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  1. Well I'm interested in it. And I thought if you posted it might be a TOS issue, so I decided to do it. I'll wait to say anymore until you 'launch'. Your stuff is good. You should see some traffic.
  2. I was going to tell you, Ruakar, that you should create a Patreon page. But I see that you did: https://www.patreon.com/Ruakar
  3. Ignore my question. I looked at the images first and asked my question before reading everything. I see the comment on Citadel paint. Sorry.
  4. Nicely done. Now I have to try this. Never painted a mini. Would it be too much trouble to ask what paints you used specifically? I'd hate to buy something that was able to work as well as I see in your images.
  5. That became the crux of the discussion: is discarding a card considered drawing a card?
  6. The objective 'Embers of Hope' prevents an opponent from draw-card mechanics if undamaged. Vader's TIE Advanced tells me to discard a card to gain said card's combat abilities. Will the 'Embers of Hope' ability stop the 'Vader's TIE Advanced' ability?
  7. The errata has the missing paragraph in it.
  8. I have a player that took the talent Quick Draw in the Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer tree for 5XP. Then later he took a second specialization of Assassin and ran into the Quick Draw (10XP) talent in that tree after taking Dodge for 5XP. What to do? Does he purchase the new Quick Draw again so that he can gain access to the remainder of the that particular branch of the tree? That branch is not accessible otherwise. Here is what I did. I just made him pay the difference of 5XP. The first purchase of Quick Draw is a standalone skill for the gadgeteer, thus not tied to any other talent gain. What do you think?
  9. Could someone help me understand this: Augmented Spin Barrel lists it's first Modification Option as 0-2 Damage +1 Mods. I don't exactly understand this. I know it's in reference to bonus damage, but the 0-2 is throwing me.
  10. Bren_Waynero said: Regarding Obligation… As I understand it, you start with your initial obligation. You may then increase your obligation magnitude by either +5 or +10, not both. However, rereading the book which states: "There are two limitations to this; each option can only be selected once, and player characters cannot gain more additional Obligation than their original starting value." it sounds like you can take 'each' option, the +5 and the +10, once. A quick scan of the Obligation forum has the same question asked, but no response yet from the powers that be. So I will look into adding the possible combinations of both +5 and +10 Obligation. I also still need to set up the option of differing types of obligation. So I'll see if I can address both of those issues for the next update This was my interpretation as well. When it says "player characters cannot gain more additional Obligation than their original starting value", I took this as meaning that if you had 6 players, thus having a starting obligation of 5 for each player" then you are unable to select the +10 Additional Obligation.
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