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  1. I had "An Insidious Trap" come up just now during a game, and I played it that as per the Lurker rules (even though I wasn't using the Lurker expansion in this game) the gate can open in the street, and be closed, but never sealed. I also found the new Mythos card "Private Security Hired in Uptown!" to be singularly odd. It opens a gate at the Woods (an Uptown Location), spawning x monster(s), then after movement, removes all monsters in Uptown streets and locations back to the cup. So unless a fast monster comes out, and matches the movement symbols (for the record, only 5 of the 8 total fast monsters do match) to move twice out of Uptown, any monster that does spawn will be removed that same turn!
  2. I honestly don't know how I missed that. I would have been willing to swear that I had opened every one of those files individually, after downloading the latest beta version of Strange Eons. I guess I was just suffering from a silly moment. No harm done I suppose, thanks again for translating these!
  3. Firstly, thankyou very much for your efforts in translating these scenarios for those of us who unfortunately do not understand Spanish to enjoy. I have some questions though, regarding Scenario 6: I may be missing something, but there doesn't appear to be an overarching story card for Scenario 6 to explain exactly what the specific objective is? Thanks!
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