lukey84 in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    @ColonelCommissar Actually it was used by Red Grant in "From Russia With Love" and is recognized as the first anti-James Bond gadget. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to ColonelCommissar in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    It's a watch with a Garrote Wire in it, part of the James Bond menswear collection.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to Andreievitch in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    That's certainly opinion.  Fully Operational has become one of the more referenced books in my group.  I guess it depends on campaign/players.
    Also, the quality of Dawn of Rebellion was outstanding. 
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to ExileofEnya in FFG suggestion: Release a 5E and PF2 version of Star Wars, as a market test.   
    Because Vancian Force Powers would be so much better, make more sense and TOTALLY not grind things to a halt because you spent your only two force slots of the day jumping across two gaps so you can't use the force to jump a third gap obviously...because...some reason, i dunno. Truly it reflects the nature of the force FAR better then what we have had in any other systems and still retains the narrative nature!  
    Who needs improving your lightsaber and bettering it over time, reflecting your growing experience and connection to the weapon all Jedi have... When you can, instead, throw your +1 LIghtsaber away for a +2 Lightsaber that does ICE damage! Because that's lore friendly, right?
    Who needs this narrative based junk anyway when you can have Grapple rules that require a flow-chart to understand! Who'd want to play something like THAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT FOOLISHNESS! 
    *Deep breath*
    Sorry...I Kind of have a violent hatred of PF/D&D's magic system even discounting the balance problems. Plus, as a user of Roll20 I'm just a little sick of people trying to shoe-horn EVERYTHING into 5e.
    In spite of my above insane ramblings, I don't HATE 5e (Pathfinder Knows what it did though...). It's a fun system, but it isn't a be-all-end-all system. D&D and PF are good at what they do: Medieval adventuring, and dungeon-crawling beat-em-ups. It can do some other stuff, but you normally have to work hard to make it work. It works alright for the One Ring because, well, it's Medieval adventuring and a lot of the stuff in D&D is Tolkien inspired anyway. So porting it over, while a hassle, isn't going to strain or break it's fundamentals too much. Once you try to deviate too hard from that though, the problems start arising. 
    FFG's system works for star wars. It's not perfect, but it's far better then the past systems and just works well for what it does. Trying to cram it into a D20 mold doesn't work that well and would require tinkering with the game to such a degree that it becomes something else entirely.
    Besides, as the others have said, there already IS a D20 star wars system that people can play. If people want their D20 with a star wars skin, go grab Saga Edition.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to The Grand Falloon in FFG suggestion: Release a 5E and PF2 version of Star Wars, as a market test.   
    So... Why would they spend valuable person-hours building from scratch something that was done a few years ago?  I'm kinda lukewarm on d20 in general, but WotC pretty much nailed it as well as they could.  If you want d20 Star Wars, it's out there, with a complete set of sourcebooks available.  We're talking probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and publish a book using a design philosophy they're trying really hard to get away from.
      As for The One Ring... I dunno, man. It's a good system with some really great ideas, but it's very clearly meant for a niche market.  For a small game, branching into d20 means roping in that larger market.  For a larger game, it means fragmenting your fan base.
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    Lotr_Nerd reacted to salamar_dree in FFG suggestion: Release a 5E and PF2 version of Star Wars, as a market test.   
    Well, if they were so inclined, they'd be better served by using Starfinder over PF2. I believe it has the same open nature as PF as it is also a Paizo product. Plus, it's already a science fantasy ruleset.
    As for 5e... You do know that WotC had the Star Wars license before FFG?
    There is also that aforementioned license to consider. The Star Wars property has some really tight reins. Lucasfilm still has to approve any such product.
    I'm not flaming you, BTW. I don't think either are likely, but you are welcome to contact FFG and suggest it. Who knows, in a year or two we might see that...
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