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  1. I would like to see a Descent crossover with the options to take your Descent characters into a Runewars game. I would also like to see Orcs and Dwarves, and the option to go to "epic" play with multi-base models
  2. Is there any way that we can allow a larger army size? I am interested in trying out a 400 point battle
  3. While I have done a lot of terrain work before for WFB, I am still hoping for 3D files for some of the runes and the elevated tower.
  4. Is there any 3D designers out there that can make some? There are several of us who have the printer, but lack the talent to design the terrain.
  5. I 2nd the request for source code to 3d print the terrain.
  6. I am really looking forward to 500 points........ :D
  7. In the last 4 games I must have had some strange luck then. It really doesn't feel like a random effect like moral is appropriate when your own troops are also getting hit with arrows but suffering no damage
  8. So I have had several games so far, and besides Kari's strange ability to shoot out of a melee combat my one major sticking point is shooting into combat. It really seems to be to easy and without any real consequence. Can anyone explain the logic behind this? I know that in RL, this was notoriously a bad idea for your own troops involved in the melee, so why such a small consequence here?
  9. I was looking through the Elves and I was wondering if the Aymhelin Scions were supposed to have Sorceress Champions? Great work btw, and thank you
  10. How is the quality of Descent to Runewars? I definitely want to have an alternative hero or two as champions for units, but I also want them to be of similar scale and look
  11. Have you looked into "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" fan made campaign? I would give each of your heroes pilot skills and special abilities that would mirror their IA abilities and then let them pick a basic starfighter. Ie Jyn would have the "Snap Shot" ability in X-wing. Gaarkhan would add to range 1 damage in some way ect. Then when they have XP from an IA mission, they could also get xp for their pilot skills in X-wing
  12. Are those walkers not 1/100 scale? Were you able to find some that are closer to the right scale? If so, please let us know where to get them
  13. In preparation for an upcoming campaign, does anyone know where I can find an appropriately scaled P-Tower and/or a Hoth Turret? My google-fu is rather weak and I was unable to find anything on Shapeways
  14. I would pull the focus off of them and give them hide. While that is directly counter to their white outfits, it feels, to me, that it is more appropriate for a "Scout"
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