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  1. This is AGoT CARD GAME section. You should ask this question at AGoT BOARD GAME section, here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/220-a-game-of-thrones-the-board-game-second-edition/ Nevertheless this is your answer: If you make an attack using this order your army receives -1 strength modifier.
  2. So it has been announced. What are your thoughts? Will Valar replace the Wildfire? How it will affect deck preparing? Will this reduce value of the Renown keyword?
  3. Thx. That's what I thought.
  4. Yup. I started typing that the Case with Ghaston Grey is obvious. And how about Vengeance for Elia vs Calm over Westeros? If my active plot is the Calm over Westeros and I get hit back with Vengeance for Elia (and challenge type matches my choice with CoW), do I reduce claim value of my plot card? I assume the answer is no, because I am not the actual defending player in this challenge. (On CoW there is also a text "during challenges of that type in which you are the defending player")
  5. If someone played Vengeance for Elia against me, can I play my Vengeance for Elia for redirect claim once again to the original defender?
  6. Master of Whispers title says: Lets assume there are 4 players in a melee game (A, B, C and D). Player A has the Master of Whispers title. He attacks and wins a INT challenge against the player B. Can he choose to resolve a INT claim only against players C and D (and do not resolve claim against the defender)? Can he choose to not resolve claim at all? You may think that this makes no sense, but I think it opens a room for negotiations.
  7. Is a Trial by Combat also a claim replacement? So when I play Trail by Combat (after I win a INT challenge), but then my opponent plays Vengeance for Elia, do I must satisfy the INT claim effects? (I assume yes, because replacement done by Trial by Combat is ignored)
  8. ataman


    Ok, it makes sense. Thanks!
  9. ataman


    I have some doubts regarding Ward card. 1. Player A marshals non-unique character with printed cost 6 or less. 2. Player B marshals Ward card and takes control of that character using Ward card. 3. Can Player C take control of that character with a card Take the Black? 4. If he can, then what happens if Ward card is discarded?
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