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  1. Sorry guys for not posting for a while, things kinda went more off the rails than I expected prepping for and returning from the Phoenix Kotei. Where are we at?
  2. I personally would like a stand alone episode with character descriptions.
  3. Jar takes back his Ionization Blaster but instead of holding it ready he holds it to the floor. Jar looks Elias in the eyes and begins (Jawa Trade Language) "My name is Jar Q'aheqac from Tattooine. My life began sixteen cycles ago, during my childhood I felt the spirits of the Magic whisper to me in my dreams; the spirits showed me things of what is yet to come. When I went to the elders and the shamans, who I informed of my visions, I was told that they would not train me since only the women of my people may know the Shamanistic Traditions. So I left and worked for a time with beings who intended to cause the twin suns to become black or maybe to just cause one of them to become black. I do not know I was bad at the life they taught me. They sent me to meet with someone they had a deal with, but the spirits guided me to shoot at the men then run away from the beings I worked with. You see the spirits tell me that I have been marked out with a great purpose to win much Glory and become a great star-walker. However I also see that you know much more than me so perhaps I could stay with you and learn what magics you know?"
  4. As soon as Jar hears someone screaming for whoever is hidden in the cargo hold to come out, he gathers up his things and cautiously comes out of his hiding spot. As he steps out of his hiding spot with his Macrobinoculars around his neck and his Ionization Blaster in his hands ready to fire just in case things turn violent. He asks in the Jawa Trade language "Who are you and how did you know I was on the ship."
  5. I was at Celebration Anaheim and when I asked if they had product on hand I was informed that company policy was not to sell at a convention (unless it was GenCon). The policy was in place so that people would support a LGS. I doubt that they are holding it until then or that they would change their policy regarding con sales, the more likely scenario is that they might be holding the book until X-Wing Wave 3 is released but the more likely explanation is that the company they went with after the last shipping company went under requires them to ship in larger quantities to keep the prices at the same rate.
  6. That is fine with me and I understand completely. Also what planet is my smuggler going to be introduced and I will wait until my Jawa is called out from hiding before answering in the IC.
  7. Hey guys sorry about dropping off the face of the earth but work picked up heavier than its been in the past for me for that time of year plus the usual chaos of the holidays had me swamped but I am back now, if you guys still want me to play that is.
  8. Apologies guys I had a personal problem that took longer to sort out than I expected, if you are still keen to play I will post something in the next day or two.
  9. Apologies guys I had a personal crisis that took longer than expected to deal with, I will post later tonight.
  10. Flying can come into to play as much or as little as the players want it to in my games.
  11. @Morninghasbroken since we will cap out at 6-8, I believe the starting obligation is 5. Also I will give 5-10 xp for a backstory.
  12. Hello everyone! This first post will be for your character sheets link. I personally like to use swsheets.com but if you have something that you like to use that is easy to read you may use that as well.Finally your starting ship will be either a Lancer Pursuit-Class Freighter from No Disentegrations or any other Edge appropriate ship. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves in this space to figure out what careers and specializations you guys are looking at. @Morninghasbroken @Pyremius @Kabal @oneeyedmatt87 @vandarl @Rabobankrider @TheBloke
  13. Other lines are open as well and not everyone has to be a Bounty Hunter career for example a Slicer would not be out of place on a Bounty Hunting crew.
  14. Oops! sorry. It will be a pbp here in the beginner section of the forum. Character creation will be for a standard non knight level campaign. As for the rest of your questions that will be up to the players
  15. Hey guys I have an Edge of the Empire Campaign I would like to run, it is set in 15 BBY and focuses on the exploits of a Bounty Hunter Crew.
  16. @Rabobankrider Here is my initiative for the rumble on Tatooine, I didn’t know which one to roll. Also here is my Destiny point roll as well for Jar. Vigilance Initiative:: 2eA+1eP 4 successes, 2 advantage Cool Initiative:: 2eA 0 successes, 3 advantage Destiny Points roll:: 1eF 1 Light Side
  17. @Rabobankrider Do those of us involved in the Tattooine shootout need to roll for initiative?
  18. I think one of the best pre written adventurers that I have run is the Debts to Pay Adventure from the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. While it is short it is an enjoyable adventure for both the players and the GM. Additionally the adventures included with the Force and Destiny Core and the Force and Destiny GM’s Screen are enjoyable but also require a Force Sensitive. The only other on I have run is the first act from Onslaught at Arda 1 and that one can get a bit difficult if the group doesnt have certain roles fulfilled. Finally the Modules from the setting books can be expanded to be a full sessions worth of adventure.
  19. @Rabobankrider Should I roll a Force Die for Jar for a Destiny Pool?
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