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  1. I wouldn't mind playing some games as well.
  2. Saw the whole thing and liked it alot, aside from some mistakes I pointed out, but Arkham Horror is a complex game so it's easy to overlook things, especially if you're playing solo.
  3. I'm with the Professor on this one, offense is usually the best defense. If you're planning on a defensive strategy, I'd suggest a mill deck, instead of winning by gaining stories, you win by destroying your opponent's deck. Just put in enough creatures to defend the stories from your opponent and hope you get your strategy rolling fast before they find a way around your defenses. You mentioned the Mi-Go in a previous post, and I do have a competent Mi-Go deck, but my one complaint with it is that it is too slow, and since the Mi-Go have little to no ability to remove my opponent's creatures the game can slow to a crawl. Defensive decks could work, but the odds of them winning are very unlikely, especially if your opponent's creatures are too powerful and they keep destroying or wounding whatever you put on the board. A good offensive deck should have the game won in less than 10 turns, this is not a game where you want to let your opponent gain the momentum he/she needs to get their own deck rolling. I find it best to hit them fast and hard, go after the stories as quickly as reasonably possible and have ways of wiping out any powerful creatures they might be able to summon. That's how I play it, and I find it most effective.
  4. Hi, So I was wondering what happens if a moving gate moves onto a vortex on the Dunwich board? I was thinking to just treat it like a monster moving into the vortex, the gate returns to the gate stack and I add a Dunwich Horror counter on the Dunwich Horror track, but I'm not sure if that's right. Is there an official ruling on what happens?
  5. Yeah, I forgot to add as well: Get some sleeves for sure. I use sleeves on the decks I intend to use, and any cards I'm not using, I put in a collectable card binder I got from my local game store. It holds a ton of card sleeves and isn't close to being completely full just yet. I also recommend the Fantasy Flight Art Sleeves as well, but any card sleeves that fit will do.
  6. MrGorianDray said: Hey all, im a very new player, my base set being delivered yesterday and playing my first game this morning (which i lost, but REALLY enjoyed!) so i was wondering what you guys consider essential purchases to get the best out fo this game, i have funds ready for my next purchase but im sure to go for a big box expansion or a handful of asylum packs also is it worth getting card sleeves? i was thinking i would because these are an investment for me and i have bought them as much fro their aesthetic appeal as their playability. Also in the future i will be building a wooden case for them to be stored in cheers guys Personally, I'd start with the Secrets of Arkham big box expansion. I would not suggest getting the Order of the Silver Twilight expansion, at least not yet since, without the cards from the later asylum packs, they're quite limited in ability. As for Asylum packs, I'd skip the entirety of the Dreamlands cycle until they get it reprinted in the 3-copies- of-each-card format. As for which asylum packs to get, honestly, it's more of a judgement call on your part. There is no wrong cycle to choose from. Personally, I prefer either the Yuggoth Contract Cycle or Ancient Relics Cycle. If you prefer, you could also use this website to determine which Asylum Packs you'd prefer to get since they show you the cards in each pack. http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/CoC/CoCCards.html I hope that helps.
  7. COCLCG said: THIS IS ONLY MY 2nd DECK (CTHULHU / SHUB-NIGGURATH) 21:21:9 RATION COST SKILL ICONS SPECIAL THE CULTISTS DEGENERATE SERPENT x 3 © 1 2 1 TER CULTIST PAY 1 change icon to ARCANE KEEPER OF GOLDEN PATH x 3 © 2 3 2 TER CULTIST VILLAINOUS *CARL STANFORD x 3 © 3 3 1 TER/1 ARC INVULNERABILITY sacrifice CULTISTS for ICONS THE GHOULS GHOUL SPAWN x 3 (S) 2 2 1 TER GHOUL sacrifice at NIGHT to play GHOUL from HAND GHOULISH PREDATOR x 3 (S) 2 4 1 TER/1 COM GHOUL TOUGHNESS + 1 cannot commit if DAY FEASTING GHOULS x 3 (S) 4 3 1 TER/2 COM GHOUL PAY 1 attach opponents dead for + 1SKILL / + 1 TERROR *RICHARD U.PICKMAN x 3 (N) 4 3 2 COM/1 INV GHOUL PAY 2 attach own dead / hand GHOULS for + 1TOUGH and all ICONS RANDOM WOODEN HOMONCULOUS x 3 (S) 2 1 1 TER when DESTROYED becomes DOMAIN ( 1 ) ALBINO GOATSPAWN x 3 (S) 2 1 1 TER/1 COM TOUGHNESS + 2 wound if DAY card played THE NIGHT *SHUGGOB GHOUL SAGE x 3 (S) 3 4 1 TER/2 ARC GHOUL VILLAINOUS NIGHT card MIDNIGHT RENDEVOUS x 3 © 2 NIGHT attach to STORY no INVESTIGATION struggle THE SETTING SUN x 3 (N) 1 NIGHT non-uniques LOSE investigation ICON ATTACHMENTS TCHO-TCHO TALISMAN x 3 (N) 1 + 2 TERROR PAY 1 hand instead of DISCARD *KHOPESH OF THE ABYSS x 3 © 2 + 1 TOUGHNESS wound opponent and attached DISCARD to deck THUNDER IN THE EAST x 3 (S) 1 DESTROY any SUPPORT card and then DRAW a card CURSES GAZE OF GHATANOTHOA x 3 © 2 CURSE attached cannot READY during REFRESH MNOMQUAH’S SERPENT x 3 © 2 only if NIGHT attached cannot commit DISCARD random from HAND at end of each turn ANY COMMENTS / IDEAS / ADVICE ???? WOE to you when UPTON PICKMAN gets the KHOPESH!!! Hmm, personally, I'd choose the Brood of Yig over the Keeper of the Golden Path. Same cost, same skill, same icons, the only difference is the Brood allows you to pay 1 to change one of its terror icons to combat which can be handy. Also, for attachments, I'm not sure I see the point of the tchho-tcho talisman. nearly all of your characters have terror icons so you shouldn't need to worry about anyone going insane. If it's to get more use out of the serpent cultist's ability, there are better things to spend your resources on. I'd replace it with Called by Azathoth. Since it can blank the text box of the attached character it'll allow you to wound and destroy invulnerable characters like Cthulhu or creatures that have a high toughness like Bokrug. All in all, this seems like an okay deck.
  8. Good 'ol Chris has the right of it, however I interpreted the third question differently. C:) if you mean the fact that there are two different cards of Cthulhu (one from the core set, the other from the Yuggoth Contract Cycle) than yes, they are both counted as Cthulhu, and while both versions are playable, you can't have both copies out at the same time on your side of the field during a game. Same thing goes for the two differnt copies of Hastur, Shun-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth.
  9. Alright, keep in mind, this ranking is my own personal opinion and it reflects on games 2 with 3 or fewer players, Easiest to hardest, 1. Azathoth: has the longest doom track, has no lingering effect on the game, and he doesn't spawn many monsters. You just avoid consequences or rewards that advance the doom track and he should be no problem to seal away, even if the adventure deck is going slow on elder signs. 2. Nyarlathotep: Average doom track size, doesn't spawn many monsters, and his only lingering effect adds the 5 mask monsters to the monster cup. While the masks are annoying if they come out, there's not much of a chance that they will. I've never had a problem with him, just keep some items on hand to deal with his masks and it should be no problem and in a game with fewer than 4 players, it's easy to accumulate enough clue tokens to keep him at bay when forced to fight him. 3. Yog-Sothoth: Long doom track, few monsters spawning and his lingering ability really isn't all that bothersome. Fighitng him isn't much of a challenge if you are playing with fewer than 4 players since you should have enough trophies to keep you from being devoured. 4. Yig: Shortest doom track, spawns a lot of monsters and his lingering effect can attack your elder signs, so, caution is required when facing Yig. Having to discard a spell, common item and unique item when he awakens can be difficult, and, if I'm reading it right, if you don't have at least one of each to discard, your investigator is devoured. After that, if he must be faced, he isn't too hard to deal with if you have a lot of clue tokens. 5. Cthulhu: Now, the big green guy's difficulty depends largely on the investigators you and your teammates are using since his lingering effect reduces their maximum sanity and stamina by 1 so an investigator with balanced maximum sanity and stamina is least affected by his ability than an investigator with an extreme on one end and a minimum on the other. Aside from that, he has a long doom track and he doesn't spawn very many monsters, just be smart about where you send your investigators and the consequences they could potentially face for faliur and he should prove no problem. If you have to face him, your investigators have exactly 6 turns to defeat him before either there sanity or stamina's maximum is reduced to 0, and he recovers a doom token every time midnight strikes. If you must face Cthulhu, be prepared for a tough fight. 6. Hastur: Long doom track, but his lingering effect and monster spawning ability can be dangerous, especially if he awakens and there are a ton of monsters in play. Hastur can either be really easy to fight, or next to impossible depending on how many monsters are in play when he comes out or the investigators you are using; also, the fact that completeing or failing an other world adventure doesn't help the situation much either. You have to keep the monster population in check and travel to other worlds only if you must when he's the ancient one. 7. Ithaqua: Average doom track and spawns the fewest monsters, but his lingering effect is quite dangerous if you're not careful since it penalizes you for using spells and/or unique items. If he awakens, you'll be forced to roll for each item you have to decide whether you must discard it or not, and if you're not that good at rolling dice, this could be a problem, aside from that he's little different than fighting Yig. 8. Shub-Niggurath: She has an average doom track, but she spawns the most monsters and her lingering effect adds an extra task to all monsters in play which ties up more of your dice. If Shub is the one you face, you had better go in prepared or risk being overrun by monsters. If she awakens, she's about as difficult as Yog-Sothoth in battle, so very doable if you have a lot of trophies, and if you've been keeping the monster population in check, you should.
  10. Phiveball said: I couldn't find the answer elsewhere so any help would be appreciated. Are you able to focus a die even if you completed a task? In other words, if you complete a task on your first roll and on of the unused dice would be useful for the other tasks on the adventure card, can you focus it and use it on your next roll as you continue on in the adventure card? I've played both ways and my gut tells me that you cannot do this, but sometimes it's too tempting. I think I've changed this rule multiple times during the same game. Maybe thats why I keep winning Also, can there be more than one monster on an adventure card if the card does not have space designated for it? I read in another thread that some players just pile them all on one card that they have no intention of attempting. I go by the rule that you first fill up the cards with the white monster markings, then one on each of the cards that have none, so the monsters are always evenly spread. I do try to pick cards that make it possible to complete. I find that in some cases when you put certain monsters on certain cards you simply cannot complete all of the tasks because there are not enough dice in the game, even with the red and yellow. If you succesfully completed one of the tasks you cannot focus a die, you are only allowed to focus if you fail at completing any of the tasks on the card. If you want to use a result from the dice roll you just had, you'll need to have already cast a spell to lock at least one of the die with the result you're looking for to help complete one of the other tasks. If you, however, are a player that seems to succeed at multiple tasks in one roll, I would suggest using Amanda Sharpe since her ability is just what you're looking for. When a monster appears, you must put it on a white marker of your choice on any of the adventure cards. If there are no white markers of any kind to place monster markers, then you place them at the bottom of an adventure card of your choice, you can either pile them all up in one location (which removes the challenge) or you can spread the monsters around the cards so that they aren't all piling up on one, often non important, adventure card (much more challenging) either way is right, but the later adds to the challenge.
  11. Serazu said: Since this thread concerns newbie questions, I 'll post mine here: 1. When an AO's attack forces you to discard a trophy, you discard a monster marker or an adventure card, no matter what the number printed on them is with all excesses lost, much like when you buy a souvenir at the entrance. Correct? 2. Concerning Amanda's ability, it refers to tasks in that specific adventure card she's currently in and not the others. Correct? Thanks. 1. Yes 2. Yes
  12. SerenaHashiba said: I bought the LCG on Sunday and played with my fiance. I was playing the Miskatonic University and Cthulhu. In my hand I had the Adult Deep One and the Shadow Reef card and played them during my operational phase. My questions are: 1) Is the shadow Reef card attached to the Adult Deep one? 2) When is that event card discarded? 3) Does this apply to all "Deep One" characters? 1.) Shadow reef is a location, locations do not attach to characters 2.) A location is not discarded when used and stays in play, unless it is destroyed 3.) Yes
  13. peterstepon said: Thanks Walk, I found that trying to complete quests with only the 6 green dice is diffcult. I will try with an investigator that starts with some good items. Any suggestions? I'd go with Amanda Sharpe, she can get two of any item from the common item, unique item or spell decks in any combination of the three, plus, instead of completeing one task at a time like everyone else at an adventure, her special ability allows her to complete any number of tasks on the adventure, provided she succeeded at more than one task.
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