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  1. From where? I tried following the wording from similar cards. I would say that neither draw nor discard could be misunderstood, but I suppose you could change the wording to “When this fulcrum is channeled, you draw X cards from your deck, where X is the power of the unit channeling here. Then you discard X cards from your hand into your discard pile” though I would think that redundant. By the way, looking foward to seeing what you guys come up with in terms of updating the FAQ and keeping the game alive in general.
  2. We played Cataclysm last night and had a blast! I came up with some ideas for fulcrums, which have yet to be tested. Some of them are just slight variations of Junglecat and meggypeggs’ ideas. I think fulcrums should be simple, yet forcing tough, tactical choices. I’m not very knowledgeable about Warhammer lore, but I tried giving them appropriately corny names. Ancient Mines of Mount Gunbad - 1D Action: While this fulcrum is channeled, reveal an attachment support card from your hand with printed cost X and deal X uncancellable damage to channeling unit. Then attach the revealed card to target unit in your battlefield, if able. (Limit once per turn). Rune Carved Rock - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, the unit channeling here redirects the next 2 damage to another target unit. The Forbidden Pool - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, reveal the top 10 cards of your deck. If a quest is revealed put it into play at no cost into your quest zone, if able. Then, shuffle your deck. Celestial Dragon Monastery - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, target opponent puts the top 3 cards of his discard pile on the bottom of his deck. Haunted Forest - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, put the top card of your deck into you battlefield as a development. Arcane Rift - 1D While this fulcrum is channeled, all players play with the top card of their deck revealed. If revealed card is a tactic card, it may be played as if in owners’ hand. If played, put that tactic on the bottom of its owner's deck. Heart of Mount Thug - 1D While this fulcrum is channeled, all units you control get -1 hit points and gain Toughness 1 The Black Fortress - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, draw X cards, where X is the power of the unit channeling here. Then discard X cards. Lair of the Great Maw - 1D Forced: When this fulcrum is channeled, remove an unchanneled fulcrum from play if able and replace it with a new fulcrum from the fulcrum deck (if a player controlled the fulcrum, that player takes controls of the new fulcrum).
  3. Good idea. Looking forward to seeing the results. Our group hasn’t yet played enough in the Cataclysm format to have decent input.
  4. Lately, the waiting times have been pretty horrendous. Sometimes the forums are next to impossible to access
  5. Also, must you pay Ambush cost to do so? I would think not.
  6. Excellent news all round! Really hopes thess Fulcrum and Dominance elements work well. In our group, we nearly always play more than 2 players, but this version looks more solid than the one we are using.
  7. Like it (Magic the Gathering, that is). Well, not really the true version of MtG, as I've mostly played the excellent Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 and the original Duels of the Planeswalkers for X-Box (highly recommended), but it's close enough. Like the balance and huge variety of MtG. Also, the flavor of the cards and the generally great content design. Really dislike the fact that $ is so important in the paper version (not a problem in Duels, which is really reasonably priced). Also mana drought/flood can be incredibly annoying, as well as the (usually) slow pace with 1 card drawn as a norm and creatures entering the battlefield tapped - all of which WHI has neat solutions to, in my opinion.
  8. Please make the Star Wars LCG a PvP game, not co-op
  9. Could someone please clarify what the Legend cards power symbols in the Battlefield zone implies (for instance, 3 for Azhag the Slaughterer)? Is the legend able to attack/defend with said power, at the risk of getting damaged/destroyed? Do they add their power to alle units in the battlefield? Both? I'm thinking it's only the first part (ie. as a regular unit in the battlefield)
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